Reviews by Foolwolf


Not feeling the dice

Foolwolf | Nov. 11, 2014 | Review of Talisman Digital Edition - PC

Talisman is quite true to the tabletop renditions. The flipping of cards, the rolling dice sounds etc - but it doesn't quite make it without losing some of the feeling by trying too much. The game itself is infuriating. You can get soo pissed with it and shake your fists, pull your hair - and have just one more go at that really difficult task. In the end, this is a game made to play with others, on your own it will be dull pretty quick. If you have friends, it may very well be a few fun hours of gaming now and then. Me - I think I will go look for the real table top version instead.


Glitchy buggy fun

Foolwolf | Nov. 11, 2014 | Review of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - PC

Call of Duty is not making a huge change to the FPS genre, but it keeps delivering on tight fast paced action. The game comes with two modes so to speak, single player and multi player. Single player lets us participate in a futuristic fighting all inthe way of COD spririt. Tight action, quick choices, some stupid press this or that button to do this or that in an untimely fashion to pass to the next fun bit, the shooting. This still works pretty well and the setting is OK. What has changed is that it now feels like a rather poor optimized game. The loadtimes are really long, the game is demanding, yet not overly "beautiful", but still delivers an OK action fest on average setting. In the Single player mode you can also kick off the coop action up up to 4 players vs waves of increasingly difficult enemies with rounds where you can stock up on ammunition and upgrades. Pretty fun, but frustrating tough sometimes. The multiplayer part is more difficult to asses since this is the "real" thing with COD for many, and I would say that MP is as fun as your connection is. If it is slow, it is a boggled mess of frustrating lag and misses and poor input and feedback not being synched. If it is OK or good, the action is quick and fast paced. To go a few rounds is easily done and the MP part seems more polished than the single player part in this aspect. Still, if you are new to COD or semi-new - you will be pretty left in the blue what all unlocks are. There are timed lock-ups there are wild cards, elite items etc and you're not really sure what will stay or what will go and if it is actually better or not. Still - visit a wiki and most of this befuddlement will pass. Overall the game isn't pushing any barriers. The new exo skeleton gives a more dynamic to the fighting and tha maps have changed style into higher to adjust for the extra moment. The maps that comes with COD are fairly made and while none may be called a snipers dream, they offer some differentiation. I would say that if the game continues to get patches and fixes, this will be a solid good online shooter for the fun of it since it is easy to get into and play - but with the hiccups and bugs - it needs some more polish to really shine.


Easy to like, fun to play - but a bit buggy buggy and shallow

Foolwolf | Oct. 16, 2014 | Review of Middleearth Shadow of Mordor - PC

Shadows of Mordor is a rather player-friendly little gem. It is easy to pick up the rhythm of fighting, the ease of moving and getting all these extra little moves and feats to make you a bad-ass orc-hunting-ranger in Mordor going. There are is an open world flavour with different types of quests, if you fail you have to restart them. More so opens up when you start to use the orcs inner society and structure for your own benefit. There is a main story going on here. It is rather short and a tad shallow - unfortunately because after you have unlocked abilities, enhanced your weapons and maxed out your character - there is just that nagging thing left - finish the game. Since the game easily becomes repetitive, you start playing for shorter and shorter periods, at least I did since the bugs just started to become the annoyance that broke the pace of the game just a bit too much. You get stuck in walls, no way to get out and you are in the final end of a mission that you have done xx times but this was performed perfectly - now you have to redo it from scratch - yeah - NOT. The game also suffers from plenty bugs that kicks you out to the desktop. Frustrating. There are some good things going for this PC version though: Really good keyboard and mouse control scheme. Played any of the Batman games - you are more or less up to running speed :) The graphics are nice, not the greatest and far from shoddy and it plays well. The HD textures though seems to be a bit of a hoax. All in all, Shadows of Mordor is a fun game. From the link fighting to unlock combos style games - it is one on the easier side, but still fun. It wouldn't have hurt to have some sort of settings to adjust difficulties and also having more realisations that you need to start use the games mechanics to actually beat it. Now I had only one or two bumps with orcs being too difficult for me, but once all my powers were unlocked - not so challenging as frustrating or time consuming. I guess that I give it a 7/10 sort of, with little re-playability, sometimes laughable difficulty, lacking a deeper story and really annoying bugs. Other than that - it is fun to zoom through orcs and feel like a hero.


