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I would buy this now. It only gets better from here.

EggsBenedict | Nov. 3, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

The game has been getting patches constantly, and the patches don't just consist of profession tweaks and nerfs. No, they add NEW CONTENT all the time, to a new jumping puzzle, to a new dungeon, even to a whole new area on the map. But what about the game? It has the most fun leveling that I have ever experienced in an MMO. Most MMO's make it seem almost grindy, and you feel like you are just playing with the only fun goal in mind of making it to the highest level, where the game really starts. I can tell you, this game fixes that error flawlessly. From 1-80 you will feel engaged in the game, and more than likely fixated on the story. After buying this game (you will buy this game) go ahead and read up on some GW2 lore. The story is amazing, better than that of any other single play fantasy game on the market (yes, even skyrim); and imagine that every two weeks or so new content involving that amazing story line gets pushed out for you two play, free of extra charge. You will save so much money buying this game, its unfair to the developers.