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3 great games in a bundle!

Drakenyte | Sept. 7, 2013 | Review of Best of Square Pack

For those who have constantly missed out on game deals during the steam summer sales, have procrastinated on getting these few games because you are not quite sure you would want to play it, simply did not have money at the time, or simply want to gift it to someone without buying it for yourself, this is a great bundle for you!

75% off of these highly rated games make this bundle highly attractive for purchase. And since you most likely missed out on the steam sale, what more can you ask for?

The flexibility of the CD-keys provided in the bundle also makes it easy to share and distribute your games among friends who might be interested in only one or two titles that you are willing to forego. Not interested in Deus Ex? Why not share the price with another friend who might not benefit as much from a single product purchase? Want your friend to join in your multiplayer gameplay in Tomb Raider? Gift it for their birthday or something!