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Cold space and icy planet

FreeMan85 | May 11, 2014 | Review of Dead Space 3 Origin - PC

The third installments of the sci-fi horror franchise gives the fans a few new and cool features, but some way also removes more horror elements too. The game this time sets on an icy planet, but fortunately almost he game one-third sets in the space, gives the same feeling like previous Dead Space games. The game also gives optional missions, which are not crucial by the main story, but gives additional background stories and resources, weapon parts too. And there's 3 special missions which can be completed only with a co-op partner and gives you an in-depth background for John Carver's past. The fun is, it's gives a totally different experience if you play as Isaac or you play as Carver! Just like the whole game, you can play solo as Isaac, you can play co-op as Isaac or you can play co-op as Carver. And one... or two changes: you must collect resources and not money or sellable valuable and you can upgrade and mode your weapons or you can build one from scratch. The game also bring new game modes and not just difficulty! In the standard game mode you can choose between 4 difficulty, after finishing the game once you play the usual New Game+ or pick the Survivor mode where you will only find resources to make weapons, ammo, medkits and upgrades! Choose Classic mode for the original Dead Space feeling, no special upgrades or attachments for your weapons, only the classic ones and you must find the blueprints plus no co-op mode at all. And there is a Hardcore mode again, which this time more absurd then ever. You can save any time and quit the game, but if you die you must restart the game from the beginning! The graphics even with the old Visceral Engine looks brilliant! Cut scenes are motion captured and you will feel it, every scene is perfectly directed in anyway. The details are great, but can't compared a new and modern engine, but you can run the game with a decent PC. The sound is top-notch! I think is the best in the series, especially with a good 5.1 sound system! Every sound is perfectly edited and mixed. Dead Space 3 is still Dead Space, but with changes and new features, which gives the feeling: this time it's not that scary like it was the first time. Still the new features gives a long replayability factor, just like the achievements and collectibles in the game.


Outstanding execution, but a bit short

FreeMan85 | Nov. 12, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1 - PC

Burial at the Sea DLC contains everything what most fans want: return to Rapture - again - , see the city it's golden age, done this with stunning graphics and the mix of Infinite new gameplay. The story contains too much spoiler and twist, so I don't mention much, but you will get answers what Elizabeth and Booker doing in Rapture that time. The story twist at the ending keep you stunned hours, I played all BioShock game, but I don't expect this! The gameplay make a mix of BioShock and BioShock: infinite. You will wield vigors plus a new one Old Man Winter and weapons from Infinite plus a new one Radar Range. What's new a game wheel, if you press and hold Q or E you can choose your prefered weapon/vigor. You can carry 5 weapon this time. What reminds more to the first game is the scary atmosphere when you encounter the Splicer. You will have limited weapons, ammo and cash. You must plan your attack well. The sound is great, you can hear all the familiar sounds from the first game and new ones from Infinite, making a great mix. The music is the same: Garry Schyman mixed both game tunes to create a new atmosphere. Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper gives an excellent performance, Courtnee even gives better then the main game. The DLC only setback maybe it's length, for me at least take more then 3 hours on hard to beat it. But still missed 5 achievements, which means a few missed audio log too. If you own the Season Pass there's no reason to miss this DLC. If you don't I recommend get it, since it will much cheaper then buying the episodes invidually Hardcocre Rapture fans will love this DLC.


The space horror just get colder

FreeMan85 | Oct. 20, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3 POST - PC

The third chapter of the epic sci-fi horror is here, this time is set on an icy planet Tau Volantis and for the first time you can play with your friends against the Necromorph and Unitology nightmare! Many people says they killed the core of Dead Space, I think Visceral just changed a few things. Some get better, some weird. The game feels bigger and more epic, the main campaign much longer and we got optional missions. Which can be done or not, it doesn't effect the main line, but gives a few fragment to the big picture. Plus you can stash new pieces for your arsenal. The new bench function is a real asset to the game. You can build various type of weapons or simply mod the existing ones. Fire, electricity, acid, blades, saw blade, you name it. And you need it, because these Necros a bit tougher, faster and more dangerous then ever. You can search for loots, use the small bot to collect resources. Just to be straight about the DLC thing: you don't need to buy ANY DLC, if you don't want. You can buy resource pack with in-game credits called ration seals. That "credit" collected by your bot and you can buy multiple packs for free in a single playthrough. The other DLCs are bot upgrades or personality pack or new weapons-armors. The gameplay is changed a bit too, Isaac and Carver now can do barrel roll and climb up and down in ladder - like in Mass Effect 3. You can't earn or find credits, only resource and you can make or upgrade weapons via parts or blueprint. It's much more complex now, just like the mini-games and puzzles in-game. And here you will feel this game is setup to co-op, however you can still manage to finish it alone, just it's more challenging. Playing with another player it's much more fun. Plus it also gives new cut-scenes and lines. Feels different when you play alone, you play co-op as Isaac, you play co-op as Carver. There's 3 special mission which only be can done co-op! That missions only reveals Carver pasts and character, you miss nothing, if you play alone. The graphics looks stunning, even if it's run the same PC config as the first game back in 2008. Not use DirectX 11 or PhysX, but still looks great. The facial expression and cut-scenes are top notch again, just like the voice-acting. The sounds and music are masterpiece. Strong, loud and scary. Gives a bit older feeling then previous games, since the space stations and technology are older this time. And the game has 4 game modes. You can play the normal game mode co-op or alone and changing 4 difficulty from Easy to Impossible. There's a NewGame+ for it. There's Classic Mode which can only played alone and no fancy weapon upgrades, it's similar to previous Dead Space gameplay. We got a Pure Survival mode, where you will not find any medkit or ammo, just resource! And finally the Harcore mode, where you can do anything, save, find medkit and ammo, but if you die game over, you must start the game from the beginning, What's the problem with Dead Space 3? Well, it's different not that scary, you can play with your friend and the weapons use the same ammo. But the game much longer then previous ones, has a great weapon benching feature and the various game modes gives a great replayability. If you own the previous games or like sci-fi games you can't miss Dead Space 3.


Extremely entertaining

FreeMan85 | Sept. 30, 2013 | Review of Super Sanctum TD - PC

Super Sanctum is a retro like 2D classic tower defense game, based on the popular 3D brothers. The gamemahcanic is the same like in original Sanctum: you must protect the core from invading aliens, by building various type of turrets. What differs is the game is 2D, there's no Skye, you can level up and unlock more turrets and different type of abilities. Which can be used against waves, like freeze a small group, drop rocket rain to the map and similar. All of this abilities has a cooldown time, so use them wisely. What differs is you can build mazes only between waves, but you can droop new turrets anytime, if you have credits. Killed enemies sometimes drops cash boxes, pick them up fast because they disappear. Super Sanctum is the proof a well designed gameplay sometimes beats superior graphics and design. Of course the normal Sanctum is a good game, but if you like that you must get Super Sanctum, has many achievements, challenges, unlocks, level ups.



FreeMan85 | Sept. 27, 2013 | Review of Star Trek EU (1) - PC

I waited a long time for a decent Star Trek game, sadly the last few years game was very weak. But Star Trek The Game was a pleasant surprise! I don't know why the bad reviews and angry fans, this game not that bad. It's better then ACM for sure. Let's see why. We got the whole cast of the new movies, not just Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. We got a nice score from Michael Giacchino. We got nice graphics and models from the characters we know, great sound effects. We can use the phaser stun mode, I can count on my hand how many Trek games allow this. We can use the tricorder for multiple puzzles, doors, consoles or just for scans. We not just *can* use the tricorder, we *must*. We can play as Kirk or Spock, playing as another character slightly differs from each other in style and certain lines and scenes in the game. But yes, the game has some bug. However I'm not encounter any serious bug, I say Crysis has more. The partner AI sometimes stuck or not helping well, but this not happens often. I can tell much about the co-op, since I only played offline. The game using Digital Extremes's ow engine the Evolution Engine - Warframe use the same engine - which looks stunning, but also runs very smooth. We feel the movie vivid colors and it's blinding lens flares. Everything looks pretty and clear, like in the movies. The characters are well designed and lifelike. We can visit the Enterprise seen or not yet seen locations too. All are detailed in every aspect. The sound is great, especially with a 5.1 system the score and effects has a perfect bound and mix. If you a Star Trek fan this game is a must have! It's almost good as the old Elite Force games. Has many achievements, collectibles and upgrades to playthrough multiple times.


Better then the main game!

FreeMan85 | Sept. 27, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines Stasis Interrupted - PC

Stasis Interrupted is the final Season Pass DLC and it's expand the single player. Set before ACM and after the events of Aliens we learn Hicks story through 3 different characters. I have to spoil: we can't play as Hicks in the game, but we can company him. The DLC also support up to 4 player co-op! But doesn't support unlocks and DLC weapons, and in the first chapter till half-way we don't have any weapons! On later mission we slowly unlock new ones. The AI feels better than the campaign. The Aliens use more the ducts and ceilings, you really need to be sharp. Especially on the first mission. It's almost like AVP2. The graphics and map design feels much better then the core game. Still not like in the demo, but looks much better in every aspect. We can see new location at familiar or known locations. Micheal Biehn and Lance Henriksen return to their roles and the other voice-acting is good too. The music get better too, gives more tension. The story is good and interesting, try to fix that gap between Aliens and Alien 3 - and ACM. It's succeed in certain aspect, but also gives a few new hole. If you own ACM you must get this DLC, even if you not interested in the Season Pass or MP. I say it's better then the main game in every aspect!


Youready to rock with this collection

FreeMan85 | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Collection - PC

The title maybe a bit misleading, since this pack only contains the 2010 AVP and it's 2 dLC pack, which each one contains 4 maps. These DLCs can be buy on Steam separately, but if you don't own the main game it's a very good bundle deal. Anyway the Collection contains: Aliens vs Predator: Rebellion, the makers of the 1999 AVP game are made the third game in the franchise. The story sets to BG-386 where an ancient pyramid holds some old nightmare, but the Weyland-Yutani want this, again and they unleash hell - again! The game contains 3 campaign: Marine, Alien and Predator. Each has own story, weapons, missions. Compare to previous games only set back is the lack of weapons and gadgets in the game. For Marine only wiled 2 weapons at the time and a pistol. The Predator collects his weapons through maps, plasma canister, space frizbie, spear. Of course we got the wrist blades and the 3 vision to see any enemy lurking where ever. The Alien the most simply like always, we can walk anywhere, see clearly anytime no matter how dark is and slaughter or harvest the colonists by grabbing them. The graphics looks awesome, even without DX11 features. AVP3 is still the best looking AVP/aliens game. Both the dark corridors of Freya's mining facility or the outskirts jungle feels spooky and dark, even at daylight. The flares light looks amazing, you can even scared by your own shadow. The sounds are also great, especially the music which more like an environmental sounds which contains bizarre screaming, jungle voices, shuttle leaving and other mixed effects, makes a perfect score for an AVP game! Just like the Predator, Alien and other used sounds are great. The voice-acting is pretty good, of course the game is got Lance Henriksen for Karl Bishop Weyland both voice and look! The multiplayer is still alive, if you interested. 2-6 servers always has players and even full ones too. TDM, DM, mixed species TDM, Infestation, Predator Hunt. Sadly mostly peoples plays TDM only. The maps are good, but feels each of it has a favor for one species at the time. If you loved AVP movie you will really enjoy the Pyramid map. You can also play Survivor mode, which means you alone or up to 4 players you must survive endless waves of Aliens. Sadly the vanilla game contains only 2 maps. Aliens vs Predator - Swarm Map Pack: this DLC was included to the game's Collector's Edition and later released for everyone. Contains only 4 maps! 2 for every game modes and 2 for Survivor mode only. This is the better part, since you can play them alone or a friend anytime. DLC at TDM or any other game is a rarity. Sadly they looks amazing and feels better then the original ones. Survivor Hive map set in the middle of the Alien hive, watch for facehuggers! Machine sets to the mining facility generator room a dark and scary place, ideal for sudden death, if you not watch your back. Aliens vs Predator - Bughunt Map Pack: this map pack also contains 4 maps only, 2 for every game modes and 2 for Survivor only. Tempest is set to the colonist living quarters expect this time it's dark and rains! Random storms make your fights impossible. Feels like Lv-426. Monument map is set to a Predator monument, many sculptures both Predators and Aliens with a beautiful night sky! If you didn't own anything from the 2010 AVP this collection is a perfect choice! Contains every content for the game, sadly the map packs limits you to lonely play or with a friend, but still worth this pack then the standalone game.


Blast of an expansion pack

FreeMan85 | Aug. 1, 2013 | Review of DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil - PC

Resurrection of Evil sets you back to Mars where the UAC experiment goes to Hell... again! Developed by Nerve Software Resurrection of Evil get even better, then it's predecessor. New weapons, new monsters and a new "weapon" a Gravity Gun like tool. You can pick up items, explosives or simply throw back the fireballs to the Imp. Spice up the gameplay of Doom3. The story sets 2 years after the incident, the UAC found a new artifact and a new ancient Martian ruin. Of course again they unleash the force of Hell and we must set things to right. Aid by an ancient and powerful artifact we can slow down time and compare to Doom3 Soul Cube we wield this thing from the beginning. Don't worry, it's much harder then Doom3, the enemies will brutalize you. The visuals are OK, a bit enhanced compare to Doom3. The SFXs are the same. Well, mostly the game use the same things since it's an expansion. Still fells better, more challenging, more intriguing, maybe a bit more scarier. Resurrection of Evil is a great expansion pack for Doom3, if you liked Doom3 you can't miss this one! Also recommended for Jennifer Hale fans, since she perform the voice of Dr. Elizabeth McNeill.


