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Great story but riddled with annoying design decisions.

FreakofEat | Jan. 2, 2013 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

I recommend this game to any other gamers looking for a good story but beware of the huge issues with the gameplay. To start, if you're looking for a graphically intensive game to test your new rig, this is definitely the game. The game has heavy use of Shaders and Post Processing effects along with DirectX 11 features such as Tessellation. This game gave my GPU quite the stress when running it. The downside of this is that the game may be unplayable at regular resolutions for many users (including me for quite some time). There are 4 graphical presets (no customization surprisingly) and I found there to be a huge fps gain when switching to medium from high. The game looks far worse on this setting and it might negatively impact the overall immersion of the game. The storyline is great. I found the atmosphere to be bleak and hopeless which made the journey all the more intense. The downside of this really nice storyline is the heavy scripting of all the events. This game is a VERY linear experience. I personally found that nice but I can see many people would hate this. Lastly, the gameplay is what made this game annoying to me at times. The worst problem to me is the gun-play. The game in it's roots is an FPS but I found the several shooting segments of the game to be the worst. The guns feel light to shoot and there's barely any feedback that you've hit an enemy. At the lower difficulties the enemies are practically bullet-sponges. This issue is solved when playing on Ranger Easy or Hardcore but then you'll see the issues with stealth implementation in the game. The enemy's line of sight is difficult to predict and getting caught is practically an instant death with no chance of pulling through. There are more minor problems I encountered but are likely just unlucky. There is also a VERY annoying portion of the game near the end. You'll know when you get there. The only advice I have is to not shy away from using military grade ammunition at that point. However, in the end I got a great experience out of this game. Personally I don't mind going through the worst of gameplay to get to a good story but if you have no patience for it, you might want to avoid it. It's a REALLY great game apart from this though.