Reviews by Finka_Karfein


A difficult love

Finka_Karfein | May 22, 2014 | Review of Rijn the Specpyre in Manor of the Damned - PC

I didn't expect much from a little game like this one. But it proved to fall into my memory very well. Even after over almost 2 years I remember it. Especially the atmosphere created by nicely designed locations and really great music which I tend to use today during my RPG sessions with friends. The story is also good though it ends only after 2-3 hours when it gets really good. For the current price and after patches it's definitely a must-buy for people seeking something new. A mix of action RPG and a little bit of horror will glue you to the monitor till the credits. The thing is, if you are able to finish it because the difficulty level can be high. For those who want more, there's a New Game+.


Loads of fun on autopilot

Finka_Karfein | May 22, 2014 | Review of 100 Orange Juice Steam - PC

Board games being a mixture of characters from various games may seem to be a weird idea. But this time the execution of this idea is quite good. The graphics are nice, very distinct and everything is easily noticeable and differentiated. Music tend to repeat after longer sessions with 100% Orange Juice but though the tracks are varied, all fit the gameplay very well. This games gives the player tons of fun but at times it becomes frustrating. Why? Many things are decided by the die. Too many, too often - player's choices matters slightly in some situations. The level of randomness in 100% Orange Juice is high. Also the game lacks tutorial. And it would be good because the rules are quite complex and it took me several round to understand what's happening. Also the levels are quite simple so it's weird not to see any editor to create boards one would like to see in the game. However, playing with live players is much more fun than completing the single player campaign which has poor story - some dialogs may be funny but mostly it's the same scheme which quite quickly becames boring. Personally, I learnt to like this game very much but only after 10th session when I got some strategies and pretty much understood the rules. Buy during discounts or in bundles. Buy for the full price only if you lack nice board games or are a fan of Orange Juice games and their characters.


Online multiplayer for PC needed

Finka_Karfein | May 19, 2014 | Review of Chompy Chomp Chomp Steam - PC

This game is pure fun very easy to pick up. Not only the looks are sweet but also the gameplay brings a very big smile to the player's face. The idea and execution are very good but there are still some areas lacking. Not always we have friends available locally so an online mode for PC is a must in the updates to come. Also I'd love to see some more options like modifying controls or a level editor. If your friends visit you often, buy it this instant. If not so often and there'll be no online play by the time you read this review, buy only with a discount or in a bundle.


The last good Painkiller for today

Finka_Karfein | July 13, 2012 | Review of Painkiller Overdose - PC

That is the last stand for Painkiller series. I recommend you playing this one and omit the further titles unless you are a hopeless fan keeping your eyes wide shut. Graphics are good as well as music. Enemies and maps cool, the protagonist interesting but the potential of the story wasted. The same goes for bosses - no thinking, just shooting at uninteresting and oversized mobs. Really, a bit of creativity and Overdose would have got a bigger note from me. Painkiller: Overdose serves also new weapons though most of them are just graphic mods of the originals. Still, a bit of fresh air is a good thing here. For 5$ you will have a decent shooter but do not expect anything as nearly good as Painkiller Black Edition.


The more, the merrier

Finka_Karfein | June 26, 2012 | Review of Assassins Creed Brotherhood Deluxe - PC

Like many others, I was too skeptical but it turned out that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is a very fine game. Graphics and music are still at their best and missions are even more concentrated on being a stealth killer which is good. I also loved Cristina missions. The plot is generally good but the last several tens of minutes were really bad and artificially prolonged making me nervous. Recruiting new assassins was cool but did not give the sense of accomplishment. However, the multiplayer made my day. Or many of them in a row. Many game modes, maps nad unlocks will keep you going until you move on to AC: Revelations.


Grab your rocket launcher...

Finka_Karfein | June 23, 2012 | Review of Painkiller Redemption - PC

And that is basically the whole game. 6 levels with very poor and ascetic design. Gameplay is repetitive and the player is stuck in one room for too long as in Recurring Evil though RE was a bit less painful. Here developers put thousands of boring enemies and gave you many weapons. Not necessarily because for such numbers only rocket launcher is relevant. Graphics are bad, gameplay is bad, enemies are bad, only music is ok. If it was not enough, there are some pesky bugs forcing you to load game from time to time. Painkiller needs badly a healer. Right now... Or several years ago.


