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Greatest Recent Sim

Fudge | March 26, 2012 | Review of Rise of Flight Iron Cross Edition - PC

I've been playing the Sim for a few months now, and still have only taken down about 3 enemy aircraft. Yet I keep coming back to play. The dogfights are a lot more interesting than modern planes because of the great limitations of the Aircraft. For instance pulling up too quickly may cause your wings to snap off! The Guns can also Jam mid fire fight, and the fuel may not make it to your engine during some crazy manoeuvres, This version comes with 9 or so Aircraft. Each feels very different. Others can be bought on the Dev's own site. There are 2 campaigns to play through with others available to purchase. There is also the Dynamic campaign, where you pick a squadron and follow it through WWI. The multiplayer is also very fun. Players that have multi-seat planes can have human players take over the gunner positions to defend the craft. There is a few modes, but the one I play most is one where you must destroy / take over the other teams airfields. One thing I should stress is that you really need a joystick with rudder controls and is it quite possible that the Rise of Flight bug will grab you, never to let go.