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A new old experience

EddyGaming | June 6, 2013 | Review of Sonic the Hedgehog Steam - PC

So I am a retro fan. And I wanted Mario, but had no Nintendo platform. So I chose Sonic. And now that I know the game I prefer it. In Sonic the Hedgehog you have like 6 hours of fun if you are playing with savestates. These saves are given to you by the virtual console you play this on by just tiping F5. So I found it realistic to save at every save point in the game. And now to why I love this game: You are running through a lovely made world with many secrets and different ways to get to your target ( Dr Eggman). After every 3 chapters in a world you complete the world by having a Boss fight with Eggman. And after this you enter a new fast-paced world where you can run like a sonic. And the best thing: It has no "block system" as in mario- so you can do more and have more fun and speed while playing it. The better you know the level the faster you can run. This is - with Super Meat Boy - the best platformer I ever played. just 96/100 because you just have 6 hours of gameplay if you use saves. And if you do not use saves I would give 96/100 because it is too hard. So my tip: Buy this game and save at every savepoint or level start :)


Why Sonic is the PC Kart King

EddyGaming | June 6, 2013 | Review of Sonic and SEGA AllStars Racing Transformed - PC

22/25 Gameplay 8/10 Fairness 8/10 Sound 9/10 Graphics 6/10 Controls 20/20 Multiplayer 14/15 Replayability --- 87/100 The biggest competitor of F1 Race Stars is currently Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed. Who will win the Kart race on PC? In Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed (shorter: SASRT) you are supposed to play single player to unlock more multiplayer. This means that you can play either "Challenges" (similar to usual Singleplayer in F1, but in F1 you do not unlock stuff) to unlock new roads or the campain where you have to win several kinds of races, but have multiple choices if you morely like this or that. But you can also do all. So it is up to you how much you want to play and if you want to choose a way to get a new character. For these you also need "Stars". You collect Stars by winning a race on easy (1 Star), medium (2 Stars) or Hard(3 Stars). Man, I love games with SO MANY UNLOCKS <3 So you do not have to make the kinds of races that you do not like. And as their are many types of races (like normal, kill the others, boost, drive trough traffic etc.). But some of them are unfair- for me the traffic one. Another point why I just gave 8 points to "Fairness" is that you need good and powerful power-ups if you lay back in a race. In F1 you have these, not in Sonic though. The Sound is pretty nice, the Characters speak while driving but there is always some kind of childish dubstep which starts annoying after a time. Moreover the Sounds are always kept futuristic and sounds cheap sometimes. The Graphic itself is very good for a 1 year old game, but also: Everything is flashing, the houses next to the road are dancing...well- something for childs but not for me... The biggest lose in the points are the controls. A fun-racer with local split screen (which is awesome on PC) has to be easy to control to make it possible for your friends and family to be good at the game and to understand the controls. My Racing-Expert Friend just did not check how to get Power Start, Rolls, Boosts, Drifting and so on. And I did not check it in the beginning, too (which is not good). When we started playing F1 he instantly checked it all and was in the middle of the field. The Multiplayer is easy to set up and you can just do everything you want, as in F1 Race Stars. So 20/20 here. The game is pretty long, because of the many Singleplayer Stuff and the Multiplayer. It has like 20 hours on Singleplayer and an active Multiplayer. It would get 15 Points, but I decided to take away one point for the hard Controls. So this is it! TL;DR If you are looking for a Fun Kart Racer to play with family & friends sometimes - choose F1. If you are looking for a Fun Kart Racer to play Singleplayer or online - choose Sonic.


Mario Kart for PC!

EddyGaming | May 25, 2013 | Review of F1 Race Stars Codemasters - PC

Alright, i bought it and wanted a Mario Kart for PC... This is what I got: 21/25 Gameplay 14/15 Replayability 5/10 Fairness 6/10 Controls 9/10 Graphics 8/10 Sound 8/20 Multiplayer 71/100 And here we go: In F1 Race Stars you get a game similar to Mario Kart. Same Power-Ups, same Gameplay. There is not much to say about these two points. But why does it just have 5 points in Fairness? The Damage System! If you get hit, you get damaged, if you get damaged twice you are half as fast as the others. And that until you reach the next Repair Boxes. And to drive into these you loose even MORE time! Unfortunately you can only turn off the Damage playing with friends. This leads to the next point: Multiplayer. There is no working multiplayer in this game! Noone plays it, becuase the Match Making is bugged...But if your friends play it, you get a nice experience: you can choose everything- Damage, Power Ups, Special Things, Length... And then the game makes very very much fun! Unfortunately this game had no racing wheel support. Just controller support. But a good thing to say about it is that the Controls are pretty easy (WASD+Shift+Space+Alt) and that you can play this game in Co-Op mode with a splitscreen and on 1 computer. But you have to have a controller for each person you wanna play together with, just one person can use the keyboard. Because of the easy Controls, the Replayability is very good. Also this game has very many game modes, a campain with several cups on several roads and a quick race mode. I took away 1 point because of the eventual Rage Quits because of the (Un)Fairness. The Graphic is pretty good, the maps look cool and the special effects are well detailed. Everything is in a pretty comic style and there is no violent. You can play it with your whole family (if you turn off the damage...I am already hearing your kids cry...) and your friends. The only thing I have to fault is the sometimes angular graphics. The sound is nice, too, but it had a bit potential upwards. TL; DR: This game is a Mario Kart for PC with an unfair Single Player Damage and no Online Community. Play with your friends or Offline and have fun! Your friends will easily understand the controls, tested it myself :)