Astonishing add-on...

Finka_Karfein | June 17, 2012 | Review of Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai - PC

It is so awesome that it could be a separate game. I am not surprised to see it being able to run without the base game. The price may seem high but there is really much new content which greatly affect the gameplay of Total War: Shogun 2. A new era, new units, new tactics, new goals. It really takes some time to get accustomed to all the changes in the game. Graphics and audio are still fantastic though you may encounter some visual bugs from time to time. That add-on also repeats the mistakes of the base game: the same AI fails on the campaign map, no hot-seat and occasional multiplayer mismatches. To sum it up, do not hesitate if you are interested. This games offers tens or even hundreds of hours full of strategic gaming at its best.


Resurrected tradition at its best!

Finka_Karfein | June 17, 2012 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

I waited long years for this one. And Creative Assembly did not let me down. Total War: Shogun 2 is almost everything a Total War series fan may want from it. Stunning detailed graphics, atmospheric audio, cunning AI (well, rarely doing silly things letting it be killed easily), fine multiplayer, awesome gameplay differentiation when choosing another clan, well designed marine battles... It is really difficult to find flaws in Shogun 2 but there are some. Some minor bugs may be present here and there and vassals tend to attack you when you are strong. Allies like to attack themselves forcing you to break the treaty with one of them lowering your reputation... Multiplayer sometimes matches you with much more experienced people and there is no hot-seat as in Medieval II. Still, for all strategy fans, this is a must. You are going to love it.


A good addition to the game

Finka_Karfein | June 17, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution The Missing Link - PC

Still good story, still good gameplay, very good moral dilemmas. Graphics are the same as in the original so do not expect any improvements on that matter. Audio and atmosphere are awesome as in the original. The Missing Link will give you more unanswered questions rather than explanations but this is good as you can more expect the sequel. In this one you are still offered with many ways to solve a problem and this add-on is really long (about 10h) if you want to read all the mails in the computers (worth it!). What I did not like however, was the scans which artificially prolonged the game and this is a developer sin. It was simply boring to stand there and wait... the 10th time. It is a good option or all those who eagerly await the sequel. The price is a tiny bit too high but during sales it is great.


Human Revolution keeps the standard high

Finka_Karfein | June 17, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

I do not know if I really need to praise here all the good things. I think they are pretty known to the greenmangamers interested in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Just to enumerate the positives: story, quests, gameplay, dialogues, atmosphere, audio, bonus content in Augmented Edition... Bad things? Well, there are occasional bugs connected with graphics and the graphics are not of the Crysis quality but they do the job nicely. Returning to the story, it is very good apart from the ending. You just choose between three switches... what? I thought the original Deus Ex gave the option of the ending too late but this one is went too far. And this is rather all of them. Any other remarks? Yes, Augmented Edition is the only true edition to buy because it has the DLCs which add to the game Rescue Tong Mission and some items which should be in the basic version (those items were handy and present in the original Deus Ex - and they cut it out from basic Human Revolution). All in all, a must-buy for all players who like FPP games and a good story. A real must-buy-right-now for Deus Ex fans. Especially with discounts.


Interesting average game

Finka_Karfein | June 17, 2012 | Review of Puzzle Kingdoms - PC

Puzzle Kingdoms follows the story known from Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Pity that the plot in PK is poor apart from funny moments thanks to Drong. And do not expect side-quests. There is no sign of them. Gameplay is innovative. You can plan your attacks, save power for later crush or deal many less painful stings. AI does not stand and watch and repays you with the same and more. It's good also that there are numerous units, spells and artifacts to choose from but bad that the gameplay is highly repetitive and thus monotonous. Graphics are good when it comes to dialogues (what else can you do in such a game) but what makes it bad is the spell effects. There are nearly non-existent and similar with most of the spells. Puzzle Kingdoms is saved however with great soundtrack which keeps the player going further. Multiplayer is nice but you cannot battle with prepared hero from the single campaign and there is no online play, just hot-seat. The game is an average one but for people tired with Puzzle Quests and Gyromancers it will be a nice alternative. I can recommend you to buy PK but only while it is on a really good hot deal because 20$ is an utterly ridiculous price (even 10$ would be still a bit too much).


