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Thoughts up to Episode 4.

FALSEPOSiTiVE | July 2, 2014 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

A Wolf Among Us has 4 episodes at the time of this review. I started playing this today and have finished episode 4 in slightly over 7 hours. I've managed to miss 4 achievements, had one game-breaking glitch, battled the controls and drowned in immersion of the story. Episode... If you're one of those impatient souls that purchased this title on release, you have my deepest of sympathies as I can clearly understand your anticipation in between every episode. I'm now having to sit here in agony to finish the story until the final episode (5th) arrives fully downloaded and neatly put away in my library. I'd NEVER recommend this or any other title like to anyone as a single episode, and instead would suggest you to wait it out and buy it later. I don't understand the reasoning making this episodic. It's the first and most tragic offense of a few committed by TellTale in this particular game. Some may not have as big of a problem with this as I do, but to fragment such short episodes into this span of time is complete silliness. I suppose another play-through is in order to grab the few remaining achievements absent from my trophy wall, or a very sly excuse to indulge my sudden love-affair with the story and offer other options in my dialogue challenges. These timed dialogue (multiple choice) challenges are the bulk of the game play in A Wolf Among Us aside from the few irritating bullseye, button punches used in some battle scenes.I wasn't a fan of this in The Walking Dead, and I'm no fan of this technique in this game either.It feel clunky. As if the developers couldn't be bothered to either spend the extra effort or time trying and testing out a better solution. I have a feeling it was a quick solution that everyone agreed was "good enough" for all intents and purposes and simply made it easier when developing for mult-platforms. Regardless of the reason(s), I'm not a fan and find it bothersome. During episode 4, I experienced a game-breaking glitch where all of my dialogue options read, "THIS CHOICE LEFT BLANK". They weren't actually blank. They were unbelievably worded this way. A quick game exit and return proved to be an adequate repair and allowed me to resume ever onward. Sadly, when playing a story-rich title like this it breaks immersion and can take a little time to regain rhythm. The story and keen design are what sets A Wolf Among Us apart from the usual "mundane" titles being flung at us consumers on a weekly basis. TellTale has nailed it with this style of game and improved upon The Walking Dead. You're immersed in literature, cinema, and gaming all at once, and it is positively fantastic! My few qualms with A Wolf Among Us is nothing in comparison to everything done right with this game. I feel real emotional responses with this game and have formed a bond with the lead characters. The story is drenched in suspense and intrigue throughout the entire 4 episodes not missing one opportunity to dazzle and amaze the player. I believe that's the most difficult objective relating to game developers but is easily pulled off here without a hitch. So to boil this down to a short conclusion, it is in my very humble opinion, that everyone with half a brain grab this and treat yourself to a great time. Even by Episode 4 you'll receive more playtime than with most other competing AAA titles and receive a more fulfilling story even with the cliffhanger ending. The cons keep it from being a (so far) perfectly put together game, but present in no way an excuse not to allow yourself the bliss in the A Wolf Among Us experience. This is coming from someone with very high expectations coming in and hasn't been let down at all.


Borderlands 2 Is More of the same!

FALSEPOSiTiVE | June 27, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 MAC - PC

BL2 is definitely MORE of the same and that's a GOOD thing! If you saw any of the adverts, you know where I am coming from. - More guns! - More characters! - More Levels! - More Loot! - More EVERYTHING! There is so much DLC in BL2 to expand an already very large game that you'll be occupied for a very, very long time. If you're a fellow couch potato gamer, you'll be glad to know Borderlands provides controller support. Playing through the campaign is exciting and fun, but this game is best when enjoyed with friends and/or even strangers online. The co-op is one of the best in any game to date. So if you've grown tired of the usual military themed FPS multiplayers and want something different, this is the title to grab. The DLC isn't necessary to enjoy Borderlands 2, but I suggest if you find the GOTY on sale to swoop in and purchase it instead. This is a cross-platform multiplayer. Be sure to check the system requirements before hand, but BL2 can play reasonably well on even questionable hardware. So what are you waiting for? Grab it! There's still a large online community if you're worried about that. 8.5 out of 10


Bang 4 Buck

FALSEPOSiTiVE | June 12, 2014 | Review of Complete GTA Bundle - PC

One of the best PC game-sale-bundles you can find (anywhere), and it is right here on GMG! If you're a veteran pc gamer with thousands of titles in your library or fresh from console starting to build your massive, low-cost PC library, this bundle is a must have! The GTA franchise has stood the test of time and never disappoints. Do yourself the favor and purchase this bundle to add length to you E-p...err..E-library! Why are you still reading this? GO! Buy it!