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Amazing and silly!

DrunkRufie | May 1, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - PC

Original I had no idea Ubi where working on this, I've played and finished Far Cry 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it so this I had to check out. Instantly loved it, loaded with cheesy sayings you'd expect from an over the top action movie and with retro futuristic feel going on with the textures, all the neons and the music to top it off. If you in anyway enjoyed FC3 then you should enjoy this, it is after all FC3 at its core and as a standalone game for the price, this is worth every.penny. The game is aimed to be stupid funny but at times it feels they might have tried a little to hard on that. But this game is definitely not meant to be taken serious at all, just fire it up and have some fun killing blood dragons!