Brings back good memories...

Finka_Karfein | June 15, 2012 | Review of Golden Axe - PC

I remember spending hours playing this classic when I was a kid. Now you have the chance to relive those times. Golden times of Golden Axe. Three different characters to choose from with different abilities and magic. Various enemies, numerous mounts and varied gameplay focused on intense fight in 2D. Also there is a cooperation mode for never alones. And that unforgettable ending... Great graphics with very good animations and legendary soundtrack which you will remember until the very last hour of life. My only question: why Golden Axe has to be so short? When you get the knack of it, you will complete the game in less than two hours. At least there are two sequels to check.


Not as great as ME1 but still very good

Finka_Karfein | June 14, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect 2 - PC

After playing Mass Effect I just had to get the sequel. I was pleased with the results of my choices from the first game. However, the story is not as good as in ME1. It is involving and epic but there are no good moral dilemmas or plot twists. Just fighting for humanity and that is all. But it is well written, has great characters and make you want to play a little bit more until you find out it is time to wake up and not go to bed. Gameplay involves more action and shooting and less boring running. It is good but I do not understand why BioWare took some good RPG elements away. It made ME2 a bit of a space shooter. Graphics are even better and music will make you open your mouth in several moments of the game. Mass Effect is definitely worth your time and money. But play it only after completing the first part of the series.


Will make you love science-fiction

Finka_Karfein | June 14, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect - PC

I was not a big fan of science-fiction apart from Dune or Star Wars. I was rather skeptical about Mass Effect but then... I played it and liked the genre. Mass Effect has astonishing story to tell with some good choices which will affect further gameplay in the game as well as in the sequel. Characters are deep and interesting, races are ingenious (love Elcors!) and quests are involving (well, apart from a couple of side-quests but that is not so important). Shooting lacks a bit of dynamism especially with giving orders but it is a fine element of the game. I did not like however long driving and running from place to place. And the long rides in elevators... Graphics and music are great and let you feel the space opera atmosphere. If you like science-fiction, you will love this game. If you do not like science-fiction, you will love it thanks to this game.


Surprisingly fresh

Finka_Karfein | June 14, 2012 | Review of Binary Domain - PC

People responsible for Yakuza could not make a bad game. But they overdid it a little here and there when it comes to story - as in Yakuza, some moments are not probable. Apart from this, I must admit I was thrilled to the very end. Binary Domain offers a new approach to the topic of robots and androids. I was worried that it will be a cliché but Binary Domain defends the plot very well. Dialogues are fine and characters are interesting. Gameplay is very similar to what we know from Gears of War but here the port is worse than in the case of GoW. The consequence system works as it should be and affects the ending so the player has to be up to the challenge to achieve the best results. Giving orders is also good but you have to watch your tongue - if teammates flatter you and you reject it, they will not like it. It is also not good to repeat too fast orders. Voice recognition is a sad story because you may say one word and the game will understand five others. Graphics and music are fine, especially boss fights look dramatic. Voice acting was did nicely and it was good to hear characters talking. Multiplayer offers some interesting modes but it does not reward you much, therefore you will not enjoy it for a long time. Still, the game is good for the single player campaign only. I recommend Binary Domain to all players who like any kind of shooters with a good story to tell.


Sincere modern warfare

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | Review of Medal of Honor - PC

I must say I was pleased with this new Medal of Honor. A new breeze was good for the series. The story is very good and hides some dramatic scenes up its sleeve. What is more, it is sincere. There is no praise of America, in one moment the game rather highly criticises it. Graphics are good thanks to the use of two engines. However due to this you cannot really prepare for multiplayer mode by playing single player campaign. Gameplay is a bit different, for instance there is no lunging left or right in multiplayer. Also, Frostbite's destruction capabilities are very limited. This is not important because multiplayer is still very good, offers good modes and makes you want to play more and more. Sound and music are really epic. Particularly music fits very well what the player sees in the game. I thank the composer for making the experience much more deeper. The gameplay is basically CoD-like. There is a bit of riding quads, a bit of flying choppers and a bit of sniping. The recoil is a joke but still the game plays very well. Apart from the fact that in single you can stand on somebody's head (flaw of Unreal Engine). All in all, if you are not tired with all those modern warfare shooters - Medal of Honor will please you as it pleased me.


