Reviews by Fazbott


Interesting and Unique Combat

Fazbott | March 27, 2014 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Overflow 1 - PC

This is definitely a great game to get into with some friends. The combat is really interesting and quite different from most first-person games. Imagine Skyrim if the combat wasn't so clunky, then turn it into PVP action. That's kinda what you're getting into here. Stabbing, slashing, slice, and piercing are all in the great fun of this wondrous medieval warfare-alicous game.


Horror game that's good for anyone

Fazbott | March 25, 2014 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

Don't be put off by the fact that this game is a horror-thriller because it's not really that scary, but it's still a great game. Excellent game play and visuals makes for a riveting experienced accompanied by a decent story line. Would recommend for anyone that enjoys the darker types of games, but doesn't want to be soiling their pants for 10 hours.


Beautiful Game, Interesting Combat

Fazbott | March 23, 2014 | Review of Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition NA Origin - PC

When I first booted up Dragon Age: Origins I automatically noticed it's gorgeous artwork and design. The game just looks fantastic especially at higher resolutions and specs. Once I got into the game play I was a little confused by the combat system simply because it wasn't what I was expecting, but the point and click style actually works out pretty well. There is a very expansive skill tree and lots of cool items to make your brain and gaming heart very happy.


Here's a little death, then a little more

Fazbott | March 23, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

This game is freaking hard but is definitely worth buying. The enemies are very powerful and will likely kill you faster than you expect, but you learn how to defeat them and this makes the game play even better. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a challenge that's bored of normal third person RPGs.


A very detailed game

Fazbott | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect Trilogy NA Origin - PC

Probably one of the most detail intensive games I've played with lots of quests and customization. Might be too much for some people, but if you enjoy spending lots of time going through items and customization then this is the game for you. Fighting and story is great as well.



Fazbott | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Sanctum Pack - PC

A very unique taste to the RTS franchise by adding the FPS element. Not my cup of tea, but for anyone who is big on FPS and strategy you should definitely get this game for the price.


Decent 2D League of Legends

Fazbott | Sept. 7, 2013 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

Basically a dumbed-down 2D version of League of Legends, but it is a good game. I enjoy playing this game because it's easy to get the hang of and is a great pick up and play game. Awesome to play with friends and proves to satisfy a bored gamer's mind.


Great Game, too much invisibility

Fazbott | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of Crysis Maximum Edition NA Origin - PC

Maybe I'm just not a great player when it comes to FPS, but I found myself spending a lot of time using the invisibility power in this game just to heal or hide from enemies. Other than that the game proves to be an exciting thriller with a great challenge, but I do wish it had some sort of coop feature.


Better and Bigger

Fazbott | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 NA Origin (1) - PC

I first played a Battlefield game when i borrowed Battlefield Bad Company from a friend a few years back. Since then I've always been a fan of the Battlefield series because of it's utter giantness. The maps are substantially bigger than any other shooter I've played and it makes for a much more intense gameplay. With some of the best graphics on the market and good customization features, I'd give this game enough thumbs up to satisfy any game critic.