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Another Great Entry in Paradox's Grand Strategy Game Collection

FireLionX | Nov. 28, 2013 | Review of Europa Universalis IV Digital Extreme Edition POST - PC

If you ever played any other of Paradox's Grand Strategy games, you will most likely enjoy EUIV. The Europa Universalis series is renowned for allowing the player to take control of a country between 11th of November 1444 A,D, to the 2nd of January 1821 A.D. and decide its fate. EUIV combines elements of RTS gaming, where you get to control the speed and pause the game at your whim, with all of the characteristics of 4X strategy games. War, exploration, research, diplomacy and maybe even a little intrigue and economy all play an important role into how your country is going to withstand the test of time as you colonize, murder and diplomatically subdue your opponents to conquer the world. With thousands of events, tens of different countries (the number of which will change depending on your start date and other factors) and millions of possible combinations, EUIV allows player to experience something different every single playthrough. There are, however, issues with EUIV, such as countless bugs and a really buggy multiplayer, despite Paradox's improvements to the engine. Furthermore, prepare for ridiculous amounts of DLC which will continuously add new content and make you regret having to buy food to survive. If you pay a little extra on the side, you get a CK2 to EUIV converter, allowing you to export your favourite kingdom from CK2 to EUIV and continue its legacy. The game is also surprisingly simple to mod and change at whim, giving it an absurd amount of replayability. If you're the kind of person to enjoy long, sometimes very difficult, strategy games, where there is no end goal other than surviving, this game is for you.