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Offers new features but lacks in polish

EagiZ | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed 3 - PC

Assassin's Creed III continues Desmond's journey in saving the world. This time he controls "Connor", a Native American on a vendetta. The gameplay is good and it offers some new features like better movement, more challenging combat and naval battles. The improved movement lets the player climb and jump between trees, features that sadly contains some bugs. I found myself jumping down into a haystack while climbing up trees in the "Frontier" area; this was irritating and made me stick to the ground more frequently. Riding your horse in the forest is often a no go since the horse will often get stuck in trees and can't jump down a 30cm high stone. The combat is more challenging since you can't parry and kill every type of enemy. Note that the combat is still easy but you need to think a tiny bit before acting in Assassin's Creed III. The naval battles surprised me, they are really good and entertaining, a real treat. Sure, your ship might be a bit overpowered but who cares, it's a lot of fun sailing and destroying everyone in your path, and I do believe this is more challenging than the land battles (mostly due to lack of parrying I guess).. The story is good overall and the story of Connor ends with dignity while Desmond's story does not. Summary: a good, unpolished game with a good story and great naval battles.


One of the best out there

EagiZ | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition - PC

When Capcom released Street Fighter IV back in 2009 everyone was very hyped, long time had passed since the Street Fighter III's release and players were hungry for more. Capcom delivered and they've kept improving Street Fighter IV with Super Street Fighter IV and this, Arcade Edition. Arcade edition offers 4 new characters, but that's not the main reason for purchasing it. The main reason is the online functionality, if you don't have access to friends to play offline with and you like fighting games this is the best choice as of now. Arcade Edition got a good net code compared to a lot of other fighting games to date. The online competition is not best on PC but it's decent. If you're a casual player I'd recommend buying this to PC over consoles any day, since the competition isn't as good on PC. This game offers countless hours of entertainment and if you're a fan of fighting games I really recommend this.