A classic

FreeMan85 | Aug. 1, 2013 | Review of Doom 3 Bethesda - PC

Doom3 is a classic sci-fi horror shooter, it was a miracle back in 2004 by it state of the art visuals. The game also called one of the scariest game ver, however I doubt that still standing. The story is a bit cliche, a madman professor goes out of control by his experiment on Mars. The UAC send two "agent" to check his progress and here we came us, a namless and mute soldier. Our first day goes to hell, sinc ethe secret experiment goes to... hell. By all means! We must fight through zombies, armed zombies, Imps and man yother alien monsters and of course the iconic monster from the covers , the Hellknight. We can use our bare hands, the flashlight which a weapon and and one of the most awesome flashlight in the gaming history, pisolt, shotgun, mahcine gun.... you name it! And of course the chainsaw! Dark corridors, scary sounds and constant fear. A real old school shooter. The game graphics still looks good, even, if it's glory faded a bit. You can use many mods to enhance the game or just play as it. Like I do and still looks great. The lighting, the shadows, the facial expressions are still awesome! The sound is even better. Voice-acting is decent, but OK. The real blockbuster is the SFXs. The weapons, the environment, the monsters are all detailed and brilliantly mastered tones. If you like old school like shooter or sci-fi horror games, or simply you know the franchise from it's beginning you can't miss Doom3! I've found many games more scary then, Doom3, but still you can't skip this classic title.


A mixed quality season pass for ACM

FreeMan85 | July 27, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines Season Pass - PC

The Season Pass offers you 4 DLC: 1 SP, 2 MP map packs and one new co-op/SP mode. It's much cheaper, if you buy the Season Pass, rather then picking up 1-2 DLCs you want. Especially, if you pick up at sales. The Season Pass contains: Bug Hunt: co-op survivor type of game mode with 3 new maps. You can play alone or up to 4 players to survive the waves of Aliens and WY PMCs. Earn credits by killing enemies and spend to weapons, equipment, turrets to survive the 30 waves of enemies. Can be played alone, offline too. Reconnaissance Pack: gives you 4 new MP maps, new Alien fatalities and skins. 3 maps can be played TDM or Extermination modes, the new maps are big and well designed. Off the Grid is the 1 new Survival map. Movie Map pack: gives you 4 brand new maps, 3 of them is them is from the classics movies! Form Alien we got 'Nostromo' a tight and well detailed and designed Survivor map. Can you find Kane? From Aliens we got 'Processor', dark and scary corridors, ready to explode core. Sadly it lacks of facehuggers or cocooned colonists. And From Alien 3 we got Fury 161, sets on the dark and humid tunnels of Furiana. Finally we got 'Exodus' escape mode which a redone map from the campaign, it's set on Sulaco. You must escape from the cryo chamber to the escape pods through the familiar corridors of the classic ship. Stasis Interrupted: this SP DLC is a prequel for ACM and tells the story of Hicks and what happened him and the Sulaco after Aliens. 4 chapter and 3 character to be play you can learn a few secret and get some answers. Micheal Biehn and Lance Henriksen is reprise their classic characters. The Season Pass contains 2 interesting and 2 less interesting DLC, most fans must be interested the Bug Hunt mode and the "long waited" campaign DLC, but with the Pass you can have all of the maps too. It's worth it, but wait for a sale. You get more content then you picking up 1-2 DLCs at a time.


For collectors only

FreeMan85 | July 27, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines Collectors Edition Pack - PC

Collector's Edition DLC was originally only available those who bought the retail CE version of the game. It's contains a SP training map, a weapon and a tactical weapon. The Firing Range SP map is a simple training map, where you can try all weapons in a shooting range against cardboard enemies and bullseyes. There 4 different type of challenges to complete. You can't play to other players or add any extra content to the game. The Plasma Pulse Rifle is a new weapon to your arsenal which like other DLC weapons can't be modded. The weapon feel like a sniper, it has a scope, slow fire rate and deadly accuracy. Use only for far targets, since the fire rate is very slow and ammo is limited. The weapons can be used SP, MP and Bug Hunt modes. The Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers are an electrical stun grenade. Can't kill an enemy, but can stun for 3-5 sec for easy kill or give you room to escape, if you surrounded with multiple enemies. But beware, it can paralyze friendlies equipment and yours too. The weapons can be used SP, MP and Bug Hunt modes. The DLC has a small content for it's price compare to LE DLC, but if you a hardcore fan and missed the retail CE version you can pick up it for the extra weapons.


A great map pack!

FreeMan85 | June 17, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines Movie Map Pack - PC

The newest DLC for Aliens: Colonial Marines is a maps only DLC. Contains for 4 maps which inspired by Alien, Aliens and Alien 3 movies. The fourth map sets on Sulaco which more like a game inspired map, then a movie inspired. Anyway, the new maps are good and huge. Nostromo map is a Survivor mode only map. We can see the major places of the ship like the main hall, the dark corridors where Ripley runs from the Alien, the dark and spooky cargohold. Also it has many vents for Alien layers, so you must stay frosty and weld the doors! Processor map is from Aliens and sets inside the atmosphere processor. It's very dark and big map, Alien players again feel the advance of this map. Sadly, you can only see the APC and a few familiar corridor, but no Queens lair or cocooned soldier/colonists. Fury 161 mostly mix the many elements of Alien 3, feels hot and dark. Even the color scheme is different then the game used colors, more red or rusty feeling. Has multiple levels, tight corridors and dark places for Alien ambushes. The only flaw in this map is the Alien nest, we never saw anything like that in the movie. Both maps Processor and Fury 161 can be played in Team Deathmatch and Extermination game modes. The final map is an Espace map, sets on Sulaco. You must escape through the classic ship corridors, engine room and tubes. Even, if the map mostly remap from the game it feels unique and cool. This map pack is a bit better then Reconnaissance Pack, especially for the movie fans. And if you have enough friends from Steam groups and forums you will no problem to play these maps. My favorite is the Nostromo map, has a lot of fun! If you own the Season Pass you will get his DLC anyway, enjoy it, maybe the second best DLC after Bug Hunt. If you consider to buy this DLC alone, well go for it! Just make sure you gather enough friends who owns and plays these maps.


A pure art

FreeMan85 | June 16, 2013 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

Since I was saw the first debut trailer about this game I know it will be my favorite. And I don't dissapointed! The game exactly what I was expected. Remember Me is a third person Tomb Raider-Mirror's Edge like action-adventure game, set in the future 2084 Neo-Paris. An utopian dream city, for the rich and wealthy people who enjoy the corparation Memorize complete power of their every single memory via the Sensen Engine. And this is where our heroine jumps in, Nilin the best memory hunter - who not just stole, but even able to remix other peoples memories - memory is deleted in La Bastille. A myterious group, called themselves Errorist and it's leader, Edge help her escape and fight the mega corporation. The game looks stunning, Neo-Paris better parts are gorgeus! Every little part is an art, the whole game is a pure art and heart. Briliant colors and architect, captivating atmosphere. Unreal3 done the job again, also the game very well optimized. The voice-acting is pretty good, every character has a great voice and performance. The music is another masterpiece by Olivier Deriviere. The music mostly reminds me to TRON: Legacy music style, a bit classical and a bit electronic remix style. It's light and beautiful, but it's heavy and intense when needs. The gameplay is fun, maybe not so new or revolutionary. The Combo-Lab let you to manage your and configure your combos, the simplest one is a 3 hit combo, the most complex is a 8 hit combo. Based on punch and kick and there's 4 type of hit type. One increase the damage, one increase the S-Pressens cooldown type by every hit, one double the power the previous hit and one simply gives you health. With this 4 type of kick and punch which will you unlock more you can made your own combos. And you will need them, every enemy has it's own weakness and you must use different combos to take them down - combos can be changed anytime, everywehere! And there is 5 S-Pressen, special attacks for special enemies, but I don't want to spoil everything. And finally we got the memory remix! The best part of the game, you can wath a certain memory the person who you like to remix. Like a video, after that you can rewind-forward it and search for glitches, which you can change. That way you can change a person, make it to an ally or change the world. Yeah, just like the game tagline. Remember Me is a very unique and beautiful game in every aspect, really feels the french development. If you like sci-fis, Philip K. Dick like games, fight games you can't miss this game. It's really something you will remember.


"Let's rooock!"

FreeMan85 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines probably not the best of the year, not even the best FPS, but I refuse to say it's a bad game. It has flaws, but it has potential. The campaign is an OK, gives a few answers for plot holes between Aliens and Alien 3, but also gives new ones. It's good to be back on LV-426 and Sulaco. See familiar faces like Bishop and Hicks, both played by their original actor Lance Henriksen and Michael Biehn. The game graphics after 2-3 patches looks very good now, it will not beat BioShock: Infinite, but looks good and doesn't require a high-end PC. I can run maxed out with a 1 GB GT 440! The campaign can be played alone or up to 4 players. I recommend alone for the first time, after that play with friends it has lots of fun! Sadly the game not very well based to co-op, the cut-scenes are always showed from the main character Winter perspective. You can't choose your Marine gender or looks and they doesn't have any comment or role in the game. They just Marines and they are there. Plus, if you lost the host player you will simply transported to his locations pulling through everything. The multiplayer modes are much better and that's where the game shines. Team Deathmatch are fun, has only a few maps, but still enough. Sadly there's no way zo set the game time which is 5 minutes. There's always to match, so you will be forced to play once in the Marines team and once in the Aliens team. Which is good. Escape mode is like 'run for your life mode' can be played 4vs4 teams the Marines must run through the map, open doors, reset breakers, etc. to reach the extraction point. The Alien team must stop them at any cost. A real adrenaline rush. Survivor mode is quite the opposite fixed location with various unlocks the mission. Like close door, open door, weld door, activate shelter. You must survive the Alien attacks and the Alien team must kill all Marine. The last game mode is the simplest and the least popular. In Extermination you must control certain point, these are some kind of explosive which kills/destroy Alien eggs. It's like control points game mode, just this one kills Alien eggs. The Alien team must stop the Marines to destroy their eggs. If you a hardcore Aliens fan you will or you already bought this game. I just say buy it, if you stuck with groups and friends on Steam the game gives you many hours of fun, but the campaign is good fun to even alone on Ultimate Badass difficulty. And don't forget: we don't left behind Marines!


A decent DLC for ACM

FreeMan85 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines Reconnaissance Pack DLC - PC

Reconnaissance Pack is not the best DLC for ACM. It has only 4 new maps, which are almost impossible to play. Expect, if you have enough friends or you joined a specific group to launch DLCs maps. The new maps are good and huge, fun if you jump in a full house match with 12 players! The new Aliens customizations are looks nice, but the fatalities are better. Looks more horrifying. Grief is a good, multi level map, set on LV-426 rocks with many buildings, rooms, corridors, caves. The game can be played both Team Deathmatch and Extermination modes. Shipwreck is set on a ship, also a multi level map with many corridors, most of them wide some of them are very tight. Autopsy is the best map it's really huge, has many levels, corridors, rooms. You can lost in it. The level art design also pretty good, looks and feels like the movie. Off the grid map... well, that one I can't played even once. Since Extermination mode is the favorite between players plus it's a DLC map. If you have the Season Pass Reconnaissance Pack isn't a bad DLC, but if you like to buy separatly don't do it, only on sales.


Best DLC for the game!

FreeMan85 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines Bug Hunt - PC

It's a sad thing Gearbox cut out/left out the Bug Hunt from the game. This game mode would saved the game or at least doesn't has a bad reputation like it does now. Bug Hunt simply a survivor mode with extra features. You must survive no less than 30 waves of Aliens and WY mercs. You can play up to 4 players co-op, or alone. You got credits for kills and you can use it for buy ammo, health, armor or unlock new areas off the map. Or you can use for suppressors to downgrade enemy threat percent. If you die you 1000 credits to buy you back, or you can wait till the wave ends. You can use any weapon or character in the game mode, but be careful you can choose loadout only once! So choose wisely. You can unlock and use auto-turrets too. You can repair and reload anytime, if you had enough credits for it. You can also unlock smartguns too. But watch for the ammo, there's no resupply. Bug Hunt has 3 maps Broadside, Mercenary and Tribue. Broadside sets on a ship, maybe on Sulaco. You see the space from the windows and you can navigate through various locations of the ship, many corridors and open spaces. But watch it, not always a good idea open every doors. Mercernary is sets on LV-426 some kind of Weyland-Yutani facility, has many small safe rooms, open spaces, many doors and shatters. Use your money wisely. The last one is the best, Tribute. It's the main buildings of Hadley's Hope and everything looks like in the movie. Before the atmosphere processor exploded. Has many open spaces, such many buildings with rooms and corridors. Watch your back! With 4 players this map is better then the whole game or the campaign! And finally this game mode also good for collecting achievements or challenges! Most of them work in Bug Hunt mode and also give you XP.


"we got knives, sharp sticks..."

FreeMan85 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines Sharp Sticks - PC

The SHARP sticks was a Steam/digital shop pre-order only weapon and also referenced by Hudson in Aliens. Now you can get it - and use it for Hudson. The weapons shoot small exploding sticks, which automatically explode after 3-5 sec, if it's hit a target they explode immediately. It's a good weapon for far enemies or crowd control. The weapons can be use at any game mode, but you can't upgrade it. Good weapon for campaign, it's changes the gameplay a bit, if you like hazardous weapons. If you hit something at close, like your teammates it will explode and kill you. Many fans call this weapon the "suicide weapon", aim carefully!


I like to keep things handy

FreeMan85 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines Sawedoff Double Barrel Shotgun - PC

The Sawed-off Double Barrelled Shotgun was also a pre-order exclusive and certain retailers, so if you missed that it's the time to pick it up. The weapons can be used at any game mode, but can't be upgraded. It doesn't have secondary fire mode or anything specific use. At very close range it kills almost everything, just needs a very precise aiming. Downside of the weapons is the lack of clip and ammo capacity, especially in MP matches. Otherwise it's a good weapon, if you like classics.


