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Not what I expected

Freebird | Aug. 22, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution - PC

Well, here I go. I pre-ordered this game in a whim, as the main website stated it was a "HACKING SIMULATOR" that would revolutionise the franchise. It also stated it would have open world gameplay, upgradeable parts, and a slew of other things that made me salivate in anticipation. After playing through the full game, not only was I SEVERELY underwhelmed, I was also presented with the poignant fact that the dev had been lieing to us to such an extent that it was shameful. Not only that, but now when people ask for refunds or complain on his forums, he promptly deletes the threads and goes on a rampage saying that for ever unhappy consumer there are (according to his own words, mind you, and he is basically quoting steam numbers which I believe is illegal.) TENS OF THOUSANDS of faithful followers. Not ten, not eight, but plural TENS of thousands. His website is stagnating, nobody visitis it, forums on steam and other outlets absolutely simmer with hatred for the guys lies and rip-off charlatanry, yet he is confident that his mystical tens of thousands of avid fans will heave him above their heads and praise him as a god. Anyways, enough about that, on to the review. After playing through about two hours and finding NONE of what he talked about, as in , no simulation, no open ended gameplay. I uninstalled in disgust, but played a second time, as I had purchased the super expensive pre-order... I gave it another try just because the game cost me money and I honestly am in disbelief of the fact that the creator lied so much about what he was making. He touted it as a hardcore realistic hacking simulator with open world unscripted gameplay as well as other hackers that you could ally with.