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Not "truly" open world, but still a good time

Fiftybottles | May 22, 2014 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

Mafia 2 touts itself as a Sopranos-like tale of the mafia in the 40s through 50s, with a large and sprawling open world. Well, that's kinda sorta true. The open world exists, sure, but there's simply nothing to do with it. It seems as if the developers spent an enormous amount of time crafting this wonderful world, but then realized they had simultaneously created an incredibly linear, story-driven game (which isn't an inherently bad thing) to go along with it. So they sort of just shoehorned the latter into the former. That being said, Mafia 2 is very far from a bad game. Quite the opposite actually; its shooting and driving mechanics are solid enough and its story is well presented and intriguing, even if it's a bit too predictable a bit too often. It's not the best the market has to offer, but it does what it does well enough, and if you're on a gaming "dry spell" and can't seem to find anything to play, Mafia 2 will service you more than well enough.