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Very good

Eanan | May 14, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Game of the Year Overflow 2 - PC

Craving a realistic survival horror game in the wake of the Walking Dead game, I hit the reviews and found others championing Dead Island. I was not disappointed. Things I liked: - The open world setting - Zombie dismemberment is truly satisfying - Joining up for quests wth strangers and rampaging through the resort is oddly satisfying Things I didn't like: - The weapons degrade ridiculously fast - The game can be buggy at times. If you value polish and smoothness in your games above all else, you'd be best advised to steer clear of Dead Island. But if you crave wickedly satisfying zombie-dismemberment, a full, deliciously time-wasting RPG experience and a depiction of a zombie infestation which rings surprisingly true, Dead Island should float your boat.