A must have for fans

FreeMan85 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines Limited Edition Pack - PC

If bought the game at digitally you may miss the retail Limited Edition content. Which has Ripley's special weapons a duct-taped Pulse Rifle-Flamethrower combo. The weapon can be used at any game mode single or multi, no restrictions. Has a 95 magazine and rocket launcher. The four movie characters Hicks, Hudson, Apone and Drake can only use in MP modes. All character has his own and unique taunts at every situation, or you can simply taunt by pressing U. Sadly only Hicks has his original voice by Micheal Biehn. The additional customization content... well, that got me. I don't know what they are specifically. Maybe unlocks or more content.


A mindless Indie shooter

FreeMan85 | May 2, 2013 | Review of Foreign Legion Buckets of Blood - PC

Foreign Legion is a mindless arcade shooter. The design feels a bit like a LEGO game, but more violent and bloodier. The gameplay is simple: defend a given objective in a given time from waves of enemies. Feels like a survivor mode. You can buy new weapon with the credits you earning the game. You can also customize your looks with a few gadget, nothing major. Between weaves you have a chance to call an air support to aid you in the game. Oh, and you can shoot chickens for extra points. Yes, chickens. Every map has a few, there"s even a special "chicken map". The game is a bit insane, funny and violent. But in the right way. The graphics is OK, nothing fancy so makes sure it will run a wide range of PCs. The sounds is OK, good weapon sounds and minimal voice-acting. The music is really good, changes in-game and gives the tension to the game. The game has Steam achievements, which gives more challenge and re playability. If you like Indie games or mindless shooters pick-up Foreign Legion. It's a good fun for a few hours.


Be the law for a day

FreeMan85 | May 1, 2013 | Review of Judge Dredd Dredd Versus Death - PC

Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death is directly made from 2000 AD popular and long running comic book series. The graphic style and the characters are more closer to they comic book one, then the movies will ever have. I finished Judge Dredd more then most of my favorite games, if you fan of Dredd you must feel the same way. The game only negative is it's length. Can be beaten around 5-6 hours and sadly the multiplayer and co-op are long dead. But there's action mode, which more like a challenge room/survivor type of maps. The game sets in Mega City One at the third decade of the 22nd century, you play Judge Dredd the most toughest and stone cold judge. You will face punks, gangs, cultist, vampires, zombies, mad scientist and of course the Dark Judges. You also meet friendly faces, like Chief Judge Hershey and Cassandra Anderson from the PSI Division. In co-op mode your partner will be Rico. The gameplay is simple, you must arrest perps and uphold the law. That means you can't go rogue and kill innocents, if you do other judges come to hunt you down. You can use the classic Lawgiver pistol and all of it's ammo type. You can use alternate weapons taken from enemies and specific judge weapons a shotgun and a machine gun, which can be transformed to a sniper with a single mouse click. And you can throw some smoke grenade to neutralize enemies. You can even challenge them by taunting the enemies. That's the funniest thing, if you sneak behind a perp and challenge him you can spook him enough he will drop his weapon and surrender. When you arrest someone you will see the perp ID, guilt and sentence. The game graphics and it's style totally reflects the comic book. So it's dark, satirical and bloody, very bloody. Certain environment design could used a bit more polished, but it fits to Judge Dredd world perfectly. The voice-acting is quite good, especially Dredd voice. Sounds the music are good. If you're a fan of Judge Dredd you can't miss this game! If yo usaw the Sylvester Stallone movie or the new one you must buy this game.


Best in the series

FreeMan85 | May 1, 2013 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 - PC

AVP Classic 2000 is the updated version of the original AVP and AVP Gold games, containing all of it's content and has a few new maps too. And most importantly, it's updated to run today systems and OSs. The game also has a fully functional multiplayer, it's peer-to-peer, but works. Comparing to other AVP/Aliens games, this one which is truly scary. Doesn't matter you play as Marines, Alien or Predator you will be hunted by the other species. And all the time, as a Marine the motion-tracker will drive you crazy! And you never safe, you can never clear an area! You must keep moving and running, if you wanna survive. The game doesn't had a plot or story, it's mostly concentrate to suspense and action. Wide arrange of weapons, dark and tight corridors, dark atmosphere. Multiple type of Aliens, like the Preatorian or the PredAlien will you face, battle android and Alien Queen, Colonial Mrines and of course the Facehuggers! But in this, if it's catch it's game over, man! The multiplayer is still working, if you lucky to find a match. You can play DM, TDM or Survivor. Survivor is a horde mode, infinite number of various Aliens will attack you, you can choose your load out and species Marine or Predator and fight alongside against the waves of Alie hordes. This mode can be played alone. If you looking a truly scary Alien games, pick up this. The graphics been outdated, but the atmosphere is the best. And it's a still for that price.



FreeMan85 | March 4, 2013 | Review of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (1) - PC

There's anyone here who spend his/her teens at the '90s and don't play Mortal Kombat? I guess not. Mortal Kombat was a cult classic the '90s and a real nightmare for the parents. MK is maybe still the most violent video games ever made. Of course you can turn off the blood, but fatalities still gory. The new Arkade Collection is contains the first 3 games. 1992 Mortal Kombat, 1993 Mortal Kombat II and 1995 Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate. Yeah, no Mortal Kombat 3, which in my opinion the weakest, since it was lack of playable characters. Ultimate technically the same game, but with more maps and more characters. The PC version was updated to Unreal3 engine, no joke. Also make sure you install the latest PhysX driver. The game graphics looks good, sadly it using a curtained aspect ratio. But you can choose various monitor setting. TV, arcade or normal view. The game also has a hint system, you can press Esc and check the move lists. Anyway, it's still hard to make even the easiest moves. The game uses Games for Windows LIVE! For achievements and matchmaking. Since the PC version has a multiplayer mode too. If you ever played any Mortal Kombat game or saw the 1995 movie you must buy this! Since not much MK game get a PC port.


The weakest Tomb Raider game

FreeMan85 | March 4, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider VI The Angel of Darkness - PC

Angel of Darkness had a big promotion back 2003, the best Tomb Raider game, etc. Sadly when I finally picked up years later it was a huge disappointment. The story is weak and out of sync. Lara this time lurking at Paris alley and backstreets between homeless, prostitutes and gangs. The gameplay and controls are terrible! Lara moves, the camera and the whole new RPG-like elements in the game are complete mess. Lara also has to make certain action to get more strength to make her more powerful and can do a certain action. Like kick a door or move a crate. We can also interact with certain NPC and if we choose wrong answer... well, it will has consequences. The game graphics not bad, but not that good like other game at 2003. Also the graphic config are reminds at '90s style. Sounds and voice-acting are OK. Recommend this title only, if you're a Tomb Raider fan! Messy controls, buggy gameplay, terrible setting and story for a TR game.


Western multiplayer fun

FreeMan85 | Feb. 26, 2013 | Review of Lead and Gold - PC

Lead and Gold a multiplayer only western TPS. 4 playable character gunslinger, blaster, deputy, trapper. The gunslinger use well the pistol, the trapper has sniper rifle, the blaster can use dynamite and the deputy has strong weapons. The game modes are various, mostly you have stole gold and your partner have to cover you. Sadly there's not enough players to experience and know all game game types, you just jump in a server which has players. You can level up, earn XP and Steam achievements. The game graphics is good, nice and smooth. A bit reminds to Team Fortress 2: cartoon like animation. The sysreq says it need a 512 MB VGA, but it ran well on my 256 MB 8600 GT without any problem. The sounds are OK, nothing extra. Familiar pistol sounds and western tunes. It gives the atmosphere and that counts. There's not much western games out there, so if you a fan of it you can't miss this game. Sadly it's lacks of players, but a core community still plays it.


A nice map pack

FreeMan85 | Feb. 24, 2013 | Review of Sanctum Map Pack 1 - PC

The map pack contains the first DLC maps to Sanctum, if own any of it from the pack you got all for free when Sanctum is upgraded last year. If not you can buy them. Aftershock and Aftermath are open world maps, great view and detailed buildings around the core. Cavern and Slums are the opposite, both underground cave maps. The good thing in the map packs, if your friend own it you can join, you just can't play with them on campaign or host the co-op match.


Hack'n'slash in the space

FreeMan85 | Feb. 24, 2013 | Review of Space Siege STEAM - PC

Space Siege came from the creators of Dungeon Siege series, so the game totally the same. Expect from Ehb it' set in space and the enemies are aliens and cyborgs. And our hero is pre-maded character with voice of his own. The gameplay is a hack'n'slash like, kill enemies, pick up upgrade stuff, level up and learn new skill, find new upgrades. The game has a minor RPG elements about choices there's multiple ending. We have a single companion in the game, called HR-V aka Harvey a little utility/combat robot who help us in the battle. There's another NPC's in the game, but none of them became a companion, like in Dungeon Siege. The game graphics is solid, looks OK, but nothing extra. Colors are vivid, animation and cut scenes are good. The game uses PhysX for additional physic effect, so make sure you installed the latest driver. The game sounds a bit weak, exploding barrels sounds like some tiny fireworks (and looks like), the voice-acting except Seth are decent. The game score is ordinary. The co-op multiplayer mode is long time dead and not working, don't even hassle with it. I only recommend this game if you like some hack'n'slash in space or the sci-fi setting. If you look for RPG check Mass Effect.


Return to Rapture

FreeMan85 | Feb. 22, 2013 | Review of BioShock 2 Steam - PC

BioShock 2 made by another team, not Ken Levine like the first one. But still BioShock 2 is a great game. It has new enemies and new allies, also old faces pop-up. You now play Delta, one of the first few Bid Daddy model with the deadly drill and other weapon arsenal and the ability to use plasmids and weapons at once! You can even walk underwater, if you need. You can also adopt Little Sister to collect more Adam. A completely different experience from the first game. The graphics it's like the previous game, just like the sounds and music. Garry Schymann wrote a bit more sadder score. You can hear familiar songs from the previous game new ones. The '50s feeling still strong! The voice-acting is great, since you still just hear the characters via radio or tapes. BioShock 2 has multiplayer called 'BioShock: Fall of Rapture'. It has a Prologue and Epilogue, a little back story to integrate to the series. You can equip your character with 2 type of weapons and 2 type of plasmids and 3 type of tonic/perk. You can unlock more weapon, upgrade, plasmids if you advance in level. The maps familiar from the first game, just a little tweaked to multiplay. Sadly is a bit dead, but mostly you can find players. A very small but strong community still plays. The game has 2 free DLC via Games for Windows LIVE, one of them is a multiplayer mode Kill 'em Kindly DLC, the another is a challenge room like single mode The Protector Trials DLC, if you beat it you will awarded with a free bonus plasmid in Minerva's Den DLC. Which I highly recommend, a very well done and standalone DLC. The others are multiplayer expansion only and buy only if you're a hardcore multilplayer! If you liked the first game you can't miss this! Just to be know: the game use Games for Windows LIVE!


Best. FPS. Ever!

FreeMan85 | Feb. 21, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Steam - PC

The first BioShock has earned the best FPS Game Ever title and not unworthy. The whole game is perfect in anyway. the graphics, the design, the music, the characters, the atmosphere, the story, the whole world of Rapture. the eerie atmosphere of the dead city which is full with insane Splicers and many mystery. And those ever green songs which fill the games at every corner. The game play is like any FPS, but in BioShock you can use many plasmids - genetic enhancements - to light fire, electrify, send a swarm of bees, freeze, send to the air, etc. your enemies. Our weapons also a bit weird to use and to looks. Especially the bolt and grenade launcher. their upgrades also looks weird, but make them more effective, if you can find the Power to People machines. You can also use passive Tonics too boost your strength, resistance, shock or turn fire your enemies or make you invisible. And of course you can hack almost everything: turrets, wending machines, cameras to turn them at your side. The graphics maybe dated since use the old Tribes: Vengeance engine a few tweaks and a bit Unreal3 upgrade. Gladly the art design with Art Deco looks dazzling, you feel you want to live in Rapture! Every piece of every corner, room, neon ads, poster looks detailed and professionally made. And for exchange the game runs fine middle range PCs too. Sounds of Rapture are amazing, every noise, music, footstep, gunfire, hacking sounds, door opening are unique and even it doesn't feel real - like a ship horn-like sounds in the underwater - it fits in to the game 100%. The voice-acting also brilliant, especially Andrew Ryan and Fontaine voice. They give a detailed characteristics, even if most the people you encounter can only know via tapes. If you know the System Shock games, simply you like the '50s type game or utopian/dystopian satires, or you simply want to play a good FPS pick up BioShock! You won't regret, ever!


Average cyberpunk FPS

FreeMan85 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Syndicate - PC

Sadly I never played or known the original Syndicate game, so my review can't compare the old one with this remake. The Syndicate developed by Starbreeze, the studio who bring us the Riddick games. What can go wrong? Sadly this game is much shorter and simpler then the Riddick games. Our character, Miles Kilo is totally silent and the game is a simple FPS shooter nothing more. The game is short, but has a great co-op. The game play is fun, but sometimes annoying since it's use checkpoints. You can carry only two type of weapons and use your DART 6 chip features, like the DARTvision slow mo with alternate 'X-ray' view. You can breach additional environment stuffs for your aid. Or need some enemy defense to breach before you can kill it. The boss fights has similar progress. There's a boss where you doesn't even need (or can) shoot at once. The graphics is... unique. Using Starbreeze's own engine feels similar to Riddick games: the weapons HUD, the weapon using and handling, character animations. Runs smooth and well. Maybe use a bit much lens-flare and bloom effects, also the texture maybe has a higher resolution. The game sounds and voices are top notch. Every technical gadget has own sound and the music is good, fit to the cyberpunk style - especially the Skrillex remix. The co-op multiplayer is needs a sub review. You can play 9 different maps with up to 4 players co-op mode. You can choose 3 different load-outs, but you can customize it. You have always a team goal, like retrieve something, or hack or just kill everyone. You can heal your teammates at a distance, if they killed you must go near them and reboot them. you can pickup any weapons, youd doesn't restricted by class. You can choose from 4 various (2 male, 2 female) skin for your character. every mission gives you XP, tokens and upgrades. Sadly it doesn't have a chat function, not in game or the menu. If you played the original Syndicate games or you like cyberpunk games it's a no-brainer, otherwise I don't recommend. It's a good game, but has nothing extraordinary.


