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Episode 1 Review - A solid start to a great episodic game

DrMircow | Oct. 22, 2013 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

For a game which is story-driven, I can’t spoil anything here. However, I must say that the story is always compelling and excellently paced and the choices you make are meaningful, even for a second playthrough. On a plus side, the game at least remains faithful to the source material. The gameplay is based around interacting with characters and objects and making choices, so expect some QTEs too. If you played TWD or any Telltale games, it’s a bit like that. Sadly, there aren't really any true "puzzles" in the game, so that might disappoint some hardcore adventure fans. As far as graphics go, I feel like this is more of a personal taste really. Artistically, they look great and capture that comic book feeling. However, from a technical point of view, they are outdated by today's standards. But then again, Telltale is not known for their graphics and for an adventure game, it shouldn't matter too much because the storyline is what counts the most. The voice acting is great. All the voice actors have done a great job to create the feeling of the comic books. I could even say that voice acting is even better than any Telltale games done in the past. Honestly, my only major complain with this game is the lack of freedom the game provides. In other words, the game is pretty linear and forces you to generally go from A to B. Thus, the sense of exploration or roaming to discover more about the lore like in classic adventure games doesn't exist here. But don't worry, interacting with characters is enough to understand the story and its characters from the comic book for those who never read the Fable series, like myself. Overall, this is a solid start to a great episodic game as far as story goes. I really enjoyed the first episode, but honestly, it could've been even better in some places.. Hopefully this series will be as good as TWD, but only time will tell. Nonetheless, if you enjoyed TWD series, then buy this.