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Better Than Expected

DrakeHerder | Oct. 13, 2013 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified - PC

I understand that most people would view this game warily as it deviates quite radically from the pre-established formula of XCOM games. In the end, the XCOM game does it more harm than good. The setting is solid, the presentation values are good and, all in all, it is a very enjoyable game, even if it does not do anything too different or original to distance itself from other thrid person squad based action games. As far as gameplay goes, it is very reminiscent of the later Mass Effects in terms of abilities and pacing, though with bigger emphasis given to position. If it had been a bit bolder in terms of how the player interacts within the base - which also serves as the hub for the game - it would've been an even better game, especially considering the numerous side missions. Some such missions are designated dispatch missions, giving you the ability to pick a squad to go on said mission, like what was present in Assassin's Creed. All in all, I'd say give the game a shot, especially when it's on sale or at a lower price. You might just be pleasantly surprised.