F.E.A.R. is return!

FreeMan85 | Nov. 5, 2012 | Review of FEAR 2 Project Origin (1) - PC

F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin is the sequel of FEAR and it's expasions. Well, maybe can't fit for all expansions, but can be a direct sequel of Extraction Point. This time we play a new character then Point Man - like in Perseus Mandate. We dispatched for a different case to act with extreme prejudice. Sadly the explosion known from F.E.A.R. 1 distrupt our mission. After that we learn about new conspiracies and enemies. We must fight through the explosion damaged city, a school, laboratories, hospitals. Most of the locations are pretty nice and feels fresh after the previous FEAR games similar and dark maps. The game graphics use a large amount of film grain effect and more orange/yellow colors tone then blue/black/white tones. For me it's work fine, feels the game more life like and less monotone. The sounds and music are good, but doesn't exceeds F.E.A.R. 1. The voice-acting is great, especially from Jen Taylor who play a a team member of yours - and look very similar to Left 4 Dead's Zoey. The gameplay utilize cover system, you can push tables and other obstacles for cover. It's not totally needed, but you can use it when you need it. And it's less scary game then the previous titles. The fully naked Alma try to grab you all the time. some weird visions hunts you time to time. And yes, our hero is silent in the whole game. F.E.A.R. 2 Proejct Origin is a nice action game, if you played or not played with previous F.E.A.R. titles you can't miss it.


Don't F.E.A.R. from the dark!

FreeMan85 | Nov. 5, 2012 | Review of FEAR (1) - PC

Many gamer says F.E.A.R. franchise is a hardcore horror FPS. But it's mostly a nicely done shooter, made by the professional Monolith team, built in to LithTech Engine JupiterEX version. And what an awesome detail! The lighting and shaders are very photo-realistic like. Not once I scared more times my own shadow or the noise what I made by push a vase or picture then the dark characters in the shadow.. Oh yeah, Havok works for an awesome physic experience! So F.E.A.R. kinda scary game, but don't reach games like Dead Space. Alma a bit scary, at least the young, the adult and naked Alma a bit... well, more like sexy then scary for me. The story is good enough, but the core game and the expansions story a bit confusing. Since Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate made by TimeGate. The voice-acting is pretty good, you may recognize a few familiar voice from previous Monolith games. The music good, gives an atmosphere. The graphics and design are outstanding even today standards. Maybe only let down of the game is the few weapons we can use and we use at once: only 3 weapon type can be carried at once. My favorite is the dual pistols, of course it's useless, but feels good shooting with it. If you like Monolith titles or semi-horror action games with some paranormal/sci-fi elements you can't skip F.E.A.R. Also the 3 games gives you a long playtime at least 20-25 hours.


The nightmare contiunes!

FreeMan85 | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Dead Space 2 - PC

Dead Space 2 is a worthy sequel of the original game. The developers barely changed anything, more like they just tweaked the game and the gameplay. The most notable tweak is the addition of thrusters in the RIG. No more wall jumping in zero-G, just fly around in 360 degrees. Isaac now speaks, but don't fear it won't ruin the game. It was necessary to develop the story and give more emotion to his character. They also used the voice-actors and actresses lookalike to make their in-game alias'. Isaac seems the same, Nicole is very different from her DS1 look. The game graphics also use the same engine, maybe old, but runs fine on an older machine and looks beautiful at certain moments. The facial animations are technically beat most of the AAA games, feel so real and lifelike and the actors, actressess gives outstanding performance, feels like you watching a movie! Just like Jason Graves music, gives the tension and atmosphere. The sound effects, which gives the game life are again flawless. The gameplay is slighty changed from the first and perfect first game. The only changes is you can now fly around in zero-G or high speed in space. It's fun and well animated, just like the zero-G fluids or fire. The Havoc engine works fine again, you can do some damage to, watch for the windows! Your locator now can lead you to the nearest save station, store or lead you to the next objective just like before. This time we have more weapons and suits. Oh, yes the suits. It's just rare awesomeness how Isaac helmet transforming around his head! In cut-scenes he usually take of his helmet then back. If you saw the game first teaser trailer you know what I'm talking about. Dead Space 2 has a multiplayer component which is similar to Left 4 Dead. Just in DS2 the Human team has some specific mission to do and the Necromorphs try to stop them, 4vs4 teams. Necros got additional bot support of course. Sadly it's not too popular, the matches are short and sometimes get laggy. Dead Space 2 is a must have, if you are a sci-fi fan or played the first one. Simply amazing and authentic sci-fi horror feeling.


Take back Mars!

FreeMan85 | Aug. 20, 2012 | Review of Red Faction Guerilla - PC

Red Faction Guerrilla is the true sequel of first Red faction game! Forget that terrible Red Faction II. Set in around 50 years later then the first game there's a new menace too the Miners and Mars. Now not Ultor, but the first game saviors, the EDF are playing the oppressive corporation. Play as Alec Mason a new worker who just arrived Mars for hope of a better life just got pulled into the new revolution. Since we highly outnumbered the gameplay focuses to guerrilla tactics: attack a strategic location, hit it hard then get away fast! Use your sledgehammer to deemolish virtually everything! Destroy walls, buildings, barracks, vehicles or the enemy itself. Or hijack some big vehicle and smash an EDF installation. Nothing can stand in your way. But be careful, the enemy AI is quite good and they spawning in swarms. We got a little danger meter, if it goes to green they gave up and we can take a deep breath. But how we progress in the game and collecting scraps our lovely technician can develoop new weapons, armor upgrades or special gadgets. Mars regions are big and named after the first game heroes! Just like many other thing in the game, if you played the first one you will love Guerrilla! We got nice CGI cut scenes and very good voice-acting. The upgraded Geo-Mod works just fine, but we can demolish only the buildings and vehicles. The rocks are not taking any kind of damage. So we can't rearrange the look of Mars Maybe the only let down of the game. The graphics is awesome! well detailed and artistry designed. And you doesn't high-end PC too run in smootly. My PC a 2,6 GHz dual-core with a 8600 GT just runs fine on High settings. Even the bigger explosions can't effect the gameplay. The Havok engine working well too. A nicely developed game. The game is using Games for Windows LIVE for achievement sand stats, and for mutilplayer. Sadly the MP is very dead, even if can give much as fun as like any other AAA title. The game also contains almost every, if not all DLCs. Like the one which set before Alec's story. If you ever played Red Faction you can't miss Guerrila! Created by the original developer RFG is an awesome sequel. With a GTA type of gameplay.


Join the revolution, Miner!

FreeMan85 | Aug. 20, 2012 | Review of Red Faction - PC

Red Faction is nice old school FPS. Simple story, various settings and many enemies too shoot. Using Volition's Geo-Mod Engine let us blast through virtually everything! If you have enough rockets, explosives or ammo. Set to Mars in the future we're a simple miner at Ultor Corporation. Soon a revolution start to fight againsts the greedy corporation. We soon play a major part in this resistance and learn the Ultor Corporation has developed nanotechnology, but it's price was weigh too high too let them get way with it. The gameplay is fun, blast through enemies or walls, just get the mission done. You can use melee weapons or riot shields, guns and many other, high-tech weapons. The game is quite challenging each time you progress further in the game. The sounds and the voice-acting are good, not extraordinary, but not budget type. The game music is what I like and remember it. Give similiar feeling like Total Recall's score. The game has a nice multiplayer which is still or maybe still be played by a few hardcore Miner. It's fun, because just like in the campaign you destroy the environment. If you like Mars based games and movies, or just simply a sci-fi fan like me this game will give you 7-9 hours break! And the best game in the series!


For the Emperor!

FreeMan85 | Aug. 13, 2012 | Review of Warhammer 40000 Space Marine - PC

Space Marine is an awesome TPS action game set to the popular Warhammer 40000 universe. You play as Captain Titus, one of the Emperor Ultramarines - they the best of the best elite groundforce units. On of the Imperium world has been attacked by the heretic Orks and you send to clean the planet from xenos. Even, if you never played Warhammer games before this game will suck you in! The characters, the universe, the design, the weapons if you like sci-fi a bit, this game will be your favorite ones. For me it's a bit reminds to Starship Troopers, the mentality of the soldiers and the merciless fight against the enemy. The gameplay is a simple hack'n'slash slaughtering. You can use various type of weapons like sword, chainsaw, axe, hammer, pistol, SMG, plasma type sniper and shotgun, etc. You can combine them and all melee weapons has it's own type of combos and special attacks. Double the fun, if you play on a map where you can use a jetpack. You're death from above! You also have a fury meter, which seeded by your kills. If charged up you can unleash it and your health regenerates and your strength is doubled. With ranged weapons you can use it a slow-mo like effect, make clearer shots. The game graphics are good, not extraordinary, but well optimized and run well even my old 8600 GT. But the facial animation are truly awesome, very detailed and lifelike. The cut-scenes also done well. The sounds and music are epic. In simple the whole game is awesome. The multiplayer is a bit deserted, but you will find just enough players. The game modes are the usual: control points, TDM. I can't checked the dreadnaught mode, since it says I need a DLC. But the Exterminatus mode is good, technically a survivor modes with missions. Very fun and easier way to get XP and unlock new weapons. Space Marine is an epic and bloody sci-fi action game. If you a fan of Warhammer series it's a must buy, if you like sci-fi titles a must buy too. Just for warning: the game contains many blood and brutal fight scenes.


Underground shift

FreeMan85 | Aug. 7, 2012 | Review of Sanctum Aftershock DLC - PC

Aftershock is set to an underground mining complex. But it doesn't give you claustrophobia, the map is nicely done. What you will like is the multiple paths for the enemy. You can choose and coordinate them how you like. Sadly the buildings are... where at Aftershock you won't find any interesting one. Just the core, a few cubes and the paths. But in strategy view is almost perfect. If you have Sanctum maybe you won't miss this DLC. A nice strategic map.


A gorgeus and strategic map

FreeMan85 | Aug. 7, 2012 | Review of Sanctum Aftermath DLC - PC

Aftermath is a beautiful DLC map for Sanctum. Set on a floating hill like terrain at dusk. The buildings feels more like a living power core or power plant. You can find a few workers too. Also has a cafe with terrace. You can defend the core well, the map has many points for anti-air towers. And for ground units you can build a labyrinth to keppe them slow and maximize the damage to them. If you have Sanctum you can't miss this DLC. The map is really well polished and gorgeus.


A truly surreal adventure game

FreeMan85 | Aug. 6, 2012 | Review of Zeno Clash - PC

If you ever meet a bizarre, weird and surreal Indie game is this one. Set to the dreamlike Zenozoic, Zeno Clash is an FPS action-adventure game. Our hero Garth has found out the secret of the myterious Mother-Father and for that his been hunted by his sons. You meet weird and totally mad characters throguh your journey on Zenozoic. The gameplay is a bit fresh hand-to-hand fights, but you can use many unseen weapons. The graphics is still great, powered by Valve's Source Engine. Looks bright, maybe too bright, colorful and detailed. The voice acting is good. And the game's story well done. Keep you interest to the end. Where the game technically starts. Anyway, you won't find ou the truth before the credits. Well, I don't recommend this game to everyone. Only for a few brave ones who like that type of games.


A gorgeus tower defense

FreeMan85 | Aug. 6, 2012 | Review of Sanctum - PC

Sanctum is maybe the most popular tower defense game in years, at least the most gorgeus. Powered by the powerful Unreal3 Engine the game graphics is rise and shine. Lush plants, cosy buildings and terrific lighting effects. The gameplay is the Iron Grip like mixed RTS-FPS type. You can build and manage defense units in RTS mode, then you can shoot and move in FPS mode. You can also play with 3 other players in co-op. The good thing, if only the host has a specific DLC map other player still join the battle. The devs gladly gave many free updates which are free weapons, towers or maps. There's two free DLC too, one for X-mas and the lastest The Yogscave map. If you like tower defense games, you can't miss Sanctum. Beautiful and fun. Has many achievements and easter egg and game modes to compete the online stats.


Alien Breed - act 1

FreeMan85 | July 13, 2012 | Review of Alien Breed Impact - PC

Alien Breed: Impact is the first part of the newly created Alien Breed trilogy, developed by the original game developers Team17. AB is a classic type top-down view survival sci-fi horror game. A mix of Space Siege and Dead Space. You can save only the shops and buy new weapons, ammo and other stuffs. The game is extremley difficult, especially if you play on Elite difficulty. The alien hordes are tear you apart and they can come from any direction! The graphics is stunning, using the state of the art Unreal3 the game shines. Nice particle effect, detailed environments and lots of explosions and other visual effects. You really feel you're on the damaged spaceship. And you're always running from one console to another. Because nothing works. The mission start to reach the elevator, but you will find out the elevator doesn't working, need power, but you can get power because the generator room is on fire, but the fire extinguisher system doesn't work, etc. Something like that about the gameplay. Keep you always on the edge! The co-op section of the game is tells a different story. Sadly is dead, but if you manage to find a friend you can play it anytime. And it's harder then the campaign! If you a fan of the original Alien Breed or simply like the top down view games and sci-fi horror/survival type of games you muat try Alien Breed. A really challenging and a bit scary game.


