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A realistic feel while playing campaign

ENDOOO | July 27, 2012 | Review of Medal of Honor - PC

The single player campaign takes place in Afghanistan, and I have to say that despite the thing that you cannot change video settings on your own, rocky mountains, terrain and other visual materials in game looks fabulously beautiful and realistic. In game you play as different characters so you take part in all kinds of operations. You can try riding a ATV, gunning from a heli, infiltrating enemy villages or sniping from long distances. Despite the focus on realism, however, Medal of Honor has some unfortunate problems like silly invisible walls which doesn't allow to jump of a 1 meter ledge. Also enemy soldiers can shoot and take cover pretty well, but they often enter the battlefield or stick their heads out from cover in very predictable ways.


Best of all Max Payne's

ENDOOO | July 27, 2012 | Review of Max Payne II - PC

Max Payne 2 is not particularly long, but the brilliant story and gameplay it offers are still well worthwhile. It is a sequel to the original Max Payne game and continues after the events of the first game. The storyline is told in pretty much the same fashion as in the original. It uses some very stylish, graphic storyboards or is told while playing the game using few cut-scenes or dialogues/monologues. Bullet time is a little bit different now and Max can now stay prone, after landing from a shootdodge for as long as he continues to fire one of his weapons. Also, now as he kills his enemies in bullet time, his bullet time meter not only regenerates, but it turns from white to yellow. When this happens, time moves even slower while Max moves even faster. Thanks to rag doll physics enemies in Max Payne 2 often get sent flying like when shot by any strong weapon or caught in an explosion, so you can enjoy bullet time action even more. Another thing that has stayed from the first game are nightmares that add a depressing feel to the game. Levels, gunfight places and boss-fights won't leave you bored either and even with the depressing plot they have managed to immerse some smart jokes through-out. Max Payne 2 is just a marvelous game, and what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in quality, new mods and story.


A really great game

ENDOOO | July 27, 2012 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

As with the novel's story, the game takes place in an underground subway in a post apocalyptic Moscow. The player play as Artyom who was born just after the apocalyptic events final days. Artyom has never stepped beyond the Metro Station City limits, but soon the adventure begins. The weapons and tools in the game are really creative such as hand-rechargeable flashlight, air driven sniper rifle, gas masks and pneumatic bolt guns.I would recommend playing through METRO 2033 more than once to see the second ending and try the hardcore mod which offers to play without any hud. There are plenty of guns, medkits and filters, it is all there, you just have to search and find it among dead bodies or abandoned houses on the surface. You can also buy these things at metro stations, where you are safe, but that will cost some bullets. In Metro you can run like a drunken madman and shoot everyone in the head or you can take a more stealthy approach. The game also rewards exploration. Even if levels seem very straight forward, sometimes there are hidden tunnels, rooms or passages where you can find some goods. There's always new guns, throwing knifes, and new armor to buy. Overall Metro 2033 is a creative game with lots of new stuff in contrast from the usual FPS


An original and entertaining game

ENDOOO | July 26, 2012 | Review of Mirrors Edge - PC

No other game will offer you so much free-running, jumping and climbing through all of the game. The graphics of this game is just wonderful. But even better is the soundtrack and ambient sounds that follows you through the game and makes the games atmosphere very pleasant. This game is full of tension. You cannot relax at any time because there is always someone that is following you, whether it is helicopter, sniper laser or even another runner. You can choose different paths of play. One way to do your work is just running away from your enemy by choosing the right route. On the second hand you can attack your enemies by punching them and/or using their weapons against them. By the time the game becomes more difficult and you will have to be smart and fast enough to know the right path, or else you'll be dead. This game is an excellent artwork and i recommend everyone to play this game.


Good, but could have been better

ENDOOO | July 26, 2012 | Review of Alan Wakes American Nightmare - PC

If you have played the original game, then you will notice that this game is more focused on the action and not so much on the story telling. Although this game has a story line, it is much more simple and not so exciting. The whole game takes place in only few territories which are looping numerous times while playing the game. Also, there is no daylight in the game and everything happens only in night. If you would rather spend more time on shooting than on figuring out the mysterious like in the original game, this game will suit you well. You get in combat scenes more often. When you finish the game you can still play the arcade mode which gives the opportunity to show your surviving skills by staying alive till the morning. This game is great for people that didn't get enough of combat from the first game.


