Reviews by Emotivnilik


Battlefield 3 Reviev

Emotivnilik | June 9, 2014 | Review of Battlefield 3 Origin - PC

Hello All Today Me Reviev BatleField3 On First look i have batlefield on origin And me expiriance so far is Server Browser Is very Good lag is Very Normal User Experiance Bugs is very rare Now To Review game 4 CLass Medic Suport Assault And Sniper All class have weapons and items that goes with class And ulocked by level Progresion For Dot Scope you need 10 kils for beter 20 for modification many kils requred and that is motivation for playing Game engine is fokused on Drive Plane helicopters jets boats jeeps and many field vehicle You Can play coop mision or multiplayer or campange Much ways to unlock modifs armor and camo Very good game for Online Fps Recomended


My First Game On Steam

Emotivnilik | May 21, 2014 | Review of Titan Quest Gold - PC

Hello Welcome To Titan Quest Rewiew Me first game on steam was titan quest i remeber me older brother buy and i try on him pc Titan quest i remember me was fascintating with Greek mithology game quest weapons and me fawored multiplayer game You create character select server and game is on Much loots much monsters is to fun when you bored some 4 or 8 guys moving and finish quest and doing level progres and hardnes of game 65 level is end of game 3 time you can play again levels on easy normal and epic toughness Much fun game to play with friends and family much ways to upgrade you character and much exploration.


Me Long Waited Hitman on steam

Emotivnilik | May 16, 2014 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

Long time i waited to buy Hitman absolution i am hard core Fan from 1 series and i play all since Hitman Code name 47 Lets Talk About Game - Its have 5 difictly Easy Normal hard insane and purist 20 level to play 49 achievements to get much ways to finish misions From Accidents to Sniper hit New Feature and engine give much fun From start Hitman Absolution folow the story of last blood money and continue in that way New expiriance that is you can silent kill drag kill use objects like knife screfdriver or any that can kill you make you score by the way you make kill If you love Agresive style you will enjoin in shoting explozive and madnes kiling. If you like Silent you will use all ways to stay undercover Big game big expiriance that offer also contract mode online try some other contract and earn money to customize weapons