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Totally Worth It

FleshSoup | May 31, 2013 | Review of ARMA II Combined Operations - PC

If you plan on buying this bundle for DayZ. Do it. DayZ is the most enjoyable experience I've had on a video game in quite a long time, and you'll always come back for more. But ArmA itself is also an amazing game too, the Cooperative missions you can play with friends are whatnot are incredible and there are tons created by the community that you can download and play by yourself or with friends, so that there is always more to do, and more to experience. The game does have a decently large learning curve though, and it can be hard to actually enjoy the game at first glance, so you have to actually have to put a bit of time into the game as a noob before you can know what you're doing and have a nice time. This is nothing like CoD or Battlefield, it's a whole different shooter.