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Titanfall is almost excellent.

Eniem | March 20, 2014 | Review of Titanfall - PC

I love it! Its really fast-paced game, so its not like BF4 or something. Its an FPS more like Crysis 2, 3. You have double jump, wallrun and sprint so you can run whole map in a minute. The only downsides I found are those: at first, you don't have a lot of weapons to chose from, only like 9 weapons as pilot and 6 weapons as titan, not a lot of perks. The second downside is that the game itself is too fast. I mean, i like fast-paced game, but you play 4-5 minutes a game and then you wait for 1 minute in lobby and 1 more minute to load, that's annoying. I would like to play 10 min. The scores are too low. That's only downsides i found. But i totally like this game. Great!