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Worth A Shot

Dunnykin | March 5, 2013 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior - PC

For a £2 game (so $3 or so?), this game is FUN. Sure, it has its flaws: idiotic AI, occasionally broken landscapes (floating rocks, buildings not touching the ground, etc.) and some infuriating mechanics. However, in spite of all this, I had a lot of fun. The sniping is great, very well done, which is all I could really ask for with a title like this. Once you get used to the idiosyncrasies, such as being unable to crawl under certain areas (even though it looks like you should be able to), occasionally bulletproof chicken wire(!) and the AI's ability to sometimes uncanny ability to spot you long before you spot them, then there is still a lot fun to be had. The focus is on sniping, of course, but the manner in which you progress through levels is varied, from stealthing through a camp at night to providing sniper support to a ground team from a lighthouse a mile away. There is also the occasional turret section, one or two assault rifle-toting levels, and even a section where you take the binoculars and mark targets for another sniper,so I didn't find the game monotonous at all.