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Brillant game with awesome, dedicated developers.

Epic_Kitten | Aug. 10, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

Out of my time playing video games, I've never seen developers be so dedicated to making their players happy. Killing floor was a modifcation for the unreal engine a while back, and was made into a game as retail version! *this game right now* There is lots of GUNS, maps, 7 perks, 5 difficultys. You may not think that it's hard. But trust me, Try beating a hell on earth solo and tell me it's not hard. The developers make their players happy, As I said before. They are extremely dedicated to making the players happy. The only costs for the game is: The full game The DLC character packs *Optional* So basicly, it's a one time buy unless your looking at getting some of the character packs. So, All in all. This game is worth buying. Amazing game.


This game, is just the first amazing part to a seires.

Epic_Kitten | Aug. 10, 2012 | Review of Red Orchestra Ostfront 4145 - PC

This game brings back some memories, from the *make something unreal* contest back from a while ago, This game won as the best modifcation and was made into a full out game seires. The teams are the allies and the axis, Capture the point style game. Balanced gameplay and lots of players! This game is VERY tactical and you need to be very careful with every movement...Someone might be watching you, with a sniper rifle....waiting. Maps on the other hand are HUGE. The maps are made welly by tripwire, and the community. If you have a low end pc, than I would recommend this game. If you have a high end pc, than get this and RO2!


Brilliant game with amazing, breath taking graphics

Epic_Kitten | Aug. 10, 2012 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad - PC

Normally you would consider buying call of duty, Or halo, or whatever popular shooter is out there. But instead, why not buy something completely new and fresh? This game has amazing physics and graphics. The maps are well made and are extremely large, the teams are evenly balanced and there's not an insane amount of guns. Two teams. The allies and the axis. The game is kind of a capture the point style game, So be ready to camp in some houses Also, there are slots per certain class, Example: sniper is 0/2, Not everyone on the team can be a sniper or the squad leader. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for an amazing, world war 2 shooter.


One of my favorite games on steam.

Epic_Kitten | Aug. 6, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

This is killing floor. A zombie shooter, or *specimen* shooter, With mods, custom maps, Normal maps that are beautiful. West London, Manor, Water Works, and so many more. Also, the developers, Tripwire interactive have this game normally going on sale. Every map and new update with guns are absolutely free. The character packs, however. Are not free. And costs 2 dollars. *5 dollars for the special Harold Lott character.* The game has lots of guns. From shotguns to melee's, To assault rifles and explosives, Your team will find yourself armored well and struggling to survive againest the zombies. There are certain kinds of zombies. Clot: Which is the weakest one. But it can garb you, Which can kill you from hoards chasing you. The crawler: The most annoying one. A bug like specimen that only crawls and when it get's close, it lunges at it's target, Does not do alot of damage though. The husk: Not too hard to kill. But it's husk cannon does a LOT of damage, So be sure to take those out. The siren: She can't attack, charge, or anything. The only thing she does it scream. And her screams HURT. So be sure to shove a bullet down her throat! The Gore Fast: Zombies that rush at you with swords on their arms, and do a LOT of damage. The Scrake. A powerful zombie that has a chainsaw to attack, When it's at half health, it will rush at it's target and slice away. The Flesh Pound: The most difficult one to kill. Get's angry very easily. Has a lot of health, and can do a lot of damage. The boss: The Patriach. The creator of all of the specimens. Has rockets, a chaingun. And can go invisible when he has to health, Dangerous up close too! Can wipe out an entire squad no matter what weapons you have. So what are you waiting for? Get your 20 dollars and buy this game!