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Rage Inducing Platforming Joy

Farrlap | May 25, 2014 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

A retro platformer that doesn't have much of a story, depth wise, but plenty of hilarious weirdness that will keep you interested none the less.. It's pixel art style that adds to that retro indie feel, is doubled by the cut scenes that are not only entertaining but reminds one of an old school flash animation. The soundtrack is amazing with chiptunes that accompany Meat Boy on his heroic, bloody, rage inducing, addictive, wondrous adventure. Reflecting on the "rage inducing" part from before this game is easily one of the hardest games you'll ever play... BUT the perfect controls and inventive challenges will keep you trying again and again and again and again,,,. And if the original levels aren't enough, every level has an even more challenging Dark World counterpart that you will surely pull your hair out over... BUT in a good way. There are lots of secrets to find, unlockable characters and much more. Definitely a game that should be in anyone's collection.