One of a kind

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | Review of Defcon Everybody Dies - PC

I did not expect much while getting this one from an indie bundle. Then I played it out of curiosity. Why killing millions of people has to be so amusing? The gameplay could not be better designed. All the graphics offer is the world map, icons of your and your enemies' defences and units and tracks of nukes. Sound offered in Defcon is a quiet humming and alerts. Need more chaos? Introduce more players to the war. The game requires strategic skills but it is rewarding. Surviving the war is quite an achievement. And is highly satisfactory. I recommend the game to all those fans of strategies who seek something different. Defcon has no rivals at the moment in my opinion. Well, the price could be a bit lower, that is all.


Depends on what you expect

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | Review of Chrome Specforce - PC

If you liked the tactical shooting in the original Chrome, this prequel will let you down. When gameplay is considered, it is like Project Snowblind compared to Deus Ex. Chrome: SpecForce is totally simplified to a fine shooter with upgraded engine and technical quality. Sound is better, framerate higher and animations improved - at last people do not run as if they had a broom up their bottoms. Good equipment, fine superskills but resulting from a uniform rather then cybernetic augmentations. Simplifications touched also plot. You do not have to pay attention to the goal, choose equipment for the mission. You just go and shoot stuff. Robots, flying robots, people, machines. All in all, if you want to shoot things while using augments, you can give this game 60 or more. If you want tactical approach, stealth gameplay, this is not a game for you and you may give it 50 or less. This prequel is not worth the title Chrome. It is just SpecForce in the same universe.


What a mess...

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | Review of Project Snowblind - PC

I do not know where from those high grades from users. I expected an action spin-off Deus Ex. I got cybernetically augmented pain. Let us start with good sides. There is a lot of cool and different weapons and you can still make use of augmentations although there is only several of them. Now, the dark side of the coin. Firstly, graphics are ugly. Not only the fact that comix-like visuals are not fit for a Deus Ex atmosphere but also textures lack higher resolution. Markers point your way towards the goal but often lead to a dead end. The game is extremely short, yet it took me a few hours to finish it because of the save point system mixed with frequent crashes. Do I have to mention that it drove me nearly mad? The plot is poor and offers only one good moment. Too little. Play other shooters with augmentations. This one is not worth your time and money.


Worse but still very good

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Invisible War - PC

This one is not so good as the original but still amusing. It has a good non-linear plot, quests with at least 2 solutions each, fine graphics and music and a large equipment, especially of guns and their upgrades. However, this game is simplified beyond any recognition. Firstly, ammo for weapons - your arsenal shares a common ammo but guns consume it at a different pace so you never know how much you are left with. What is more, the game is a bit easier and only half the length of gameplay of the first Deus Ex. Despite the flaws it is worth playing. Especially if you are a Deus Ex fan and want to get more of it.


Champion of PC gaming!

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition - PC

You are a fan of cRPGs? Get Deus Ex. Maybe a fan of FPP shooters? Get Deus Ex. Like cyberpunk? Get Deus Ex. Or maybe sneaking appeals to you? Get Deus Ex. You like good story? Did I mention Deus Ex? Or sound and music? Oh wait, Deus Ex. You like video games and search for a good one? Get Deus Ex... Really, this game has it all. Two flaws I can think of are sometimes a bit empty maps. Designers could make more of great Unreal engine. And the ending was determined during the last few minutes before battle. Apart from this, great non-linear plot, fine dubbed dialogues, varied quests and side-quests with many solutions, unique atmosphere of cyberpunk reality full of augmentations introducing nanotechnology. Sound and music are astonishing and compliment the whole. You want to become a cyborg soldier? Your call. Maybe a stealth hacker? No problem. Deus Ex will also make you think about the future of technology. Enough, just buy this game and play it!


Avoid this void in your free time

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | Review of Space Siege - PC

I expected much more than I got with Space Siege. Graphics are quite good apart from the bugs like characters going through each other. There is quite big arsenal and magnet blade does it job well. The plot is so typical that I could not stand it. Even the bit of humour could not help it and the non-linearity at the last 10 minutes of the game. Also, developers wasted the potential of cybernetic upgrades. If that was not too much, sound is poor, controls are weird and uncomfortable, especially with your robotic partner and the whole game suffers from monotony. If you desperetely search for space cRPGs, you can take it only when there are no other options.


