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Nostalgiac 8-bit action-platformer

FaPaThY | May 28, 2014 | Review of Dark Void Zero - PC

Nice throwback to the NES-era of balls-hard action games. It plays, looks and sounds great, especially the music. It controls pretty well if you have a good controller with a good D-pad, but good luck if you don't. If you only have a 360 controller, you'll probably get pretty frustrated on Hard. In this game, diagonals on the pad make you stop and aim your gun diagonally and trying to be accurate, precise and fast with a 360 D-pad when there's 5 things shooting at you from all directions is pretty difficult. I can't count the times where I was trying to jump over a projectile, only to stand there like an idiot with my gun in the air. As advertised, it's only 3 levels and they're all pretty quick, not including all the dying you'll do on Hard. You can probably beat each level in 15-25min on Easy or Medium. The levels aren't small, but they aren't particularly big either. It's mostly a lot of backtracking to a central area to unlock a door after grabbing a keycard in side wing, etc. Pretty basic stuff for a game like this. Most of the length and replayability will come from achievements, although some seem like they're just a grind for grinding's sake.(Ie. 'Kill 100 enemies in a row with X weapon', which requires you to run back and forth between screens to respawn enemies.) It isn't mentioned here, but this game also has SecuROM DRM. I think it has a 20 activation limit or something, up from the original 5, so it shouldn't be a huge problem for most people, but it's still pretty stupid. If you uninstall, remember to /revoke the key first so you don't lose activations, which I don't know why isn't explained anywhere and only found out from a post in the forums by a regular user. Overall, not a bad game if you get it on sale, especially if there are Playfire rewards for it also.


Great DLC

FaPaThY | April 1, 2014 | Review of Crusader Kings II The Old Gods - PC

I love what I've played of it so far. As someone who thought the original start and end dates were on the "short" side, being able to start almost 200 years earlier is great. I've only tried the Vikings, but they're as fun as you'd expect, if not a little on the OP side. you'll be raiding, pillaging, taking concubines, sacrificing prisoners at your feasts and generally being badass. They're all about battle, so vassals won't get mad if you raise their troops for long periods of time, and will in fact be pissed at you if you're at peace for too long. They do have their drawbacks when it comes to holding large realms though, and only having the options for Gavelkind succession, unless of course you convert your religion, but where's the fun in that? Anyway, there's a bit more added than just that. New events, playable Zoroastrians(who are into incest or something), holy sites, etc. If there's 1 expansion DLC to get, this is probably it.


A Fun little Beat'em Up

FaPaThY | Nov. 27, 2013 | Review of Fairy Bloom Freesie - PC

I was surprised at how much fun I had with this. The graphics are deceptively cutesy for what you actually do in the game, which is brutally stab and curbstomb everything and anything that tries to invade your forest or get in your way. The combat can get relatively deep if you take the time to learn it. Launchers, juggling, special attacks, canceling, throws, etc., etc. You can eventually do some pretty elaborate and sweet looking combos. This can be a hard game and you won't be able to just button mash through the higher difficulty levels. You will die FAST if you don't learn how to dodge and block properly. A controller is highly recommended. There are only 2 game modes, Story and Guardian, but they can take a while if you plan for full completion, including all the difficulty levels. Guardian mode will probably make most people pull their hair out due to how damn hard it can be, since you can only save at certain points, only get 3 continues between each checkpoint and you have like 100 levels to go through. The levels where you have to defend 1-3 vortexes that fall over from a light breeze might make you want to punch babies. So ya, it's a nice game and I'd say it's worth playing, especially if you can get it on sale or if it it gets put in another indie bundle. Even full price seems pretty fair to me if you're looking for an anime-ish beat'em up with DMC-style combat, since there really aren't many decent Japanese games on PCs these days.(Although that seems to be slowly changing)


