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FURHAM | April 15, 2014 | Review of Sleeping Dogs Digital Edition

Sleeping Dogs is one of the best sandbox games I have ever played with its great story, amazing combat, and really fun activities.

The story in Sleeping Dogs is about Wei Shen, an undercover cop who's trying to take down a group of criminals called the Triads from the inside. He becomes too close to his new found friends in the Triads and must choose between the Triads or the police. He is incredibly skilled in fighting and uses that skill to help Winston, the leader of the Triads, to complete tasks for the Triads, varying from fighting goons to stealing drugs.

The combat system in this game is great, there are many combos that you can learn later that will help later when you will most need it.

There are dangers in the environment which you can use to your advantage, these are one of the best things in this game and they can vary from sticking someone's head in a vent to throwing someone in a furnace. I know, that's pretty crazy but also awesome.

There are several activities you can do when you just want to chill after killing 20 guys. You can go to the club and do some karaoke or go join a race and win a few thousand Yen. These activities are what make this game more alive and more fun.

It is amazing and was worth every penny.


Fantastic and Cheap!

FURHAM | April 15, 2014 | Review of Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is a great game.

The combat, vehicles, weapons, and even the quests are amazing. The graphics are amazing. There are several weapons you can buy or find off dead bodies to use against your enemies. There are so many quests to do which can take a lot of hours out of your day. You can explore this huge island filled with jungles, mountains, and even tall skyscrapers. This game is just amazing and doesn't cost that much when there is a sale.

Easily recommend this game to anyone with a few dollars in their wallet.



FURHAM | April 15, 2014 | Review of Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is great game. The combat, vehicles, weapons, and even the quests are great. Creating chaos in a video game is something everybody loves to do, and this game wants you to do that. This game appeals to a gamer and has what they want in a game. I would recommend this game to anyone. It is amazing!


Good but not Perfect

FURHAM | April 13, 2014 | Review of Titanfall (NA)

Titanfall is a great game but there are many cons to the game such as a really bad campaign, terrible party set-up, and barely any weapon/titan customization. Titanfall also offers many new things that no other FPS offers such as the amazing parkour available in all the maps, burn cards which are cards you get after a round and can be used for a certain ability which can give you a greater advantage in matches. All in all, Titanfall is a great game but it lacks many things that could make it perfect so I give it a 75.