A beautiful game, just play it!

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | Review of Mafia - PC

If you are looking for a game about mafia... Mafia is the one to get. While many game about snipers titles Sniper are of low quality, this one is a proud banner of video games about mafias. Linear but great story with awesome dialogues and plot twists. Fantastic music and challenging varied gameplay. A huge and living city to explore with so many different cars and weapons. And that gangster atmosphere... There are minor flaws in this game. The main is that police reacts only to our misbehaviours. The other concerns graphics. Sometimes things appear out of nowhere and Lost Heaven is a festival of clones (once I rode the train with 3 other passangers - all of them identical...). You hesitate on buying? Do not, just buy it!


The greatest adventure continues.

Finka_Karfein | June 11, 2012 | Review of Syberia 2 - PC

How deeply can you change your life to make a dream come true? How far will you go to make a stranger happy? This game gives you the answer and proves that it is worth sacrificing a bit of yourself for another person. The story seems to me even better than in the first Syberia and the puzzles are a bit more engaging. However, characters talk with closed mouths and there is still too much running. Animations are better and music most beautiful. This creates again a whole which will let you submerge in the unique atmosphere of the automaton world. Embark on this adventure. You will not regret it.


Great story with gameplay flaws

Finka_Karfein | June 11, 2012 | Review of Syberia - PC

Benoît Sokal knows how to make a game with a unique soul. In the first part of the game the protagonist is a lawyer who will change profoundly during her adventure for Hans Voralberg. The story is beautifully led and has some plot twists. The atmosphere of the automaton and their inventor is unimitable. Puzzles are well devised and really integrated in the game. There is no place for out-of-climate minigames. I cannot give Syberia 100 due to gameplay flaws. Animations lack polishing and there is too much running between places. It prolongs the experience of the game and lets you watch automatons many times but it gets a bit tiring in the middle of the game.


A nice role playing strategy with good ideas

Finka_Karfein | June 11, 2012 | Review of Spellforce Platinum - PC

For ten dollars it is like a constant bargain. This game is a perfect blend of RPG and RTS. You level up your avatar and get new equipment. The same goes for your team of rune warriors. Apart from that, SpellForce offers you nice story with epic battles of tens and even hundreds of units. Platinum contains two add-ons which prolong the gameplay for nearly 20 hours. Last but not least, just look at the screenshots. Graphics are great and the music... I must say that melodies composed by Dynamedion for this game are one of the best I heard in an RPS. Definitely worth your money.


Humour great, gameplay not so great

Finka_Karfein | June 11, 2012 | Review of LEGO Harry Potter Years 57 - PC

This game has some nice graphics and music. This game has great humouristic cut-scenes which will make you laugh to such an extent that your neighbours will start to complain. However, gameplay is flawed. If you play in coop with friends, it is very fine and you will not notice much flaws. With AI it gets frustrating. LEGO video game franchise is all about collecting money and unlocking stuff. Well, there is always too little money and the computer characters do not help you collect the coins. And sometimes it takes a while until computer understands that you want to open some door. All in all, if you have someone to play with and you love to laugh a lot - get it. Otherwise, consider buying something else.


Believe me, just play it!

Finka_Karfein | June 11, 2012 | Review of Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes - PC

This is one of the best parodies I played so far and I have played quite a few already. Firstly, great humour pours out from the monitor all the time. Almost every dialogue will make you laugh. The same goes to graphics - funny colourful 3D with tiger bunnies and hilarious animations. You have seen enough? So double the speed to get only what is important in the game. Music fits in and is nice to hear it. Drawbacks? Some battles are too long because of the number of opponents taking part in them and characters have only two special skills which is too few for a cRPG, even parody. If you are looking for some fun, you got to a right place. Buy it now and enjoy!


