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Only negative review?

Ears14U | Dec. 2, 2013 | Review of Thunder Wolves - PC

I can't seem to understand how all these other reviewer's are coming to the conclusion that this is such a superb title. You cannot use a controller, usually an XBox 360 to fly this game. Now even in real life helicopter pilots don't use a PC keyboard to pilot a multimillion dollar aircraft. Yet this is exactly what you have here. I feel it ruins the entire experience and leaves you feeling empty. Back in early PC gaming the genius of Sid Meier's commodore 64 simulator "Gunship", you could use a joystick also. So what's the problem with an arcade game not having this important quality? I give it a thumbs down. Way down.


A Relaxing Game

Ears14U | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of Depth Hunter - PC

If you are looking for a really big action game, then you will be disappointed with this title. Underwater action? Then purchase "AquaNox, or AquaNox 2:Revelation". Those two titles will be more in what you're looking for. This game is a more "serene" type. The graphics, music, and detail is pretty well done. This is a game that is one I call an "unwind" title. There is a need for this genre game. Hard workday, and you just want to relax? This title will do it for you with it's total underwater environment. The fish you're trying to capture realistically put up a fight for sure. Nobody can truly criticize this game since it is very "unique" and not duplicated anywhere I've seen. That's why I empathized at the start of this review that this title is a relaxing change from your action/adventure type, but still is enough to provide challenging situations.