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To me, not the masterpiece everyone thinks but definitely good!

Fooughhy | June 7, 2015 | Review of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition - PC

This is a great game. A good story, which both has comedy, action and the story has the ability to bring out emotions at certain points. The driving is quite well-done, but I would have loved a bit more versatility in the vehicles. There are basically only motorcycles (of a few different power-levels) and cars (of a few more different power-levels). That is basically it. The combat tries very hard to mimic the Batman Arkham series, but I (as opposed to the majority) feels like it is only mediocre, with no gadgets, and a rough parry system. But, the gunplay is, according to me, VERY good. A cover system which works quite well, and a few mechanics which isn't seen too often. It is very unfortunate that the series focuses so heavily on melee combat, since it's gon-combat seems quite good. But, the focus on melee is also one aspect which makes it stand out from other open-city games, i.e GTA. Overall, I think it's the story which is the strong point in this game, even though the setting and melee focus makes it stand out.


Quite frustrating actually...

Fooughhy | Feb. 12, 2015 | Review of They Bleed Pixels (1) - PC

Bear in mind that I've only yplayed 3 levels (+ the prologue) so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I feel like this game tried to be a little bit of Super Meat Boy but also simething else. The problem is that Super Meat Boy had absolutely perfect controlls. Every mistake you made was your own fault. And I definately don't fell like that here. Each time you take damage, you are flung in a direction which you can't controll. The levels which have "slippery floor" are a nightmare because you are simply unable to stand still. And attacking enemies flings you back uncontrollably. The combat is extremely unforgiving, where you need to press the button exactly right, and that timing seems really weird and hard to do acccurately.


An ok game but not more than that

Fooughhy | April 12, 2014 | Review of Afterfall Insanity Steam - PC

This is a game which has taken a lot of influence, in terms of gameplay AND setting from the dead space series which means it has some fierce competition to go up against. Unfortunately this one doesn't really reach the same height of polish as the dead space series (particularly the first one) and it is a bit rough around the edges. There is something a bit off in the controls in my opinion which doesn't help the experience. I'd simply like to say go and play Dead Space if you want this kind of game. Maybe if you think dead space is a bit too scary, this one is your cup of tea.


Quite enjoyable, especially with a friend!

Fooughhy | Feb. 6, 2014 | Review of Red Faction Armageddon - PC

This is a game where I have not payed any attention to the story, since I've basically played 2-3 hours alone, and then I started playing it co-op. This is a game(-series) which takes destructibility to the most extreme ever seen in videogames. Anything except the actual terrain is completely destructible which makes the co-op experience very fun since you can choose to help your friend or mess with them. This makes it hard (for me, atleast) to focus on the narrative which takes place, mostly, while you are able to control the character. So you will end up running around and investigate/destroy the environment instead of listening. But I thought the game was a fun experience overall, and can't really pinpoint any flaws in the game's design. And remember that this is not a review which accounts for the story, since I didn't pay any attention to it. That is why I can't give it a higher rating.


Incredible game, especially for that price!

Fooughhy | Jan. 4, 2014 | Review of Call of Juarez Gunslinger Steam - PC

One of the best narrations of a game I have experienced, and the way the gameplay changes according to that narration is something I have never seen before. The gunplay feels very satisfying here too, which is quite important in a game like this. I would have wanted the talent-tree to either be more meaningful and more diverse or just get rid of it all together. And I do believe it might be a bit too linear but since it's so cheap and they use the "narration changes the scenery" stuff, they kind of make you not think about it being too linear, which is quite cool. The graphics is absolutely stunning if you account for the price (it might not be bf3/4 quality) and overall a really great game.


Even alot of fun without the co-op

Fooughhy | Jan. 4, 2014 | Review of Borderlands - PC

I actually played through the entire game (all DLC's also if I recall correctly) alone. I never went online at all, and I still thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing. There are an incredible amount of comedy in the dialogues and also an incredible amount if easter eggs and hints at other games etc which all enhance the experience if you are a gamer and have played a lot of different games. The story is ok I guess, and might not (will not) completely satisfy you in the end, but it's not the entirety of the story which is so great about this game, it's the way you progress in the story. It's a very lighthearted game, and if you're looking for a grounded and more serious game then this deffinately isn't for you. I would suggest The Last of Us for that ;) I have also played through the game with a friend of mine, and this definately is the way the game is meant to be played as you will laugh alot together and the jokes and such that you might not get, your friend might. Also, there can be some areas around the world where you are forced to use strategies which will use your different abilities if you play as different characters which also will add to the experience. The only downside I see here is that this is a loot-fest game, and grinding is a big part of it. Especially if you play on the harder difficulties, you will most likely need to return to the same areas several times, just to kill and loot to help you do more damage to progress in the story. Even though I played the game alone first and this WAS enjoyable, it is most definately meant for several players and I would recommend you play it like this.


Absolutely love it!

Fooughhy | Jan. 3, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

I have always liked superheroes, I mean who haven't, but I have never read a single page of a comic book or anything like that. I might have seen a couple of batman movies before playing this, but I wasn't invested in the world of Arkham/Gotham at all before this. With that said, I have 100% this game TWICE now (first without GOTY and now with) just so I can hear all the stories and background information you can get from all of the characters in this game. I'm not a man who buys a game for it's story, but having played all the other games in the Arkham series, none of them come close to the intensity in this one. And none of them take place in an asylum, which is a bummer for them since here you can really feel the walls talking to you and telling you all the stories of mad super-villains being locked up in here with their inner voices and what-not. Now, let's talk gameplay since this really is where (almost) all of the arkham games shine the most. The combat system. So refined, so rewarding. I've heard some people call it a simple button-masher system, but then they don't really understand the pleasure. You CAN play it like that, but you absolutely shouldn't, since it's built for you to really try and be versatile with it and really push YOURSELF make the most out of every fight. There might be one downside here though, and that is that there is still so much potential with this world, and all of these different systems. And we all hoped that these "expectations" would be realized with the sequals to this game, but sadly that isn't the case according to me. You might still like them tough, but I would seriously recommend playing this one first and then going City and finally Origins. (You may even start with Origins but I don't know).


A very deep black hole for all your free time...

Fooughhy | Jan. 3, 2014 | Review of The Binding of Isaac - PC

I have put 120+ hours into this game (including the DLC though) which should be some kind of indication as to how much I like it! It's a cheap and incredibly simple game with one of the most incredible incentives to make me keep playing this damn game. It is a roguelike game, as in there is permadeath and you will have to start over from absolute scratch if you do die. That said, it's very easy to just jump back in as it doesn't take too long before you are at the same place you were before you died. But, if you do not like that grindy feel of roguelikes where you basically do the same thing over and over again, just with slightly tweaked variables (meaning monsters, items and room-layouts) then this is not a game for you. But for this price, not even that is an excuse to keep you from getting it. There is a DLC for this game which simply adds more of the same, that's it. It adds rooms, monsters and items and also extends the game a bit, as in it takes a longer time, in a single playthrough, to complete the game.