Play the first Grotesque Tactics only

Finka_Karfein | June 11, 2012 | Review of Grotesque Tactics 2 Dungeons and Donuts - PC

After a great Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes I was more than happy to play the sequel. Well, at least for first tens of minutes. Then it turned out that Grotesque Tactics II: Dungeons & Donuts is just an average game. Let me start with advantages. The humour is still great and there are many moments in which you will LOL, ROTFL and others. It is helped with a great dubbing. Some lines are expressed in such a way that even worse dialogues become funny. And the battle system works fine apart from the fact that... There are many disadvantages. You cannot double the speed of animations as in GT1. The music is fine but too few and it gets repetitive very quickly. Graphics are ugly. Where are the funny portraits from GT1? Why include here a nasty 3D models which are an eyesore? The interface is also badly designed - it will take a while until you find your money count. And the worse - this game is a bugfest. Many quests are impossible to complete, often your characters will get stuck or spawn too far to be part of the battle. And occasionally you may visit desktop. All in all, the game's worth lies mainly in the funny moments. It was the only thing that kept me playing. I recommend buying it only during sales and only for fans of parodies who completed all the other cRPGs in that matter.


The main game should be like this!

Finka_Karfein | June 10, 2012 | Review of Dragon Age Origins Awakening - PC

After Dragon Age: Origins I played this one because I did not want to lose money. I was so mistaken. Awakening crushes Origins without any problems! Graphics and music are pretty much the same but in my opinion more brave in darkspawn design. And the plot? Finally it is like it should be from the beginning. There is mystery, you cannot know from the start how the game will end. The moral dilemmas are tough. It took me in some cases several minutes to make a decision! And the characters and relations between them are even better! Plot twists, mystery, intelligent darkspawn... Now this is dark fantasy! Origins is not a good game but worth playing thanks to Awakening. Get them both now if you still hesitate.


A sad letdown

Finka_Karfein | June 10, 2012 | Review of Dragon Age Origins - PC

It is a good game but the expectations were for a Baldur's Gate spiritual sequel. Nothing like this. Dark fantasy? Nope. Technical issues? Yup. Good plot? Please... Characters and relations between them? Oh, they are actually great and I must admit that this was the only thing that kept me playing this boring piece of cRPG. Mechanics are fine and lore is interesting. This makes me wonder how could they make such a lame main quest? Graphics are quite poor but music by Inon Zur is fine and you will probably catch yourself humming the melodies later on. In spite of the flaws, Dragon Age: Origins is worth playing? Why? To be able to export your save game to a great expansion which is Awakening.


Still my favourite from Total War series!

Finka_Karfein | June 10, 2012 | Review of Rome Total War Gold Edition - PC

This is the first title which introduced Total War games into full 3D. And it turned out to be awesome. Graphics are breathtaking, music most epic and fitting, the gameplay... The mixture of turn-based campaign map and real-time battles is the best option made. The opportunities and replay value is vast in Rome, especially with the expansion pack. Numerous factions with numerous units and various other types of units like siege machines are given to you to prove your strategical skills. Diplomacy, development, riots, everything depends on your choices. Why not 100 out of 100 then? I cannot see the Alexander expansion here. Still, for "dat" price this is a must-have for all strategy fans.


Nice tactical gaming from Poland

Finka_Karfein | June 10, 2012 | Review of Chrome - PC

Sometimes Polish developers make me very proud of my country as for video games. Chrome is one of the reasons for this. Nice story with a twist and a little bit of non-linearity, very nice graphics (apart from some animations which seem rigid as steel) and matched music. The tactical possibilities are endless. You can snipe half of the base from a safe distance if you want to because spawning scripts of the enemies are quite rare in Chrome. What is more, the game is long, at least 10 hours of gameplay up to even 20 or so. And the implants which preceeded the effects of the uniform from Crysis. There are some bugs however and the multiplayer mode is virtually empty.


A really good western

Finka_Karfein | June 9, 2012 | Review of Call of Juarez Bound in Blood - PC

Bound in Blood is a prequel to Call of Juarez. I liked the first version so I was expecting much from BiB. And I spent a couple of hours enjoying the game. The gameplay is diversified thanks to the choices between Ray and Thomas. There is something both for close quarters battlers and long rangers. Moreover, there are two free roaming missions when you can upgrade your inventory. Graphics are improved, music gives the real wild west cinematic atmosphere and dubbing owns (loving Ray already). As for an FPS, the plot is actually involving and making you curious about what is going to happen next. Pity that I could not join any multiplayer game. Different versions? Bugs? I do not know but still Bound in Blood is worth playing even if you just want the single player campaign.


Nearly perfect!

