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Mechanically, a fantastic expansion.

ElementalOath | July 10, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Brave New World - PC

This expansion adds new dynamics to Civilisations V, and works improves upon features introduced in Gods and Kings. This expansion introduces new features such as ideologies, trade routes (reworked), new leaders to play (Also reworked some older leaders too, such as Bismarck for Germany) and a reworked Cultural Victory which is won through tourism. While it adds new mechanics to the game, there are some problems. While they're not large problems, it does gives the player little reason to play the older leaders as some of the new leaders are far better at what they do than the older ones. For example, the Zulus are, by a long mile, the best civilisation when it comes to land-base combat. They are unrivalled by any other civilisation, including Mongolia and the Huns. Brazil, which is another new civilisation introduced in Brave New World, can also outclass any of the old civilisations in a cultural victory. This leads players online to typically play new civilisations over the older ones, as they are far superior to the older civilisations. However, action has been taken by the developer to reduce the power of some of the new civilisations, so this is no longer quite a big problem, but still persists regardless. Overall, the new expansion is fantastic mechanically, but does have a few, albeit now small due to developers reducing the power of the new civilisations, problems which still persist.