Kill them all!

FreeMan85 | July 11, 2012 | Review of Alien Shooter - PC

Alien Shooter is real old school aracde shooter! You got a hero/heroine 10 missions, 9 type of weapon nad hordes of alien monsters. We got a bit info about the situation which is the usual B-movie kinda plot: unknown aliens infestated a secret laboratory and we alone must eradicate them. That's all. The gameplay is simple: you got a wepons and shoot the enemy. Nothing fancy, no weapon reload or jam, you got enough ammo from crates or dropped by the killed enemies. There's multiple type of enemies and their color amrk their level: green, yellow, red and blue. The ame also has a Survivor mode whic is what's you expect: infinite hordes and you must hold as long you can. The graphics is 2D, the animation is OK, but weird. The sounds generic, the music gives the tension. If you like old school shooters, arcade games Alien Shooter is a must buy for you. A real old school mindless shooter.


A nice start-up bundle

FreeMan85 | July 10, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution Tactical Mission Pack - PC

The Tactical Enhancement Pack is a pre-order DLC, which can be buy after the release. You got a little bonus after the game's prologue way on your first mission. So far as I know it's only unlocking, if you start a new game! The extras the double-barrel shotgun, a real classic. Sadly feels a bit weak in this cyberpunk era. But the silenced sniper rifle is a real asset. Aim for the head, because without upgrades the weapon feels a bit weak against armored enemies. The 10000 creds is good, if you want buy more Praxis' for augmentation upgrades. This DLC is handy if you start thw game on the hardest difficulty and you want to be on the edge or simply missed the pre-order and you want to get every content for Deux Ex HR. The Tactical Enhancemenet Pack DLC has the smallest content for Deux Ex, but it's the cheapest one. Worth the price, especially if it's on sale.


Alone in the Moscow undergrounds

FreeMan85 | July 7, 2012 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

Metro 2033 is maybe the best post-apocalyptic game I've been played years. I never been finished STALKER, the freedom is simply... confused me. But Metro is a straight and linear FPS action game with some minor choices. When I played the game's demo I instantly want to continue the game! The action, the story, the whole wolrd is nicly put together. If you a fan of post-apocalytpic games Metro 2033 will be your favorite. The gameplay is changing from map to map. Sometime you have to sneak over enemies, watch your every step not to ring any alarm or step some noisy. Sometimes you fight dozens of human enemies, but sometimes you fight with hordes of mutants. You can use knifes, shotgun, sniper, revolver just watch your ammonution! You can trade them in hubs for different type and quality of ammo. You can also find cashes through the game, most of them are hidden. But my favorite part of the game is when you just walk alone or a small team. Some scary noises, shadows, mysteries, but no action. Sadly I never read the book, but the game is great. Well written, hard, scary and interesting. Multiple difficulties and Steam achievements gives a good replayability. The game has a high sysreq, but luckily the game is optizimized well. Even, if has pre-set graphics settings like: low, normal, high, ultra. I can run smooth at Normal on a Geforce 8600 GT. The game also can played with original Russian language with English subtitle. If you fan of post-apocalyptic genre you must play with Metro 2033. Or if you read the book and wonder how the game succesed or failed also worth a try.


Not a great, but a good sequel

FreeMan85 | June 18, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect 2 - PC

Mass Effect 2 suffors from the usual middle episode syndrome. Wnat to be more better then the frist game, want to be more bigger, darker, action-packed and unique. Sadly is became a bit too arcade like. The whole gameplay is redesigned. Shepard now regenerates his/her health, if you move to cover. The Mako is removed and there's no invertory. Is a bit good and bad. Special ammo types now become powers and not all class have them. The power numbers is also limited to 4 at your team members. Fans want a bit clearear and simpler UI, well we got it. You must buy or search for upgrades then you have to reserch them, if you have enough resources. Feels like an RTS: you must collect minerals for reserches. It's not bad, really just prepare for an entirely different gamemechanic in Mass Effect 2. The story is a bit darker, the mysterious Collectors abducting entire human colonies for an unknown reason. Shepard must works with a dark organization, Cerberus to stop them. Again you need assemble a team, but they effectivness and survival rate is highly depends their own personal mission is completed or not. Every team member has a loyality mission, like in Mass Effect 1 Garus "Dr. Heart" or Wrex family armor. But in ME2 is has a higher impact, they can aid you or they can die in the suicide mission, even Shepard can die! So be careful and make sure all team members has been dealt with their own mission and upgrade your ship defensive and offensive capabilities the tech which provide by your team members. The new members are interesting, but you will miss the old ones. Only Garus and Tali team up with you, the others are NPCs at certain points in the game. Jacob and Miranda are two Cerberus agent who familiar from the Mass Effect Galaxy game. Mordin Solus is an ex-STG Salarian doctor. Grunt a young and insane Krogan soldier. Jack an psychotic biotic criminal. Thane, a Srell assasin and the most interesting character in the game. Samara, an Asari Justicar - kinda Jedi from Star Wars. And Zaeed Massani - free DLC - a famous mercenary, his got the best lines in the game. And there's one more team member, but I think even the trailers don't spoil who is it, but it will suprise you! So, your team - again - will be unique. Also in Mass Effect you will explore a few new world which are familiar from ME1, but you never see them, like Tuchanka the Korgan homewrold, Illium an Asari colony which maybe the most gorgeus planet in the Mass effect universe, Omega the darkest place in the Galaxy and of course the Citadel. And the sub-missions planets are also more interesting then it was the first game. Of course most of them small and easy 5-10 minutes missions. The graphics are nice, but feels here and there a bit low-res in textures, but the lighting effect are really nice. Like the neon lights on Zakera Ward or Illium's purple skyscrappers in the orange dusk. The game color scheme is use a bit much yellow/goldish colors, gives a sepia tone. Sometimes feels like a film-noir, a darker tone world you will see. Mot the vivid colored utopia from the first game. The Cerberus Network gives you acces to free contents which are 5 DLCs! You can activate that code on BioWare Social Networdk - be carful use the same account for the site and for the game! Zaeed Massin: Price of Revenge - gives the famous mercenary to your team and his loyality mission and a new heavy weapon. Zaeed also a nice and cool character, worth check his cabin for his tales time to time. Firewalker - it's a Mako replacment Cerberus speeder like vehicle. You can search for Prothean relics and other intels in remote planets. Gives new planets and a new item to your cabin. Normandy Crash Site - like the name said you explore the Normandy SR-1 crash site. A nice nostalgic mission. Cerberus Armor and shotgun - it's a specila Cerberus stormtrooper armor with a health and hield boost. Sadly it's has fixed parts and can't remove it's helmets. Arc Projector - it's a Geth heavy weapon, not the best one, but useful till you get the better ones. Mass Effect 2 want to be more better, darker, greater then the previous episode. Sadly at the halfway it's bleeds out, but it's still a good game and if you liked the first one you can't miss the second one! Simply in the gameplay has many changes and new elements. You get to use it. And I also recommend to buy the DLCs, which are highly extend the game.


Chrome reloaded

FreeMan85 | June 14, 2012 | Review of Chrome Specforce - PC

Chrome: SpecForce is a prequel for Techland's 2003 game Chrome. The main characters are Bolt Logan and his partner Pointer. Set roughly 10 years earlier then Chrome you will learn Logan's life as an elite SpecForce soldier. Your mission is take down a dangerous terrorist group who's threatening millions with a deadly bio-weapon. But when you arrive on planet Estrella everything goes wrong and you and Pointer left alone with the deadly enemy. Soon you join up the local resistance group and fight with guerilla tactics to take down the terrorist group untill the cavalry arrives. SpecForce more like a pure action game, use less dialogues and cut scenes then Chrome does. We also got lesser implant abilities, but we got more weapons and enemy type. New ones and old ones too. And of course various vehicles to control like mech, speeder bike, armored tank. Estrella is gorgeus! The devs push the game engine limits to the max. Nice godlights and amazing water reflections makes Estrella a living planet. Also again, Pawel Blaszczack sounds and and powerful score brings the game alive. Estrella is a lush forest and jungle planet with many colorful flowers and plants. Each map is huge and sometimes you can reach a mission point from two different ways. It's not a sandbox, but gives a bit freedom. Sometimes you can lost in the maps. If you liked Chrome you will like SpecForce! Don't miss it, is a bit shorter and feels like a stand-alone expansion. But still a great game with nice graphics and unforgettable score.


Vengeance of the borthers

FreeMan85 | June 10, 2012 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

F.E.A.R. 3 is a bit out of sync sequel of the popular F.E.A.R. frenchise. Maybe because WB taken away from Monolith, maybe it's maded a "bit" to console type of action game. The using of covers in FPS view is very awkward and annoying. PointMan's slow-mo skill is good and fun, but it's became a cooldown ability rather then the collect more spray thing. Fettel abilities are more interesting, but also has a sidekicks. He can't use any weapon or powered armor unless he posses a body. The game feels it's been programmed to co-op prios then single player experience. Sadly the game totally deserted in multiplayer. You lucky if you can try any of the many modes it has. Easier to find a friend who has this game too. The story has many errors or continuity errors. Maybe the new devs does count the first game expansions or simply ignore them. We see dead characters living and I not talking about Fettel. The whole FreePort is also a paradoxon. Just like the new weapons or different looking powered armors. Since they still Armacham stuff, but looks totaly different then in the previous games. Anyway, we finally got a few answers and explanation about the Wade family, Harland Wade, Paxton Fettel and Alma. Sadly Alma is barely can be seen in the game. And the game is loose it's scary atmosphere and unique shadow-lighting effects. However for me F.E.A.R. never was a really scary game, but 3 doesn't even want to be scary. The only good thing in F.E.A.R. 3 is Paxton Fettel voiced by Peter Laurie. His character and performance simply stills the show! Since PointMan totally mute he must plays for both of them. Oh, and Jason Graves wrote the music. If you played the previous F.E.A.R. games you can't miss this one, if you neve rplayed F.E.A.R. games you can still play it. You won't feel you in the dark, because the game tells the prequels, however the game feels more like a reboot then a sequel.


A charming tactical FPS

FreeMan85 | May 31, 2012 | Review of Chrome - PC

Chrome was the debut game of Techland's first own engine the Chrome Engine. Sadly neither the game or the engine became widely known or popular. Of course it doesn't beat Far Cry in technical term, but Chrome gives a unique and charming atmosphere. The locations changes by mission from mission. Jungle, forest, snow dune, canyon, desert, space station. And Chrome Engine handleas these terrains very well! The maps are huge and Powel Blaszczak's sound effects fill them with life and the story is enough coherent to make you interested to the ending. The game world doesn't have aliens, high-tech stuffs or any fancy sci-fi elements. Expect space travel and colonization. It's a story about greedy corporations who do everything to get the new element: Chrome. The gameplay is more like a tactical FPS with well directed cut scenes, then the usual FPS shooters. You can't march in a room with your rifle like Rambo, you get killed instantly! Watch for snipers and choose your invertory wisely. Stealth is the essence in most missions, of course you can use heavy weapons, if neeeded. Or you can drive armored vehicles or mechs! If that's not enough Logan has 9 implants which can aid you in the action. Better aiming, faster running, better armor, strength, hacking etc. Some of them is passive others are passive implants. But constant use of them cause overload in your neural system. Use them with caution. If you like Techland's game or the Chrome Engine unique style, or simply want play an FPS which differs from the mainstream titles pick up Chrome. You won't regret. It's long enough, challenging and the various locations and missions garanties you won't get bored.


The final chapter of the epic sci-fi videogame franchise

FreeMan85 | May 23, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect 3 N7 Digital Deluxe Edition - PC

You probably heard about the rant about the game ending, changes, graphics, etc. So I skip these and I wrote about what's good in Mass Effect 3 and why I liked it. The gameplay and action is similar to ME2 a bit arcade like, but more fluid and action oriented. Shepard moves and actions are more fit to intense gameplay, then in the previous titles. They also add a great melee weapon: the Omni-blade! The well known Omni-tool became a deadly and silent close combat weapon. The weapon and armor upgrades are more like in ME1, but much simpler and clearer. You bought or find the upgrade then on the weapon bench you can upgrade, mod your weapons. And there' no more class speficied weapons. Shepard can use any type of weapons, but much weapons has much weight, which slows down the skills cool down time. But you can find upgrades to light weapons or right loadout selection. The skill tech tree is became much detailed with a nice tree like graphicon. You can choose, check and see which upgrades what type of effect has for Commander Shepard. We got plenty of weapons and new skills too. But we can use heavy weapons just in specific circumstances. One more thing I liked in ME3: you can found every previous games armors, weapons and other stuffs. Now you can simply buy them from in-game shops! Like the Collector Armor or Dragon Age Blood Armor or the Terminus armor, etc. You can also choose in the settings to remove Shepard's helmet in the cut scenes. And your team members will interact with each other on the ship! Yes, you can find them to talk each other via com or the bar, or they simply not their used posts. Makes the ship feel more like real and live. The co-op multiplayer is an awesome addition to the game. You will like it, it's simple and straight. A simple survivor type game mode with specific sub-mission between waves. There's 8 maps and 3 type of enemy. All 6 class is playable. There's also alien races like: Krogan, Salarian, Asari, Turian, Drell, Quarian, Batarian, Geth - all of them with unique skills and moves! About the N7 edition stuff: From Ashes: a short, but interesting mission to the main game. I'm guess I don't spoil anything, if I tell the new team member is a Prothean (by name Javik), who is the last survivor of his species and you can find him on Eden Prime. Pick him up soon, because his got a few secret about the last cycle, got a nice rifle (a Particle Beam weapons which doen't need heat clips) and he's on of the best character in the ME universe! I recommend take him with you everywhere, you will witness a few intereting and funny conversations. N7 gears: nice N7 arsenal, if you play as a soldier maybe you will find more interesting then me. I prefer class specific skills like Engieneer or Sentinel. Of course these weapons can be added to any team member. N7 hoodie and dog: the leisure like suit is a nice addition to Shepard's casual outfits. He/she has a few anyway, but you will ike that one better. And the robotic dog... well, she's cute, but sadly she can be found at the cargo deck only. Art book and comic book: the art book has nice sketches and concept arts, they're beautiful! But beware! Read after you finished the game, contains minor spoilers. The Invasion comic book first issue tells a story how Aria loose her space station and ended up on the Citadel. Soundtrack: ME3 has a great score. Some tracks reminds me to TRON and it's not a big suprise since two composer worked on TRON: Evolution video game soundtrack. Clint Mansell has a nice theme for the game. And the enthusiast will happy the digital soundtrack is in full bitrate WAVE format! Mass Effect 3 is a great and epic sci-fi action RPG. The combine of previous games makes a perfect mix. The graphics could be better, but it's not that bad. And if you have an older PC which can runs the first game at maximum settings you will run ME3 at maximum settings too. Can't say that much game series. Also gives you even more content, if you import a character. You will encounter many familiar faces, if they survived in the previous games. If you played the previous Mass Effect games, get it! If you like sci-fi games or the action RPGs, get it! If you simply want a great game with great content plus multiplayer, get it! It's a great game with a few flaw, but with rich content and epic moments, especially for a fan. The N7 edition is a perfect choice for a fan of the series!


