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The Beginning of a whole new Relationship.

Forestoz | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

Assassin's Creed, There aren't a lot of words that can easily describe the feeling you get when you play Assassin's Creed for the first time. I remember picking it up on it's day of release, and was hooked from the start. How it immerses you with it's customs, traditions and surrounds you with this history that makes the whole experience feel whole. Nothing was like it, nothing so intuitive and giving. Each little part of the game makes you hungry for more, until the big climax, and you feel everything come to end. If you're interested in collectibles, you won't be disappointed after you finish. With a fair amount to look for post-game (Templars and Flags) you'll be happy and left satisfied. But be warned that after all of that, it is almost compulsory for you to move onto Assassin's Creed II.