Reviews by Edg3k


Total Enjoyment

Edg3k | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Just finished it today after getting it last week. Main story is fantastic, story is well paced and well put together, the odd quicktime events and important moments in the game are intense but not to difficult to get used to. At least 25-30hours of gameplay playing on normal if you do some of the other stuff as you go along. Big emphasis on exploration as the island is huge. Combat is fun but can get a little boring but its never easy, stealth works well, gunplay is pretty solid with shooting from cover and around corners now much easier then having a lean button on Q and E. If your on an AMD graphics card prepare to be bugged out, funny as its an AMD flagship game, if your on Nvidia update to the 310 beta drivers for a 30% performance boost as well as better HBAO compatibility. Only downside to the game is having to use Uplay to play it through. Set Uplay to offline mode to boost start up speed, no syncing or downloading, turn it on once a day to check for updates but after that best to leave it turned off. All in all a fun experience with a gripping and intense story full of plot twists and interesting characters. If you buy one game for this Christmas it should be this. One final thing, do NOT only play the main mission you will miss out on some great conversations if you do, the side quests while short are enjoyable and add to your character. Explore and enjoy the landscape your playing in


Great but could have been better

Edg3k | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Hitman Absolution (1) - PC

The game itself is amazing, the mechanics and the gameplay are both fun and immersive, the missions and a little to linear though and alot of player choice has been taken out. But seeing as this followed Blood Money which was in many opinions the perfect hitman game it isnt bad. The Glacier2 engine is fantastic and when you actually get to the later levels you can really appreciate what it has done (ie the corn fields). My problems with the game are minor and could have been easily fixed. The lack of choice when it comes to starting weapons is a big downside but explained through the story but while its legit I dont imagine a highly trained and bred assassin walking into a situation without some sort of weapons on him and expecting to find stuff. The new Instinct Mode is essential unless you like wandering around for over an hour trying to find your way onto the next part. This was not a feature in the old games and unfortunately to some of us feels more like a cheat mode, pointing you to your next step, it breaks the flow of the game and if not used, leaves you blind. The Professional Edition is NOT worth the money due to the fact that the weapons may only be used in the contracts mode and not the main game, unless you plan playing contracts alot dont bother with it. Also if someone uses a DLC pack in a contract you cannot play said contract if your missing the clothing or the gun from the DLC. Upside, game is flexible even though very linear, the game play is fun and interesting and the game is worth buying for sure but you may feel like its lacking something.