Reviews by DysDarkness


FEAR taken to a Different level

DysDarkness | Aug. 19, 2011 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

The simplest i can describe this comapred to other's is, simply, different. The storyline itself, on singleplayer, is quite short. While with the new playable character of your 'dead' brother Fettel you can probably double this, the playstyles i found were remarkably similar. Graphics were reasonably good for Fear games but i still felt that it wasn't as good as it could have been. Face's had sharp lines and angles, fettel appearance was simply... awful, not scary awful, just bad. the stroyline sis still interesting though and the ending not one expected. To top it off it Finally has multiplayer; if you can actually find a server with no constantly buzzing mic's and decent players you could play hours without stopping (i know i did.) With a twisted (but epic) version of free for all, a time lapse sprint for your life mode, Co-op, a 'zombies' type, even after you've played through the campaign twice, achieved both endings you'll still find hours and hours of gameplay left in it. Worth getting if a fear fan, but don't expect the original's level of Fear.


Smash Em' Shoot Em' Save Em'

DysDarkness | Aug. 18, 2011 | Review of BioShock 2 - PC

Since Bioshock every fan's nightmare was the Big Daddy, the slow, heavy footsteps, the ground shaking as a beast with a drill plodded down a steel corridor. Now this nightmare's turned to your favour, You Are The Original Big Daddy. Taking place after the events in Bioshock, a new power has risen in Rapture, and yep, once again she (its a woman this time!) wants to kill you! On a path of vengance to find your lost girl you once again see Rapture in its Oh So Dark Glory, the graphics have improved as expected, adn now there are several protions where you can look at the city from outside the buildings, the decrepit city is in a worse state than ever yet the splicers don't seem to slow down. Gameplay has also improved dramtically; It is vastly easier to combine plasmids adn gunfire instead of facing the dreaded weapon switch mid-fight; you also have a remarkably powerful back-up weapon instead of a rsuty wrench, even without fuel the drill is fun to use at smashing things to the ground. With fuel, endless hours of fun. In the end you learn a lot more about Rapture, the creation of Big Daddy's and the plot holes from the first are mostly answered. If your a fan of the first this is a must, if your a fan of horror, this is a must, first person shooter fan? get it; with multiple chocies adn endings you can easily replay this for hours of immersive fun.