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First simulator game, good game !

ForeverYDK | Aug. 2, 2014 | Review of Tropico 5 - PC

Tropico 5 is my first city simulator game. I have seen several like sim city and others, but never played others. Tropico is the first i played and bought because of the setting (tropical island, humor in the game, grafics). I think if you never played a game like this before you will certainly like it. The ingame music is a bit repetitive but creates a nice caribbean vide. The frame rate does drop a bit when you are later in the game and got a bigger island, but it isn't comming in the way of your gameplay. Last but not least even though it seems in the future you have to pay for add-ons and new buildings, you got a ton of possibilities already and the different era system makes it fun to replay the game. For now I have played the tutorial and it's a good way to learn the game, it doesn't take too long and will get you trough the basics. The campaign gives you the opportunity to explore the different ways you can govern your island. So overall the game is quite nice (i haven't played multiplayer yet not sure if i will in the future). And the game is a nice start to simulator games if you haven't played them yet.