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Great vision of Dubai hit by war and sand

Fichox | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

We need more games like this on PC. This game is like playing action movie from the 80's. There is action everywhere, people are shooting, bullets are flying around you, mostly total madness. While it has lot of action, still in some segments is very realistic. So you need constantly take cover or you will die, there is not enough bullets, guns have pretty good recoil... Cover system is the main focus of the game which works good, but brings nothing new to the genre. Second focus is on the sand which decreases your visibilty and which can be use as a mighty tool against your enemy. While the game is located in sand covered Dubai, level design is really great and the sand is used in really creative way, so you don't have to worry you'll walk only through the monotonous desert. So eg. in parts whitout fighting you'll walk through really imaginative buildings which are always full of interesting signs and grafittis and next to that you will have a nice chit-chat with your friends. Yes, you have 2 friends which you can command with only one button and that is great cause you can focus on the battle. The game itself can sometimes be a little heavy, but you'll always know that dying is your mistake. One thing that is not typical for this kind of games is that this game has one of the greatest story in gaming history. What's even better is that you're not playing the game because of the great story, but because of great gameplay and the story is only like a great dessert in the end.


Great adventure game without stupid puzzles

Fichox | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

Finally some great adventure with bigger emphasis on story than on very hard and illogical puzzles that include searching for many differnet objects on the screen. Many other adventure games have great story but the story sometimes fades away because of the puzzles. In Walking dead that's not the case. This games is focused on it's biggest streght (story) and every other element of the game is put in the background. Puzzles are very easy and if you're new to the genre there is difficulty that's showing you everything that you can interact on the screen so you can focus and enjoy the story and dialogues. Dialouges are main part of the game in which you choose between 3 different answers. This answers than change the story you play. The story is not changed dramaticaly based on your answers but it's changed enough that you feel that you're the main protagonist of this game. Thank's to that you sympatize with the protagonist and other NPC's that you encounter in the game. While almost perfect, the game has some tehnical flaws like: graphical bugs, interruption of dialogue between NPC's so you can miss some important thing.