Great, but short

FaPaThY | Nov. 22, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1 - PC

As a fan of Bioshock 1, this DLC really took me back. You'll see some familiar sites and meet some familiar people as you play as an alternate reality DeWitt who takes on a missing persons case from none other than a super serious(and hot) Elizabeth. Obviously, it's recommended to play through the base game beforehand for this DLC to make sense. During the first part of the game, you'll get to walk around in a living, breathing Rapture before everything went to hell. The 2nd part has a similarly creepy look and feel to the original and will be mostly fighting. Seeing Rapture(more in-depth) in Infinite's engine is pretty awesome and it looks and sounds as great as ever. Combat is a mix of Bioshock Infinite and the original, with some of the same weapons and powers from Infinite, but with a lot more of the dangerous, personal and tactical encounters that the original had. You'll want to take it slow and stealthy because you really can't take much damage here and, at least for a little while, ammo is scarce. Or more accurately you can only carry an extra clip's/magazine's/whatever's worth or so of ammo with you so you need to make your shots count. Like the original, there are also quite a bit of opportunities to use your powers and eniviroment to efficiently wipe out a group of enemies. For example, using the tried and true 'Shock versus bad guys in water' maneuver. While there's a sky-hook equivalent and rails to ride, outside of some traversing and a few specific battles, you'll mostly have your feet planted on the ground. Your weapon and power selection is really limited compared to Infinite, and the Original for that matter, but there are a few new additions to your arsenal. Old Man Winter is your Ice attack you'll be using to freeze enemies and water, which will let you get past obstacles. For weapons, you got the Tommy Gun(which is pretty much the machine gun equivalent) and the Radar Range, which lets you fry enemies until they explode. There are some new upgrades for all your powers too that are different from the Infinite upgrades and also some new equips. Oh and Elizabeth can now summon in fricken Samurai from tears, which I found to be both funny and awesome. Finally, they added in the much requested weapon wheel, which lets you swap in and out any weapons you've picked up already. Just hold down your weapon select key.(Protip: If your weapon select is bound to the scroll wheel, you'll need to rebind or secondary bind it to an actual key since you can't 'hold' scrolling) This DLC isn't without some faults though. The length of the game leaves a bit to be desired. It's about a 3hr ride if you take in the scenery and go for all of the achievements, maybe 2hrs if you rush it. It's a quality 2-3hrs for sure, but for $15 asking price, that still seems a tad short to me. Although, I guess it makes sense if you use the heavily discounted 'Season Pass' pricing. Also, the pacing of weapon and power acquirement seemed a bit off as well. You get the Radar Range and Bucking Bronco powers REALLY late into the game, and don't have much time to use them. On top of having like half the powers and a quarter of the weapons Infinite has, it didn't leave room for much variety. So ya, I totally recommend this for fans of Bioshock. After that ending, I can't wait to see where the story goes in Episode 2. Due to the pricing of the DLCs, I definitely recommend grabbing the <=$20 season pass to save $10-$15 or more off over buying them separately.


Not bad for the price

FaPaThY | May 4, 2013 | Review of Galaxy on Fire 2 - PC

I'm a big fan of space combat/trading sims, so when I saw this on sale for under $4, my interest was piqued. The playable area is relatively large, there's a good selection of ships and weapons, lot of side missions, etc. Pretty standard stuff for this type of game and done competently well. It all gets repetitive pretty fast though, because there are only a handful of side mission types and the combat basically devolves into holding down the strafe button, which lets you dodge pretty much all enemy fire, and circle strafing everything to death. The campaign is pretty standard affair too. It's short, forgettable and the voice acting ranges from sub-par to decent. There aren't really any moments that make you yell out, "Cool!" or anything. The graphics, while pretty on the surface and look nice in screenshots, aren't really that impressive in motion. The universe just feels static and lifeless and simple things like planets not rotating or stars not twinkling are a bit distracting. The models themselves for ships and stuff look alright, but it takes more than just high res textures to make a game look really good. As negative I seem about the game, I'll say it's definitely worth playing if you can get it on sale. Maybe if they ever decide to release the DLC/expansions, it'll be worth playing some more.