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Bad Port, Good Game

Freyar | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

If only Namco had given From Software enough time and a better budget. Dark Souls is a great game that absolutely delivers on the PC crowd's demand for harsh, critically-thoughtful games. However, it is executed poorly as it is quite literally a rip from the Xbox 360. Don't expect anything magically better here. Mouse implementation is a bad alpha build, and keyboard controls are atrociously horrible. The UI itself fails to even distinguish which control set you are using. The video (discounting the very-useful fan-made hack to improve the internal resolution) is limited in exactly the same way it's console counterparts are, with GFWL used for it's multiplayer backbone. Sadly, because of it's ported nature, multiplayer security is extremely limited as well. Edited characters are fairly common, with the leaderboard dominated by a number of questionable-at-best characters. While all these negatives are disappointing, the game itself is absolutely stellar. It is exactly up the PC enthusiast's alley with a game that flat out punishes you for doing wrong and failing to pay attention to the subtle signs it gives you. Death is exceedly common in this game and essentially is just part of how it plays out. Combat is slower and more about timing your attacks, parries, ripostes and dodges just right. This is no Skyrim hack-and-slash and it is ALL the better for it. If you can grit your teeth enough to play with a controller and put in a few fixes, this game can be an absolute favorite, and in the end you get extra content on top of it.