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Super Agents Got Nothing on Me!

FennixSilvertai | Nov. 8, 2013 | Review of Evil Genius - PC

If you purchase this game you need to modify a file that allows you to have more than the default number of minions at 100. It was almost impossible at such a low number. Once I changed it to 200 I actually was able to get everything done that I needed in a reasonable time. Most creative ways to defeat super agents I have ever seen, also nothing is funnier than watching all your stuff burn up because you decided to use a Russian who has a bazooka and explosives as his only weapons to guard your base. Given it's frustrating but it's absolutely hilarious. Graphics: 4/10 Probably the least interesting part of the game, it has not aged well but that's okay. The rest of the game pretty much makes up for any flaws that you might be feeling for this. Music 5/10: A bit repetitive and boring, but this is only because Evil Genius is a game you will spend hours on. Honestly just throw on your own soundtrack and you will be good. Gameplay: 10/10 Absolutely fantastic in fact I could rant about it for hours on how much fun it is. There are a few querks in the game but all of them have a workaround and it really isn't as bad as you want to think it is.


Pain in my ass, but fun to play

FennixSilvertai | July 3, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Pack - PC

Graphics: I'm going to start by saying, anybody who is one of those graphic obsessed gamers will not be disappointed by the masterpiece that is x-com. I understand that some people have played the previous titles and have told me there are some major differences between them. Audio: The audio to the game is incredibly fitting the soundtrack especially, the only complaint I would have in this regard is that the audio begins to feel rather repetitive the twentieth time you have done a mission. Gameplay: Well done, well thought out, the only thing I hate about the gameplay is that the enemies are designed to wait in ambush for you and more often then not you will lose your people just trying to sight an enemy instead of in actual combat. I don't mind the feature but I hate how enemies will remain still for round after round and the minute your unit sights them they immediately get to move and attack you. It is as if your turn has completely ended regardless of what you wanted to do.