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Good, but currently pretty buggy.

Fantum1337 | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

As of right now, I believe that this has the potential to be a fantastic shooter. However, it is currently having issues with the servers, especially for PC. However, I do believe that in time the server issues will be fixed, so my review will be based on the gameplay when the server isn't crashing. Obviously, the biggest draw for these sorts of games is the multiplayer aspect. In my opinion, the multiplayer is one of the best I've ever played. Classes feel generally well balanced, and the ability to use DMRs, Shotguns, and carbines across all classes is a pretty welcome change. Not good at sniping but want to level up the sniper class or use it's gadgets? Just use one of the carbines for a good close/mid range option. This allows for a decent amount of customization, as you aren't as bound to one class depending on the weapons you want to use. Another aspect added this time around are the battlepacks. These are little reward packs that you gain just about every 2 levels, and give you things ranging from weapon attachments and camo to XP bonuses. Most of the times, these attachments are simply reskinned versions of items that you can unlock regularly. As such, if you don't happen to ever find a certain attacment in a battlepack, you aren't necessarily missing out on a huge feature of a gun. However, as balanced as I feel the gunplay is, vehicles seem to be extremely unbalanced, ESPECIALLY the new attack boat. Playing on Paracel Storm (a map very similar to Wake Island from BF2) the attack boats can run around the maps almost completely unopposed. Add to this the fact that they can unlock and equip TV missiles, and you have the recipe for one person sitting in the back of the map taking potshots at enemies that can't even see them. This would be fine if it simply took one rocket to take them out, but as far as I can tell they have the same armor rating as tanks, which take 3-4 rockets to bring down. Overall, you have the recipe for one person who is a decent enough vehicle operator to drive around the entire time and rip apart the entire other team without ever being taken out. As for the campaign mode, I unfortunately cannot comment very much on that, as the launcher consistently crashes whenever I try to play it. So, based on various problems (especially with the servers) I have to say that battlefield is a fun, if not deeply flawed multiplayer FPS that will absorb almost all of my time until Forza 5 comes out. However, because of serious problems with the campaign launcher, I am forced to shave quite a few points off, giving it a 75.