Reviews by Dweezy


So many hours poured into this game...

Dweezy | July 19, 2013 | Review of The Binding of Isaac - PC

The beauty of this game is it's rogue-like game-play. Each play-through will be different from your last. It's a little bit of strategy, luck and skills to play this game. When you start out, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of powerups, items and monsters there are in the game but the game is made in a way that you learn with each play-through. Some games are short and some are extremely long. This game has HUGE replayability and kept me playing for hours on end.


It's got pretty flashy lights :)

Dweezy | March 8, 2012 | Review of Beat Hazard - PC

This is a game that is driven by your music. At first, it will take some getting use to the intense lights which make it hard to distinguish enemies and their fire. You'll soon find yourself immersed in the music and the more intense the music, the more powerful your ship's fire power! Don't worry if the only tracks you have on your computer are from Barney's Soundtrack (although the 'I Love You, You Love Me' song is surprisingly intense), Beat Hazard provides a nice sampling of music to play with. There are survival and 'chillout' modes, in addition to track by track play. The game rewards you via a ranking system so the more you play, the more points you score, the higher up the ranks you'll go. Ranks earn you bonuses in-game, giving you better starting stats, better score multipliers and more ways to stay alive. Putting all epilepsy jokes aside (no seriously, don't play if you are prone to seizures) this music+arcade shooter game will have you mesmerized from the start!


Awesome game at an unbelievable price!

Dweezy | Sept. 5, 2011 | Review of VVVVVV - PC

The game's concept is very simple; you play as a little dude who can reverse gravity. You are a captain of a ship when something horrible has gone wrong. Now you have to reunite your crew members but you got to find them first! You must navigate through screens of obstacles to find them whilst using your ability to invert gravity whenever you so choose. This game is tough at times, very challenging (youtube VVVVVV venividivichi and you'll see what I mean). The retro-like music in the game is quite charming as well and the simplicity of the game makes it very enjoyable. Did I mention you can make your own levels too? (Try out the levels made by Notch!) All in all, great indie game to have in your collection.


Awesome fast-paced arcade style shooter

Dweezy | Sept. 5, 2011 | Review of Really Big Sky - PC

The game was difficult to understand at first. The tutorial is just horrible because I remember dying many times before I finally understood what was going on. Putting that frustration aside, this game is incredible! I love using my xbox controller to play this game since its a great twin-analog retro-styled shooter. While in game, you can switch between two modes: one that allows you to shoot, the other that disables your guns but allows you to bore through large planets and obstacles. The goal of the game is try and rack up as many points as possible, trying to get as far as possible. The points you earn can be used to add permanent upgrades to your ship, and there are tons to upgrade. The enemies, bosses and obstacles in the game are also interesting as well. The game boasts many different game modes so you aren't just limited to the arcade mode. This game is definitely fun to play and at such a great price too!


Tower Defense and FPS had a baby?! Count me in!

Dweezy | Sept. 5, 2011 | Review of Sanctum - PC

The idea is great! Having a marriage between FPS and Tower Defense genres is an awesome idea. The delivery is a bit mediocre but still this game is loads of fun with friends or solo. On any given map, you have a grid that you can build your defense on, with various turrets and towers of different abilities and uses. You can upgrade these towers as well to help stop oncoming waves of enemies. Also, you carry with you three different weapons which can also be upgraded. Whether going solo or with a team, you must stop the oncoming advance of enemies who come in waves using your weapons and turrets. Good players will learn to direct and lead the enemy in a maze of turrets while utilizing their weapons to stop enemies in their tracks. This game is a great concept and I hope to see more games like this in the future.


Awesome blow'em up fun for the whole family :D

Dweezy | Sept. 5, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

I love how this is somewhat of a sandbox like game where you go around the island, blowing things up, completing missions and shooting anything and everything that moves. The game play is definitely repetitive though but completionists out there may like this game since there are many tasks to 100% achieve. The grappling aspect of the game is a bit fun too, as it helps you get around the island very fast. There are achievements in game too that will help you along the way. Just Cause 2 is intense action, lots of laughs blowing the whole island up and just plain mindless fun.


Hardcare game perfect for masochists

Dweezy | Sept. 4, 2011 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

How much do you value your precious free time and the amount of blood, sweat and tears that you may lose from being frustrated at a game? Well, regardless of what bodily fluids you may lose over playing this game, SMB is an awesome game. It is hardcore tough. Completionists may take a liking to this game because there is a lot to do and masochists...well, you get the point. This game is tough. You play as Meat Boy, a lovable wad of meat who is trying to rescue Bandage Girl from being kidnapped by Dr. Fetus. Awesome already isn't it? You must get from point A to point B in each stage while maneuvering sometimes very difficult obstacles. There are 7 worlds to beat, usually with 20 stages each, an additional 20 stages that are more challenging, boss stages, and secret hidden levels. There are extra characters to unlock (many of them you may recognize from other games) and each with their own special ability. Cons: Tough as nails platformer may be a turn off to some looking to play a casual game. Also, turn back now if you don't want to realize you actually have a potty mouth.