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Just Amazing..............Too Amazing

Evilotto | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition - PC

Best RPG ever? yes! Really? YES! it has a very good story line, has pretty much ALL AND MORE rpg elements ( what you decide makes the story change) the thing i never knew this game had was HACKING, you can hack camaras and turrets. Tranquilize enemies to make them unconscious and steal thair stuff! (I have NOT played too much of the campaign btw) there are SO SO SOOOO many ways to finish a level (eg. use stealth to get past enemies, turrets, and so on. You can be aggressive and fight EVERYONE you meet or avoid EVERYTHING, you choose!) you can upgrade "Augmetations" (robotic body parts) if all your HP points in your legs go down, guess what? You loose them. (well i think you do) This is a very long review i better finish up Over all Deus EX is a MUST PLAY 100/100 10/10 5/5