A charming game.

ENDOOO | July 3, 2012 | Review of Bastion - PC

Bastion is a great game with beautiful graphics. It presents a good way of telling the story. Story is told by the word of mouth while you are playing the game. And, oh boy, voice acting is just excellent. This dark feeling to it makes a completely different feel to the game. Kid, the main character of the game which you play with, has pretty much weapons and special abilities to, so you definitely won't get bored using the same weapon over and over again. The best thing Bastion has going for it is that you will always be surprised by what came next. The levels, the enemies, the story -there's always something you won't be waiting. And soundtracks. Every one of game's soundtracks are just wonderful. A must-have.


What is real and what is not?

ENDOOO | July 3, 2012 | Review of The Darkness II - PC

The Darkness 2 is very brutal, bloody but graphically beautiful game.The thing that makes The Darkness 2 original is the two creepy demonic arms that is connected to your body. These extra arms makes the game more interesting as you can grab objects, throw them, tear out human hearts, make human-shields and kill enemies in really brutal ways. Though you can use these extras while fighting in dark, so you will have to think twice before stepping your foot into light. The story is pretty simple but characters makes you care about them . Especially the girlfriend. On the occasions Jackie catches up to her, they are flirting, this illustrates his dedication. But is she real? Is anything you are doing is real? You can only understand the meaning of everything in the end of the game. It is a great game because of it's story.


Melee weapon is your only choice

ENDOOO | July 3, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

I would describe Dead Island as 'just another zombie game'. Your goal is to get off the island of zombies. Story itself is kinda boring and dull. Everything what happens is just killing some zombies, riding to another city, killing zombies there, transporting to another place etc. Game is built on fighting zombies with melee weapons. Although game include guns, they are much more weaker than melee weapons, so the best way to kill zombies is using bat, machete or similar kind of weapons. You can upgrade your weapons with all kinds of things like nails or electric wires. On the way, doing regular story related missions, you can also do side missions. This way you can get more powerful equipment and build your experience together, though after the 1st hour of wacking the same zombies just in different places, gets boring, and doing side-missions doesn't seem to be so fun. It is somewhat similar to Dead rising in first-person. You kill zombies using melee weapons, earn XP, upgrade your weapons, earn more XP and so on. Only thing is, that game's atmosphere much more negative and depressing than Dead rising. Don't buy this if you are going to play this game alone. You can get the best experience playing this game with friends.


Original and unusual in a good way

ENDOOO | July 3, 2012 | Review of Zeno Clash - PC

This first-person-action game is underestimated for what it is. Zeno Clash combines intense fighting with shooting. It is a weird game in it's own way so some people may be frightened to try such game but it is really worth it. Fight mechanics are brutal, though for more fun would require more fighting moves. Weapons add special feel for this game, as they are powerful but not overpowered as you can be very easily disarmed by your enemies. Zeno Clash is very unique with it's amusing world too. It is something you have never seen before. The world is colorful but at the same moment very depressing. People of this world are even weirder. From exotic birds to cripples. Same about voices. It is a great game if you are looking for something fresh and different from the usual point and shoot games.


Game for story

ENDOOO | July 3, 2012 | Review of Mafia II - PC

The game offers a good experience for people that want to play game that includes an interesting story and satisfying gameplay. This game shows a part of true friendship and mafia's cruel life that stands beyond it. The game itself has lots of interesting interactivity options in all kind of places. Missions are interesting and are not saturated only with plain shooting. Car handling differs if you are handling it in winter or summer. You can even speed limit your car. Very good voice acting. Street life on the streets are sensible. Graphics are wonderful. Though, game disappoints with things, like empty cities. There is nowhere to go except clothing shops and garages. You need to drive 65 % of the game's time. Cops start chasing you when you drive faster than 55. At some point you get bored of driving. Too little fight moves when in melee mode. This game's beauty hides in it's story. It saves this game from total failure unlike all the Mafia's II dlc's which contains boring missions with no purpose.