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Fantastic. Just fantastic

El_Chupacabra | Nov. 15, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Pack - PC

This was the first X-COM game i ever bought, and damn it was worth it. All i end up doing is naming my favourite soldiers, then watching as they completely obliterate aliens, and becoming sad and annoyed when they are murdered. Just buy the game. I've only encountered 1 bug/glitch so far, and all that happened was that one of my guys got stuck in a wall during a mission, kind of annoying but hey, what are you gonna do. Word of warning to those that actually get this deal: the slingshot DLC is hard, or at least for me. I've been through about 20 soldiers trying to do the first part of it. But anyway, buy the game, but it now. You will regret this. Mark my words!