A post-apocalyptic tactical FPS-RTS masterpiece

FreeMan85 | May 19, 2012 | Review of Nuclear Dawn - PC

Nuclear Dawn is a long waited mod for Half-Life 2. The devs are the same guys who made the Stargate: The Last Stand mod. ND is their first commercial title. I have to say they made a pretty unique and original game which need a good co-operation and tactics. You can't just run and gun down everyone, it's not that simple. Capturing Resource Points is just one thing, you have to capture the Prime Point to give your team an edge, then you make sure you push enough hard to destroy the enemy and hold the line. And the major thing what effect the gameplay is the Commander. One of the team memeber must go in the Com Bunker and coordinate the entire team! Build the right buildings, give the right command. It's pretty though to be a Commander in this. The Cmdr also sees the whole game in RTS perspective. It's a nice and unique tactical FPS-RTS game. With gorgeues maps and locations with huge buildings and wide panoramas in a post-apocalyptic style. Sadly the game doen't came as popular as it deserved it. The powered by the famous Source Engine with it's full power! So don't worry about the graphics and you PC's specs. It runs fine even older machines. If you like in a FPS tactic above shooting or you like the post-apocalyptic settings it's your game. Need a few hours to learn, practice the game, but after that you will enjoy or abandon it.


An old skool arena game reimagined

FreeMan85 | April 30, 2012 | Review of Nexuiz - PC

I'm testing the beta and I really enjoy this game. I don't even know there was an old Nexuiz, which is free and still alive. This Nexuiz is a remake of that game with the superior CryEngine3 with a budget game's price. The plot is the Kavussari and the Forsellians are at war for centuries, but they made an agreement and they fight with each other an arena like combat. Which was became a galaxy wide show. Red faction and Blue faction, and not just the colors different. The armors, the weapons, the announcer. The gameplay is the classic UT, Quake like arena type tense and intense shooter. There's a start weapon, a shotgun with unlimited ammo. It's quite an effective weapon by the way. And there's... well, too much weapon to tell, but there's all the classics: SMG, rocket lancher, grenade launcher and other futuristic weapons and every weapons has an altering firing mode. But here comes the Mutators, you need to pick a 3 colored (yellow, red, blue) weird little thing which grants you a special power for your team or mix the whole match at least 20 sec. Like invert the mouse, remove all ammo from the map, a random player simply blow up, triple shields, rapid firing mode, all the enemy team's players transport at you and similar insane mixs. The music and design also great and unique. It's strongly build to the Asian culture, art and armors and the music also a bit, but mixed with fast, techno like rhytms - like in in UT2k. The graphics is nice and even my old 8600 GT can handle it at low-med settings and runs fine. And even in low settings the game looks nice. Thanks to the detailed artistic design. Nexuiz is an old skool arena shooter with an interesting and fun upgrade. I think many old skool player who loved UT, Quake games kill love that too.


A gorgeus and fun FPS shooter

FreeMan85 | April 26, 2012 | Review of Bulletstorm - PC

Firstly BulletStorm isn't a serious game, it doesn't have a strong story or lifelike characters. It's a fun game with mature humor and many-many F words. So the main story is simple. We play as Grayson Hunt, a Dead Echo leader, who worked for General Sarrano - I long time hated a game evil like him. But his comrade, Ishi found out when they eliminated another Sarrano's target, all those people who's been killed are innocent and personal enemies of Sarrano. Hunt make an oath to kill his boss for that - he's been tolted they targets are slavers and criminals. Of course the 4 team group life goes to hell, many years later they confront Sarrano's ship, but both ship is crashlanding on Stygia. A former vacation planet. Sadly, this plece is full of mutants, madmans, man eating fauna, giant carnivores and similar life threatning things. Hunt and his friend Ishi who has been upgraded with cybernetics survived his ship crash, but Sarrano also survived. So they hunt him down through the desert, the lost city to Sarrano crashed ship. The gameplay a bit console like, mostly one button has multiple functions. The game has some problem to identify some graphics card and it's use low-res textures at any settings (I wrote this down in the forum and the solution). But above these the game runs well at max settings even at a Geforce 8600 GT! The graphics is gorgeus! We got huge lands, cityscapes, dams, desert and beautiful sky with the nicest HDR effects I ever saw! The colors are vivid. Green, orange, yellow, onyx, light blue. And maybe the first Unreal3 game where the characters hair are really well rendered. You can count Hunt hairlines. Oh, and Trishka... Yeah, she's the cool and sexy girl of Bulletstorm, voiced by the famous Jennifer Hale! She looks sweet! And her hair is amazing, and everything else on her. And about the game machanic. You got the Leash, which can grab almost any opponent at a certain range or you can upgrade to use thumpers, which is blast the near enemies to the sky. You can kick enemies to spiky things like a cactus or other deadly enviroments. More skilled your kills, more the score you got. You can spend these score for ammo or weapon upgrades. It's fun and integrated to the game story well enough. Oh and the sniping! It's uses bullet time like Sniper: Ghost Warrior, but you can change, modify the bullet way with your mouse! The game also has an Echo mode, where you can replay some places from the campaign without cut-scenes and dialogues. The goal is get more skillpoints. The Anarchy mode is a co-op surivor like multiplayer. But here you can't die, you need a certain score to advance to the next wave. Very hard, need work together to maximize your score. BulletStorm is a nice and fun game with gorgeus graphics and good humor. Of course I don't recommend everyone, who' like sci-fi FPS or paradise lost themed game, it's for you - the deserted city of Stygia is remind me Rapture. The game contains explicit language and violence!


Blade Runner visuals meets old school FPS gameplay

FreeMan85 | April 16, 2012 | Review of Hard Reset - PC

First Hard Reset don't want to revolutionize the gameindustry or make some new gameplay or any fancy thing. HR just an old school FPS. Maded by newly founded Flying Wild Hog team (members of People Can Fly, CDProjekt and City Interactive) this Pc only(!) title give back something is missing today's games: replayability and fun. Yes, the whole game is linear, you go forward, can't go backward. Enemies are tough and you can't even hide or run from them. It's a classic shooter like game, just grind the enemy, collect some hidden secrets (N.A.N.O. bars) and buy upgrades. There's 3 upgradable: Armour, NRG weapon and CLN Firearm. Both weapons have 5 different weapon mode, you must bought them then you can upgrade them too. After you beat the game there's a chance too play in EX Mode where you can use all upgrades from the previous playthrough and upgrade everyrhing too maximum. It's fun when you play on Insane difficulty. The game graphics it's gorgeus, if you like dark, sci-fi cyberpunk like environments. The ads on the street make you wanna... scream. Feels like it's a satire, but the designs are reminds me to Blade Runner. There's 6 chapter and before every chapter a comic book like intro. It's also very dark, only using colors like blue-black-grey and a bit red. The voice-acting is good, but use many times the F word and swearing. The game music is reminds me again a bit to Blade Runner, but a bit more energetic and techno like way. The SFX are good, no more, no less. The whole thing is looks like they mixed blade Runner dark and depressive wolrd with Russel Mulcahy's Highlander II dark world with his lighting and fireworks effects. since almost every element in the game are destructible there's many lighting and environmental damage to the enemy. That last thing is very important! Use environmental damage when you can! Hard Reset is a nice old school FPS with nice graphics, intense and insane difficulty which makes it a high replayability factor. And there's 81 achievements, if you like test your skill and search for secret. If you like Blade Runner or dark sci-fi themed games, you will like Hard Reset.


A masterpiece between low-budget games

FreeMan85 | Jan. 9, 2012 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior - PC

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is really a masterpiece, because City Interactive known by his low-budget games. Nothing fancy or unique, simply just the game. After Terrorist Takedown: Covert Ops - which also developed by City Interactive and uses Chrome Engine too - I'm eager to play Sniper! And I'm not disappointed. The game has nothing extraordinary, it just try's to entertain you. First the game takes you South Amerca's beautifully rendered lush jungle thanks to Chrome4 Engine. It's really a shame only 3 game uses the 4th engine of Techland. And not much engine as well optimized like this one: I can run on max settings with an old 8600 GT. So we play several members of an elite sniper squad, sometimes we play from multiple angle with multiple characters the same mission. Like in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, and you find more similar game elements between these two games. The story is simple: we must eliminate General Vasquez, a dictator who taken hostages, hurting people... the usual things. But he's escaped and we must hunt down him and his terrorist organisation. Most of the time we must snipe, but sometimes we take a small commando and go to face-to-face fight. Sadly these parts are very clumsy and hard. The sniper weapons handling and efficiency are good, but other weapons feels weak and useless. But sniping is good, if you make lot of headshots you can watch in bullet time how effective was your shot. Of course you can turn it off. Of course you can use grenades, knifes, silenced pistol, but who needs them? If you can shoot the enemy from 200 meters without notice? The graphics are spectacular. The whole jungle, rivers, bushes, the sunshine. Maybe in technical parts doesn't beat Crysis, but in atmosphere does. We see daylight, afternoon, night, rain, fog, waterfalls, beach, Inca/Mayan ruins. The art design is very good. The sounds of the jungle is good to, you gonna feel like in the jungle. Chrome engine handles environmental sounds pretty well, better then the most games. The voice-acting isn't bad, better then TT Covert Ops by the way. You can also hear many spanish speak from the enemies. At least they don't speak in English! I like this game pretty much. It doesn't try to change the view from FPS, just try to entertain you and it's sure turn you off for a few hours. If you like challange play on Hard difficulty and look for secrets, it's usually a collactable laptop. If you like low-budget games or Chrome engine or jungle themed games Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a perfect choice. Don't make high expectations and you won't be disappointed. Beautiful graphics, a few nice tones and a lot of sniping.


A nice addition for your weapon arsenal

FreeMan85 | Nov. 26, 2011 | Review of Sanctum DLC Violator - PC

Sanctum DLCs are cheap, of course this DLC only give one weapon a new tower the Violator. Anyway this more fair deal rather than some AAA game's DLCs. It's a very nice and helpful tower. Has a fair building cost and powerful attack rate against ground and air units! And it has a very big range. 2-3 from this tower covers the whole map. But only attacks one enemy at the time. But with powerful strike. And if you build 3-5 or more from it become a great support. Like I said it can target air units, so it's become a nice support for you anti-air towers too. The looks of the tower is cool, like a high-tech weapon floating in the air and it sound effect when it's fire... really nice. Sanctum's developers gave the players so many free updates, for that small price it's really not much for a DLC. If you like the main game you can expand it with these cheap DLCs, if you want.


Tropical island, cold and aliens

FreeMan85 | Nov. 18, 2011 | Review of Crysis - PC

Crysis was a big hit back in 2007. The beautiful graphics and the extreme system requirements for the game surly make the name... famous. And of course it's become the gamers bechnmark. Sadly the game's story, characters and the whole game itself is... well, poorly executed. After years I have a well enough PC to run the game medium-high settings, the graphics really cool. But. The plot is weak. A few archeoligist found something in a remote island, a Korean Forces take over. We sended to investigate and rescue the hostages. Which are the archeologist who works the koreans or civils we don't know. Anyway, we are the Raptor team with the new high-tech Nanosuit armor which makes us stronger, faster, invisible. Of course things go bad and the team attacked by an unknown creature. You have to fight through various places, KPA units everywhere, but the game not give you a real challange. Even the hardest Insane difficulty, I beat the game 8 hours, 11 hours on Hard - before Insane. Even the aliens don't give you a real challange a few shot with the shotgun and they down or simply hit them with Maximum Strength. I also found the game very buggy. There a certain and known bug at the end, but I don't want to spoil anything, so I made a thread about this on the forum. The enemies AI isn't that good, dozen times I found them watching right opposite direction when I enter a house. Like they scripted to wait me from there and not from the back. Kinda disappointment. The graphics is obviously great, if you have enough strong PC, but if not. Well, the game looks terribly. But the sound are awesome. Every noise, weapon, jungle sounds or the alien scary "scream" all maded professionally. The voice-acting isn't bad too, expect the voice of Nomad. I feeled so blank, the other team members voices are good. Psycho, Prophet, Jester and Major Strickland. If you play on Insane the korean soldier won't talk in english with that funny accent. And the game music is still great, Inon Zur did a fine job. Especially when you hear that mysterious-like theme, it give you an atmosphere. The game without the shiny graphics not a major hit. It's not bad, very action oriented and the Nanosuit give the chance the finish a mission in various ways. But nothing new what you don't saw before in other games (Chrome, Deux Ex, Halo). If you ask me Warhead much better.


