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It is actually really good

Entonwolf | April 22, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Post - PC

It is a great Elder Scrolls game and not worse than the other Elder Scrolls games like many say. I had much fun with it and it has very much time sink. Good things are: -questing, very fun -pvp, like in daoc a very big pvp map -the class system, you can be everything you want to be and it makes a hell of a lot fun to make his own skill traits Bad things: -server problems atm -bank loot wipes, but they said it will be refunded -item shop (only a mount for now but who knows how long?) Tl;dr: if u love the Elder Scrolls, you will love this game too. It is a good MMO and doesnt try to copy something. I like it and think its worth its money.