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Might & Magic X Legacy

DrMuffin | May 23, 2014 | Review of Might & Magic X Legacy

Might and Magic X: Legacy delivers the all time iconic gridded turn style combat system all too familiar with the franchise. This mechanic may not appeal to the open-worldness that they've introduced in the game but where it falls short on this, it does well in its impeccable narrative and overall the fun 'true' RPG element from the Might and Magic series.

The visuals may seem dated but for those seeking a nostalgia fix this is as great as an old-school dungeon crawler is going to get that does everything possible to punish you for your feeble human mistakes.


An awesome game you haven't played

DrMuffin | May 23, 2014 | Review of Strike Vector

Strike Vector is a great transformers (without the transforming) shooter blissfully gliding across various industrial styled levels. The game, rightly so, focuses on its central element of pitting up one non-transforming transformer to another in all out, no hold bars, brawl to blast each other out of the sky.

The game has some solid mechanics a ton of customisation options with one of the most intriguing flight combat I've seen. Note to the uninitiated: This is tough on beginners and will be even harder to master. Be prepared to tear a new one for some time. Pardon the vulgar expression.


Uno Mas Por Favor! Its here!

DrMuffin | May 23, 2014 | Review of Tropico 5

Its been 3 long years since Kalypso has graced us with this surprising gem. You, the glorious dictator come back again to build your tropical fashion with all the remarkable tools you have had and more with this new entry to the series!

Tropico 5 includes a variety of improvements to its well written formula and fans of the franchise will love it. The comedic tone from your people are as humorous as ever and will not fail to keep you entertained even to just listen to them.

Get ready for the weekend! This game could not have release at a better time. "Ah lets just install this.."


"oh crap its dark."


Arcade Fun is making a comeback

DrMuffin | May 23, 2014 | Review of Project Root

In the comfort of your own home! (or bedroom at that). Children of the 90's 80s naughties and allsies will have an absolute blast with this gem. I could be biased due to my childhood love of the aero-spam-bullets type of arcade games but Project Root does its heritage true justice to captivate our lost, tucked away inner-child who used to visit the malls for some arcade fun with your buddies.

The difficulty is there, easy to learn, hard to master and some awesome art to top it all off. My adult self is so pleased to be able to purchase this without parental consent and play to my heart's content without leering maternal eyes telling you its time to go home. 10/10 would recommend to their 10 year old selves.


A 'Lesser' Doom

DrMuffin | May 23, 2014 | Review of Realms of the Haunting

Intrigue, horror, mysticism and terror are not this game's forte regardless of its premise. The narrative and "full motion video cutscenes" do no justice to the semantic but instead dulls you with cliche'd story telling of the 'haunted mansion' setting. It was a feeble attempt to blend Doom and Telltale mechanics that results to disappoint.


Outdated though fun

DrMuffin | May 23, 2014 | Review of Demolition Master 3D

There isn't much to review of this game. This is a game that could easily be placed on the iOs / Android Play store for a fraction of the price. The game does come in a bursts of fun of blowing things up like a freakin boss but that is all there is to it. The "realistic" physics may have been stood true 3 years ago but we've progressed so far in such a short time that this could be better. All in all, not bad for sale price but not worth its full tag.