An average Indie arcade racing game

FreeMan85 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Post Apocalyptic - PC

I have the chance to try this game on Steam's free weekend. Well, it's not the best racing game, it's just an average Indie arcade racing game. The name tells you post-apocalyptic and that what gives you. Old skool a bit rusty custom maded racing cars what usually you see in post-apocalyptic movies like Mad Max or Resident Evil: Extinction. School bus, jeep, truck... you name it, every car has own special ability, speed... the usual. You can play solo with bots or online against other players. There's a certain lap counter, but you can also destroy other vehicles. You see yellow, red, green and blue barrels with all a specific pick-up power. You can use against other players with WASD buttons. Left, right, center and back powers. Barrels, rockets, mines the usual stuff. Honestly I'm a bad driver, I can't use them when I have one, and I don't have one when an enemy vehicle approached me. The game graphics and sound are OK. Nothing special. I feeled the bloom effect is a bit overused, like someone used a flashbang or something. Of course you can turn it off. The maps are good, canyons, airport... well, it was used to be an aiport and similar maps. This game is fun, but only if you search for a fun Indie and arcade type racing game. Don't have great expectations, this isn't a simulator or high-end graphics.


A fresh new type of MMO

FreeMan85 | Nov. 14, 2011 | Review of CrimeCraft Bleedout - PC

CrimeCraft: BleedOut is another MMO-RPG, but gladly this time they use a different scheme then the usual fantasy stuff. It's a distopia like / end of the world like game. The system fall and the society is destroyed. Gangs rule the empty streets, lonely men runs for his life. The game intro is very cool because I expected a much simpler story. Anyway, there's Sunrise City ...a city or the last city, which still standing and running. Your character enter that city, as a canditate. First time you've do a certain amount of trial missions: the usual stuff, talk that guy, kill 10 enemies, etc. Feels a bit monotonus, but the design and the different theme shake up things a little. First you only have a pistol, after you get a shotgun, Uzi, new cloths. You can choose 3 different type of... class. Chemistry if you want to make special stuffs, or you can be a designer (not that the class name) you make special cloths which are give you more defense and of course you can be a weapon specialist to design special weapons and upgrades. After that a few deathmatch or search and destroy mission you can enter Sunrise City. Which feels like Vegas with a lot of police patrol. You can't teel whos the good and the bad guy: punks and guards all over the streets. I still not get the picture why the police recruits bandits and thugs for Sunrise City. The game's graphics is good and well optimized. Like other MMOs optimized well for most of the configs, but this game is really looks nice. The sounds are OK, but menu music rocks! The game is now use Free2Play model, however it's limited. You can/have buy stuffs and missions. Well... I'm not digged myself in the game that far. But can be played free or at least you can try out before decide buy/pay for it. CrimeCraft feels fresh and new in the MMO games, it's dark and GTA like theme gives a different taste, then the usual model. If you bored with fantasy games, check this out.


An almost truly terrifying sci-fi horror game

FreeMan85 | Nov. 3, 2011 | Review of Dead Space - PC

Dead Space follows the traditional horror elements: deserted ship, a small rescue crew, a ghost ship with some spooky elements then the slaughter begins. Our hero Isaac Clarke (must be maded by the names of Isaac Asimov and Artur Clarke) a space engineer who came with the repair crew who received a distress call from the USG Ishimura. His girlfriend also serve on the ship and she send him a message. Even the landing goes smooth on the ghost ship, but after that the terror is starts. Soon only Isaac and two main officer stays alive. Abadoned, alone and terrified. And you only weapons is your basic cutter tool. Which makes things harder these monsters simply don't want to die... easily. So aim their limbs or heads and try to cut them off. Or step on them, if you can. The gameplay is kinda survival and fix that and this type a game. You can explore the whole ship from the bridge to engineer and vice versa. There are boss fights and tricky puzzle like games. Sometypes only need find a key card, sometime some special stuff. Of course you can buy weapons, suit, ammo and medicine in shops by collected money or solded special items (which can be found across the ship). You can also upgrade your suit and weapons with collectable points. The fun parts when you enter a zero-G room and you can long jump from wall to wall. And there rooms without pressure, is less fun. Your suit holds some oxygen, but not much. You can pick up oxygen cans of course and use when you need it. Of course the monsters don't need air, so they can attack even when you at the ship hull. And there will be boss fights with really big monsters. Sometimes you will feel: they can't be beaten. The game graphics is... okay. Not so bad bad, but I feeled something is missing. Maybe better lighting effects or some bloom. And maybe needs to set the in-game brightness a bit lower, to feel the colors be more... stronger and the game darker. Anyway, the game is optimized very well and runs smooth even with all effects. The sounds is awesome: the monsters, the automatic ship voices in the background, the crawlings in everywhere and when you hear of some heavy steel stuff falling down in a big room... it's truly awesome feeling. Even with a simple 2.1 sound system. The voice-acting is good, only 2-3 characters in the game whos talking anyway, cause our hero is silent like Gordon Freeman. Well, Dead Space a better and creepier sci-fi horror game, then Doom3. It's not that dramatic and "now I'm gonna scar you, boo!" type a game. Sadly some of the story elements are clichés and maybe you know the truh at the half way, but still a well written story and universe. Warning! If you disturbed by the screenshots, don't buy this game. You gonna see some very nasty and disgusting... things.


An audio-visual masterpiece

FreeMan85 | Oct. 26, 2011 | Review of Mirrors Edge - PC

Mirror's Edge is one of the most unique game in these days. High-speed parkour moves on the rooftops with Blues on your tail. Of course it's not the first game which use that kinda FPS view, but the firts from an AAA develepoer (DICE). So, let's talk about the game unique colors which are vivid and boring at the same time. Vivid, cause every big corporation has it's own color and painted every corner with it on the steril white buildings. Yeah, everything is white, man! Even trees and bushes, so the bug is not in your videocard! If you listen the cinematic videos before every chapter you learn why and what happened. Mirror's Edge is a bit stole a few things from George Orwell's 1984. In this future every telephone, e-mail or private chat is monitored. So the only way to communicate in private or send important message without the know of Big... erm, The Shard is the Runners. Runners are highly trained professionals who can run on walls, jump cross builduings or beat down a heavily armored cop with a single hand and that kinda crazy stuff. Our heroine, Faith is one of these Runners. Her boss is Mercury and her closest friend is Celeste. But one day Faith learn about something, something which she can't ignore. Her twin sister is in trouble. She was invited to a very important man, Pope who run to mayor. But Pope was murdered and Kate, Faith sister is the only suspect. Since only her was in the room and she was hit in the back. I just tell these details to feel the contrast. In this cold and advertised city two peoples, two sisters still care about each other. So Faith do everything to prove her sister is innocent. But soon she found out more and more from the big picture. And I don't want to spoil more, but the story is good and well written. Especially if you like utopias. The graphics. Uses Unreal3- what apopular engine! - and I have to say this is the well optimized Unreal3 game I ever encountered!The buildins, the sky, the sunshine, the birds, the rooftops,... There's no word, just the game's official song "Still Alive" by Lisa Miskowsky. The score written by SolarFields which also briliant. So atmospheric and harmonic. The gameplay is frantic. You can jump, run on walls, jump across building, use almost any surface. And you can beat any Blue with a few move and without any fancy weapon. The voice-acting, every actress and actor did an excellent job. Maybe the game only flaw is it length. Maybe is a bit short. Well, I can tell ya more you must buy this great game. It's an audio-visual masterpiece in every detail and way. But you have too feel it too, in your heart. "Sunshine, Blu sky..."


An energetic expasion to Crysis!

FreeMan85 | Oct. 26, 2011 | Review of Crysis Warhead - PC

Crysis Warhead and Crysis Wars a stand-alone expansion of Crysis. Maded by CryTek Budapest studios, in another words it's maded by my country. :) Since it's an expansion the game is roughly half short as Crysis, but way more tense! You play as Psycho or his real name Sgt. Michael Sykes, the british hot headed and tough soldier. I find his character more... likeable and his british accent make a better charisma for the whole character. To me Nomad feeled so blank, generic. So you play alone, no Nomad or any other team member, the game starts after the incidents. You are in the other end of the island, new enemies, new places, new weapons. Psycho old friends join us via radio or helping us out personally as a pilot. His name is Sean O'Neill, he and Sykes has a past... But I don't want to spoil anything. So about the story. O'Neill's plane got a picture something important, something was belong the Koreans. But O'Neill's plane shot down and you have to find it's intel. Of course Psycho go after O'Neill too, without permission and help! Soon came order from HQ to pursuit some Korean General who holds this package, nothing else is important! If you played Crysis you maybe figured out this package that alien which Psycho take as a souvenir. This mission feeled harder too me, too many KPA, then the aliens, then both of them. New aliens are show up to! And of course new weapons, my favorite the dual wield mini SMGs. You have bombs, traps, etc. You need it because this mission is insane. The graphics is the same, looks nice, but the settings is changed, or more like the names: Medium is Gamer and similiar. I feeled a bit less optimized than original Crysis and got some bugs, but nothing major. Maybe just my Pc is weak. But the sound is really epic. Every sound effect, noise, beep is sounds frantic. Very good job, like sound of the weapons and falling bullets or the aliens sound... brrr, keep me more freeze then the cold. And the new places... Yes, there's more new place in Warhead like the Lagoon bar at the beach or more village like houses. I say it's looks like now they should in the first game: you feel now peoples used to live here. Oh, and the music! Written by Peter Antovszki. Still use the theme from Zur, but Antovszki gave something fresh, something energetic, something... heavy, or should I say something Psycho. It's classic, but has a few guitar tone and very-very much drums. Few word about Crysis Wars which another part of the game, needed install to. It's an expanded multi for the first game. New maps, new weapons, new game mode. Guess is just one, cause Wars have: Instan Action, Instant Team Action, Power Struggle. Sadly is very dead now, but still found a few servers if you want to play. If you played the first Crysis game, you should get this. If not, I still recommend cause Warhead go for a different storyline. And just one more advice: if you want a challenge start the game on Hard or Insane. The game stil feels me easy.


A truly masterpiece in sci-fi games

FreeMan85 | Oct. 26, 2011 | Review of Mass Effect - PC

Mass Effect. A truly mass effect in sci-fi RPG games history. Many people say it's not a real RPG, in some way they right. But it's not an usual TPS action game either. It's have a fantastic and briliant sci-fi backgroud. It like Star Wars or Star Trek, a really rich and grand universe. The half of the gameplay is exploring and shooting, the another half is conversations. OK, about the game and it's story. You are Commander Shepard, officer of System Alliance. You just picked up a top priority mission on one of the Humanity's colony. But things going bad, when an emergency call came from the colony: the Geth - a robotic species - attacked the colony! Soon you know there's more on Eden Prime (the name of the colony, by the way). Captain Anderson, the mission commander tell you there's a Spectre onboard to check your capabilities. You are promoted to be the first human Spectre. A few word from Spectres: they are can do almost anything, beyond the know of every authorities, expect the Citadel Council, no else hold their hands. You will learn Saren, a rogue Spectre is behind the attack of Eden Prime. Of course his one of the best in his agent and the Council not believe you. Almost you get charged. So you have to prove Saren's guilty and make a team with variant species to find and hunt him down. It's feel like The Magnificant Seven, you form seven different man to one purpose: capture the evil! The game graphics powered by Unreal3 so don't worry about your Pc or the quality. It's just eye popping! Like mixed Star Wars and TRON with a bit of best sci-fi art designs. The ships, the corridors, the buildings, the aliens... everything looks and feels fantastic. The sound effects and voice-acting... oh, the voice-acting it's briliant. Just a few name Keith David, Lance Henriksen, Seth Green, Marina Sirtis, Fred Tatasciore, etc. Everyone do a great performance, and you gonna like the alien voices to. The gameplay is like... well, if you ever play Knight of the Old Republic is almost the same. Maybe they make a bit more basic. 4 weapon type with upgradable ammos and enhancers, upgradable armor, variant granades, biotic enhancers. And of course you can only control Shepard alone, two other team member will follows and helps. You can pick up before every new mission. Choose them wisely, every team member have their own specialities! I almost forgot: you can pick up a class, a gender, a look, a past beginning in the game! Since it's an RPG. For the first time I recommend the Soldier class, it"s simple but for beginners it helps to get in the game easier. it's just an advice. The game also has a morality system, the Paragon is the good guy, the Renegade is the bad guy. If you have a high Paragon level you can beat some hot situation without a firefight or to shoot anyone, and I talk abount innocents too. Oh, and of course the game has romance to. You can choose from two love interest. I not quite like romantic themes, but in this game they made perfectly. It's sensual and beauty. I recommend this everyone who like sci-fis or RPG. This game simply a masterpiece in all form! If you have doubt check the game's 'Pc Story Trailer'.