Finka_Karfein | June 9, 2012 | Review of BioShock - PC

Oh my. I noticed the high scores on various websites but did not expect BioShock to be so great. The atmosphere of the underwater city and stylised architecture. Graphics are unspeakable, you have to see Rapture for yourself. Music? Only magnifies the climate of the game. The game is long if you intend to read diaries, a bit non-linear, offers fine action moments and one of the best plot twists ever in video games. BioShock was advertised as well as survival-horror, well it is not at all. Maybe for people who never played such games it will be scary a little but after playing the first Silent Hill there is nothing to be scared of. Still, one of the must-plays for all gamers, not only FPS players.


A good cRPG h&s experience

Finka_Karfein | June 9, 2012 | Review of Beyond Divinity - PC

Larian Studios definitely knows how to make a decent cRPG though this one, similarly do Divine Divinity, falls under the category of hack&slash, especially due to randomly generated dungeons which are boring as learning to history exam. Explore them only when your level is too low. Graphics are half-3D, everything is in two dimensions but characters are in 3D. This mix do not go very well with this one but it still looks nice. Music is awesome as in the DD and gameplay keeps the game running. Beyond Divinity is harder because of the limitations of the potions or food you can eat at a time which a good thing because it gives you challenge. The plot is nice and full of humour resulting from the two contradictory protagonists. All in all, I recommend playing this title but only after Divine Divinity and before newer Divinities. It just feels right this way and you will not be disappointed.


That is how AC1 should be like

Finka_Karfein | June 8, 2012 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

If you liked the first Assassin's Creed, you are going to be thrilled with this one. Virtually everything was improved in the sequel. Plot is more engaging and interesting, graphics varied, music worth remembering, and the gameplay... Pure awesomeness. There are more types of missions, they are more story-based, there are more ways to assassinate, Ezio can swim, the economy system works great. Only two flaws that I know of. First, the DRM is crap. It does not work and harms honest gamers - my friend completed the game without problems I experienced; and too weak rewards for finding all the feathers and flags. Do not do it, it is not worth your time.


Diamond to be polished by sequels

Finka_Karfein | June 8, 2012 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

The game that started it all. The PC version is improved in comparison to console editions by 4 new types of missions. Nevertheless, the monotony is still going to catch you in a half of the game. Do not try to max the game because it will bore you to death. Unless you like doing the same thing all over again with just another target. My advice? Go through the main plot and you will be very satisfied with what AC has to propose. Graphics are great, animations rule, music is awesome. Only gameplay lacks some final works. Oh, and do not forget: water kills Altair in an instant...


Simple genius

Finka_Karfein | June 5, 2012 | Review of VVVVVV - PC

If you think that video games are too casual even on hard difficulty setting nowadays, try VVVVVV. It is very demanding yet highly playable. The graphics are sweet and retro-like, just like the soundtrack which stays forever with you. Reversing gravity and omitting obstacles could not be more fun than with this game. Drawbacks? Maybe the price outside the sales or bundles and the shortness (just 2-4h depending on the player skills). But hey, there are some custom maps and an editor! It is not a secret that indie games are often far better than those of big companies. But this one is big among the indies. Just buy it and give it a shot.


Play only before the sequel

Finka_Karfein | June 5, 2012 | Review of Two Worlds GOTY - PC

Because it is a worse game than Two Worlds II. It has some nice graphics (though far from being fantasy realistic like Risen and others), great music with soul, magic and folklore in it, interesting characters - especially the protagonist. At last he is a feared mercenary, not a 'zero to hero' one that everybody wants to beat up. The plot... here comes trouble. If you want to speedrun the game - do not bother playing it. The force of this title is in the side-quests. Take your time to get into the world and do not hurry. And mind you, this game has some bugs even if it is a final release.



Finka_Karfein | June 5, 2012 | Review of Max Payne II - PC

Rarely do I stand and clap my hands after finishing a game. The second Max Payne made me do it. It kept the great noir atmosphere of the first MP and still has a great story to tell. Graphics and animations are improved, the comic style is a bit different but one can easily get accustomed to it. Music kicks ears and, what I love, it has its sense of humour despite the grim plot. The world is highly metaphorical and you can expect something according to what you saw on the TV in the game. The only drawback I can think of is still the attack of the clones as in MP1. Apart from that, MP2 is a great differentiated TPP shooter which will not let you be bored.