Wolfenstein, fun to play, scary to imagine

Foolwolf | May 28, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein The New Order POST - PC

First of all, Wolfenstein and reality are not in synch. OK? Good. It takes place in the final hours of WW2, but here the Nazi's are winning - and winning good. They have unlocked new technology and are pressing the allies. A last attempt to kill Deathshead and end the Nazi war goes bonkers and you end up watching time fly by in an asylum. You get up when the Nazi's comes to close the asylum down - and starts killing Nazi's at the same time you realize they won. Everything. The atomic race, the WW2 - world domination. They are everywhere and in control. What happens then is a fast paced or slow paced or most likely a mix of the two game mixing some stealth and take down strategy with intense gun-play in the very best FPS game for a long time for PC. The game handles story, alternatives and oppression while making you the hero of a B-movie at the same time. Not everyone will like that - but you are the the sole reason the resistance really gets somewhere. The game plays well, the FPS mechanics are really nice and responsive. Hit locations and weapon perks and recoil, aim etc are very satisfying, the knife however - is your greatest weapon. Throwing or stabbing - preferably stealthy take downs are 'insta' kills on most enemies except the heaviest armoured ones. The map design is a bit limited being a single player FPS, but have a pleasant mix of stealthy tactics and gun-ho tactics in mind on most levels. Some levels and some super-boss battles are tricky - but you get a lot of help from your map and journal and tactical feedback in some locations from your group of resistance. All in all, I warmly recommend Wolfenstein. It is fun to play, but in the same time it gives a scaring vision on "what if". I don't believe in the robo dogs, mecha-monsters and super-soldiers - but the scary stuff is that people let it happen out of fear and the mindset behind it all. It all comes to vision in this great title. The game have a few faults though - the graphics has texture problems, same as RAGE (it is the same engine and the same problems...) Also I got stuck plenty of times for no apparent reason in some of the later maps and had to restart from a checkpoint. (Checkpoints are fairly well placed and not such an annoyance as in many other games). It gets a high score even though these problems since this game more or less took all gaming time for the last evenings and I had to play it from beginning to end.


Battlefield 4 - it IS a good shooter

Foolwolf | Feb. 20, 2014 | Review of Battlefield 4 post - PC

Say what you want, but even though the release was plagued with problems, there still exists a lot of bugs and optimisation to be done: Battlefield 4 is still a pretty fun game to play. Few shooters make the large Battlefield become so vibrant, so fun and so versatile. At first I found the maps to be too different, not good enough, but when the latest map-pack came with teh old BF3 maps, it put in perspective just how well the maps are made overall. There is always something for everyone. The roles functions well, the kits and out-loads work better in this version. More is cosmetic and only a few things are really “Great” updates to guns and classes that you can’t live without. It takes a few hours of playing before you have unlocked things to make your game-play really enjoyable. When it comes to the game itself, it has been tweaked and though it may not yet be perfect, the game offers plenty of memorable scenarios and fun to be had. Given, the game is at its best when you get on a server with decent people and when you get in a team of players that strive to work together. The new maps, the new ways to play are all OK, it seems that a few maps have become the norm and conquest is the most easily game-play-mode to find a server for, as with BF3. Still, I miss some RUSH servers. :) If you liked BF3, I think that it is safe to say you will like this one. It is similar and looks pretty close, but with enough changes to make you want to get in and unlock more challenges and get some action! Being that the game still is IMHO in need of optimization and bug hunting - the rating is a bit lower then if it had worked great.


Cool idea, fun gameplay, weird story

Foolwolf | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

Well, the game is a decent one, fun to explore and solve puzzles. The problem is the hefty QTE that happens now and then and sometimes they make sense in how to time attacks, or dodging but other time you have to use attack button and action button in wrong order etc. The story being the reboot of a young more vulnerable Lara is ok for the opening, then we should really call Dexter to cleanse the island - everyone is a mass-murderer - including Lara. The gun play is the weakest part of the game. The one with the bow, hunting and upgrading is cool, makes sense but after a short while you get enough perks to run around and play Rambo. The feeling of scraping by to survive gets lost and we more into an episode of survivors with guns... Still, the exploring and some maps are wellmade and while the story and gameplay clashes, it is a nice over all game.