A fantastic western game about brotherhood, woman and gold

FreeMan85 | Oct. 7, 2011 | Review of Call of Juarez Bound in Blood - PC

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is the prequel of the 2006 Call of Juarez game. So you know the characters, the story, the places and the finale. But don't fear this not gonna ruin your experience. The story starts at the war where the McCall brothers are fighthing but they desertion to save their home. You can choose which McCall you wanna play on every chapter. Ray can use dynamite, he's tough and his chest armor can take more damage. Thomas is faster, he can climb anywhere, can use a lasso to reach higher ground and throw knifes. There's a few mission where you can't choose between the brothers. Oh and we know the youngest McCall, William who's a priest, a real peaceful and saintly man. He was there when their mother died and the army destroyed their home. So the three McCalls on the run, cause Ray and Thomas are deserters. They want to start over, build a new home and live in peace. But the wild west isn't easy and when Ray kill a Marshall they all become wanted. Then in near Mexico they meet Marissa, a beautiful mexican girl who's the girlfriend of the well known bandit, Mendoza or how someone call him: Juarez. Mendoza talk them the legendary Gold of Juarez and a medallion which lead them to it. So they began to search, hunt, kill for the gold. The gold and the woman, two things which almost made the two older McCalls deadly enemies and William tries to save their brothers seemingly without hope. I don't want to spoil anything, I just want to know about the characters which are developed pretty well, just like the storyline. A few word about the game. The graphics powered by Chrome Engine 4. And it's does a wonderful job. Looks briliant, fantastic! And you don't need a strong PC to run at max settings, I can max out out everything with an old Geforce 8600 GT! The other good is the short loading times between maps. The sound and music fit perfectly, thanks to Pawel Blaszczak again. The voice-acting also superior. Ray has the same voice by the way! I don't know what else can I say. If you like western, Chrome Engine, the games of Techland or simply want to play an awesome game: buy it! You won't regret it!


A mediocre zombie game

FreeMan85 | Sept. 19, 2011 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

One of my friend gaved me a guest pass, so I tried the game. Well, I have to say I disappointed. It's not like Left 4 Dead. I say that because the only zombie game I like is L4D. So you can choose from different characters, looks differently, but I don't feel their characters very well. When you drop-in your first game you've only have a pistol and knife. Then you earn cash to buy new stuff, weapons, bombs, etc. It's very costumizable. Armorjacket, dual pistols, granate you also must buy ammo. Why I don't liked the cause this: there's a medium size map - post-apocalyptic type, of course - then the zombies came in waves. After you finished the wave the shop is open, where you can buy new stuff. How many cash you earn is depending on difficulty and how many zombies you killed. Yeah, the zombies... looks horrible, and I say it in the bad way. They ugly, surreal and... just a bad art design. I know, they zombies, but not the looks, the concept disturbs me. The graphic is good, uses Unreal 2 or 2.5 - I think the same engine like BioShock uses, just minus DX10. Very good shadows, effects, everything. The sounds good and the voice-acting is very british! :) Well, if you a zombie fan surly you gonna like it. It's a good zombie killer game with many DLC, updates and extensions. A well supported game by devs. And doesn't need a strong PC to run.


An entertaining casual game

FreeMan85 | Sept. 18, 2011 | Review of Tower Bloxx - PC

Tower Bloxx is a LEGO and Jenga like builder game. With comic/cartoon type animation and characters. Very fun and addictive. Most of the parents surly happy with it. A game where the point is not killing, demolish or annihilate. You've to build a city! And need to build precisely or the building is fall. There's achievements for almost any accomplishment and even a fieworks if you reach a 'outstanding' in build or make a new personal record. If you build more and better you got more 'points' and unlock new type of building or buildings with trophy. The first building class is a simple 10 fllor blue building, but there's 20-30-40 building with different colors and shapes. Of course you can unlock higher buildings in the process and 10 floor building become a 12 floor building, then you can unlock some trophies like a satelitte dish or a swimming pool. The game graphics is simple, but get the job done and you don't need a high-end P to run. The music nice and relaxing, some tunes reminds me to No One Lives Forever 2 comical music. :) I recommend eveyone this game. Fun easy, but challenging. If you love Lego or building it's your type of game.


An average FPS action game

FreeMan85 | Sept. 7, 2011 | Review of Terrorist Takedown Covert Operations - PC

Powered by Chrome Engine Terrorist Takedown: Covert Operation is a mediocre FPS. The graphics are great, Chrome uses very well jungle suit. There are some really nice effcts, I guess even uses HDR! Which only implemented in Chrome3. Sounds are also great, you feel your are in the jungle. with EAX turn on it's more better, but some sounds feels... weird. The voice-acting are less good, the hero's lines are cheesy like in an '80s action movie. But still enjoyable. Silly, but fun. The story is thin, but who cares? You're some special commando guy, who's unit attacked by some terrorist guy Mendoza's team. He wants to kill you, you must kill him, you know the score. You can use wide verierty of weapons: magnum, shotgun, AK-74, snipergun, rocket launcher, knifes. And you need it, because the enemy just roll out from bushes and cover, choppers try to shoot you in the head! Of course there's missions where you in a jeep or a boat as gunner. The feeling is 10 from 10! It's a short 4-5 hour game on hard difficulty (only easy and hard available), but you gonna joy every minutes! I recommend this who loves the Chrome Engine an od style FPS action games. It's really turn you off fow a couple hours. What else you want from a game?


An average horror FPS

FreeMan85 | Aug. 2, 2011 | Review of NecroVisioN Lost Company - PC

This is a prequel of the original NecroVision game. You play the role of Jonas Zimmermann, a scientist who want to cure the deaseae which infected both ally and enemy soldier in 1916. You must fight through yourself monstaers, demons, living deads and who know what Hellish creatures. Authentic World War I weapons help you and you can also use a pistol-granate or melee weapon combo. You can also make special attacks fur Fury, which helps you run faster or slow down the time. The story is a little thick at the beginning, but the end... not bad. There's many secret area in the maps, good idead to find them for armor or special weapons! You can also drive planes and tanks. The graphics a little unpolished, if you set everything to max start totstutter, and if you lwer the settings it's looks like an '90 DOS game. Of course my rig are a little weak. The sound voice acting and effects mediocre. Maybe horror and other occult/paranormal like game fans will join. It's not that bad, one playthrough surely worth.


Scarier than Doom3, colder than Lost Planet

FreeMan85 | July 27, 2011 | Review of Cryostasis - PC

Cryostasis is a great game with fresh and new gameplay. Most of the AAA developers don't dare make something new, so if you want something new search other devs' game. Set on the Artic on a dead icebreaker ship the game gave you the claustrophic feeling like no other game. Cold, alone, mystery, fear. You're character has the special ability to see and control a dead man (or animal) last memories and with it change the past! In your way you will encounter weird men and creatures and in the beginning you don't have much weapon. A real survivor horror feeling, when you finally have a weapon you don't find much ammo. :) So even with better weapon you don't feel safe. The story also give you enough scary moments, till you learn what happened with the ship and the crew. I recommend this game to everyone! Or if you like different games what you used it, or like survivor horror type games. The game only setback is it sysreq, you need a powerful Pc to run at max, but trust without fancy graphics and PhysX thi game rocks!


A different type Sonic game...

FreeMan85 | July 21, 2011 | Review of Sonic Spinball - PC

Sonic meets spinball. Of course the earlier games use similar type of... gameplay, but in Sonic Spinball there's to only way. It's not bad, but not sure you gonna like it. The maps feels like you in the sewer and the spinball elements like... Vegas.


A classic

FreeMan85 | July 21, 2011 | Review of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - PC

Sonic 2 The Hedgehog was the first to my SEGa console back in the '90s. I really liked it, it was fun. Various type of levels and your not alone, Tails is always follow, even if he's die a few times. A friend also can play with Tails on split screen. Just spin and get those rings! and save the cute little animals from the evil Dr. Robotnik!


Welcome to the Borderlands, stranger!

FreeMan85 | July 21, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

Borderlands is more like Grindhouse style western game, than a sci-fi action game. You serach your luck on Pandora, a desert planet which filled monsters, bandit,s mercs, bounty hounters and who knows what else. You can choose from 4 characters Brick - he's the brawn; Lilth - she's hot and use phasewalk skill; Mordecai - he's silent type and the sniper; Roland - the soldierboy. You can earn skill points and use them for various skills upgrade. You can also pick up skill specific upgrade which give you health boost, bigger clip size or better team healing. There's also upgrade for granades and skills, techncly you fully customize your character. More fun if you can play with friends online with different characters. Oh, yes the loot system. It's truly give you always a new type of weapon or stuff. Or you can buy them. Recommend you if you like western style game or the comic books like graphics. The graphics are truly amazing, you don1t need a hih-end PC for run on max settings, trust me.


A hardcore RTS game

FreeMan85 | July 19, 2011 | Review of XIII Century Death or Glory - PC

This RTS is not builded to the usual RTS tradition. In XIII Century you can build buildings nor units, what you've got is what you've use it. All mission starts with an army and with specific commands you've defeat the enemy. It's very hard, you must careful not to destroy to much from your army, because if you loose a certain number your whole army surrenders! There's many historical battles with info, if you like history. The graphics are very good, even if you zoom in the units. I recomend this game only for hardcore RTS players, who has a good tactic an patient.


On of the most atmospheric game

FreeMan85 | May 27, 2011 | Review of BioShock - PC

BioShock is simply the best FPS of... maybe the decade. OK, the graphics maybe not beats Crysis or not that complex like thw Witcher or... But the game's feeling and style are simply unmatched! You feel like you in the '50s. The songs, the art deco design, the posters, the ads... the whole art design is perfect. Of course the story is great too, gives you a few twists and suprises. Graphics it's nice, even if runs with Unreal 2.5 - and not Unreal3, like many people think, me to. And the score of Garry Schymann is simply amazing, t's sad, but give the perfect tone for every moment. And the voice actors give an outstanding performance, cause the most of the time you dn't see the characters just their picture at the radio. Star Trek fans may recognize Armin Shimerman (Quark) as Andrew Ryan. If you want a emmorable and higly replayable game buy his one. Play it anytime it will turn you off a few hours.


The Best Tomb Raider game

FreeMan85 | May 10, 2011 | Review of Tomb Raider Legend - PC

The game full with action, humor, beautiful graphics, nice score, excellent voice acting and some puzzles. Yes, maybe only setback to the die hard fans: lesser puzzle elements. Of course still got a few, but not to hard, so new TR players won't get stuck instantly. The new interactive cinemtaic action scenes (don't know what else I can call) the best thing a game ever has. In normally come the cinemtic and you watch it. Not it TR Legend! Come the cinematic (rendered) and come the action, to achieve Lara right moves you must use the left, rght, up, down, jump or fire buttons. It's easy, it's fun. Another good thing is Zip and Alister is online with you all the time. Zip is the computer geek, his the cool guy. Alister the historian expert, his kinda intelectual guy. Anyway they are the freat couple. Another good point is Lara get a new dress to every new level or location. After finish a game we even choose her dress and we can unlock new ones. The only negative is the game crash at another half if next-gen enabled. Of course the game looks fine without it, but sad Crystal never fixed this issue. If you never play Tomb Raider game pickup this one. You'll love it!


A great sequel

FreeMan85 | May 10, 2011 | Review of BioShock 2 - PC

A great game almost as good as the first one. More action, new plasmids, new enemies and new places in Rapture to explore! The singleplayer has a rude, but touchy story with a few twist. The multiplayer is great. Not just run and shoot, it's called Fall of Rapture with a little introduction video and an aparment where you can customize your character, see he leadorboard or simply feel Rapture, a place whre you want to live. And GFWL give you achievemnets and 2(!) free DLC, Kill 'em Kindly and The Protector Trials.


AVP a game for the fans

FreeMan85 | May 10, 2011 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Requiem - PC

This game got almost anything like a fan want it! The Marine campaign catch the Aliens feeling... in the first half of the game, then catch the Predator feeling. We can fight dozen of Alien drones, the Queen, the Predator and the Weyland-Yutani's battle androids. In the Alien campaign we play Six, a specially "trained" Alien drone, study buy K.B. Weyland himself. After an accident we escape and slaughter labtechs, marines, Predators. The Predator campaign the best, we control an Elite Warrior to find out what happened on an ancient temple. We can hunt for marines, Aliens and the deadly PredAlien (aka The Abomination). The games has some sideback. Need a strong PC for maximum graphics, but on normal setting looks good. The Predator weapon arsenal feels a little small after AVP2. Alien campaign a little short, Pred also but it's got many action, so it's feel epic even if it short. The multiplayer is a little dead and need many hours to practice it. The "E kills" is very annoying, many players use it. The game also has a Suvival mode - like AVP1 - sadly only have 2 maps and can be played by Marine only, but it can be played alone or three friends. The good points: a lot of movie moments from all 3 franchise, great score, Steam ahcievements (movie connected names), Pyramid multiplayer map!


Dungeon Siege in the space

FreeMan85 | April 28, 2011 | Review of Space Siege - PC

Maybe not the best sci-fi RPG or game, but it's not that bad like peoples saying. OK, I'll start with the good parts. It's a sci-fi story about alien forces attacks Earth and destroy it! We're a soldier on the last escaped colony ship, of course the aliens tap on to the ship an attacking it's crew. And after a cryo sleep - and a plan to eliminate all the aliens with some gas - we found ourselves on a dead ship. We found allies of course and a helping robot, new weapons and cybernetic implants. We also can upgrade our stuff with the collected points by defeated enemies. And we start to clean the ship sectoy by sector. It's more like a hack'n'slash then a RPG. The gameplay it's almost identical with Dungeon Sege, just a little simpler. And we control only one character and it's helper HR-V. Anyway HR-V just follows us and doing his job, handful little robot. :) The maps are big and fighting is fun, if you can learn and combine your weapons and special abilities. Sometimes you search new abilities or upgrade through the ship. If you like hack'n'slash, but fantasy it's not your style it's your game. Give a couple hours fun. But beware! It's not like Dead Space!