One of the best shoot'em ups!

Finka_Karfein | June 1, 2012 | Review of Painkiller Black Edition - PC

Black Edition are the two games that started it all. For a reason. They are just great. Yes, they are repetitive but still there are many short differentiated leves (screenshots here are poorly selected) with balanced gameplay. So many monsters, cool weapons mixing various modes of fire, great graphics (well, now a bit outdated) and music. The story is not so great but is more than enough to keep the player going for the outro. There are even plot twists. If you are looking for a game which will let you forget about a day full of hard work, Painkiller is the one you are looking for.


A relief after Resurrection

Finka_Karfein | June 1, 2012 | Review of Painkiller Recurring Evil - PC

The game follows the story of Bill but fortunately it is rather free from bugs. Level design is good and playable but still boring. Developers wanted to make the game longer by keeping the player in the same room with constatly spawning almost the same waves of monsters. I would rather play for 3h but have more fun. There is no new weapons or interesting cards of Black Tarot to make the game appealing to anyone apart from the Paikiller fans. At least, this game is not as painful as the prequel. Sadly, the potential is wasted. The story is presented only with words, no dubbing. And boss battles are a joke - you can stand in cemetery in one place and press 'fire' - he cannot reach you... Enemies are fun but there is too many. I know, the numbers are cool but the gameplay suffers. And one more thing, there is no graphic options. To change the resolution, you have to dive into a text file and alter it. The same goes to brightness, gamma, auto weapon change etc.


Not good even for the fans :(

Finka_Karfein | June 1, 2012 | Review of Painkiller Resurrection - PC

It should not see the light of the sun. It should forever stay in the darkness of hell. The game is so full of bugs and so full of boring long levels (where you do not know where to go) that I cannot recommend Resurrection even for the most devoted fans. I cannot recall when was the last time I played on God mode. This game made me do this. The only good thing about it is the music. Get the soundtrack and leave it. Level design is quite interesting as well but is not playable - your character will get stuck at least 5 times for a level. The same goes for the monsters with very poor AI. The new monsters (especially red gorillas with their shouts) will get on your nerves so much that you will not want to kill them, you will want to kill the game developers. One does not simply destroy the Painkiller series with such a 'game'. You could think that shooting can be fun even with bugs and little gameplay value but not here. Better install Black Edition or Overdose and actually enjoy yourself. Here only torture awaits you. Oh, there is a coop mode but I could not find a person to share the pain with...


Nice apart from the price

Finka_Karfein | May 25, 2012 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever Hail to the Icons Parody Pack - PC

It's a good add-on for the multiplayer game, the 3 new modes are really cool and still the people out there are great to play with. And maps - it's pure humour and good design. New weapons are also a new lease of life Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer mode. However, there are some downsides. Firstly, the price - this DLC is overpriced and you should buy it only during sales. Members of the Duke club got it for free so there's quite a lot people to have fun with this one. And only them because the add-ons are unavailable for those who don't own them and want to join the host. All in all, it's good to have it but for a lower price.


Let's spoil Duke with some realism :/

Finka_Karfein | May 25, 2012 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

The new Duke Nukem Forever is fun, especially because they stuck to the adult (yet childish) humour I remember from Duke Nukem 3D. And there's more of it. Like the remnants from Doom trooper or Isaac from Dead Space. The graphics aren't the best, audio is well done, voice-acting rules, ego meter is a great idea but... why put there a limit of carried weapons? After a patch it's 4 but it still needs... 8 more to go? Fortunately, multiplayer saves the game. There are funny modes like Capture the Babe and great people to spend time with. Overall, it's a must-have for Duke fans and... let's say, worth-have for others.


Try the Trine!

Finka_Karfein | May 25, 2012 | Review of Trine - PC

If you are looking for a unique platform game, Trine is the one to get. Especially it gets fun in coop mode. Advanced physics, nice riddles, quite good plot. Not to mention the fabulous graphics and design of all the levels and the ideal for Trine music from Ari Pulkkinen. The only downsides I can think of are the shortness and lack of online play. But even if the game is short, you will remember it for a long long time. And if it is possible, do not install the latest patch which destroys all the fun included in the Tower of Sarek. Challenge is good.