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Borderlands with Zombies

FudgePoly | Sept. 15, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Disregarding the obvious similarities this game has towards Borderlands, they also share a very unfortunate feature - they both started out as HORRID console ports. Dead Island is still a poorly optimised port when played on the PC, and it needs to be patched - mouse controls are bonkers on some gaming mice, very limited options menu, no option to turn off co-op voice chat, forced options like FoV and motion blur... I am proud to say, however, that PC gamers and modders realised the potential in Dead Island and quickly started to mod the game until a proper patch is released. Having said that, this is a game that action RPG fans will NOT want to overlook. The co-op experience is rewarding, challenging and enjoyable (more-so when playing with friends, obviously) if you overlook the obvious flaws like forced voice chat, the combat is highly satisfying - nothing like chopping off a zombie's head with your machete mid-combat, and the character progression is clear and also quite satisfying. If you can get this game with a GMG coupon it would be best, paying more than 30-35 dollars for it feels like a scam at this point, even though modders have been able to mod many options like FoV and mouse control to allow for a proper PC experience. A game shouldn't give me so much trouble for my choice of gaming device. I gave it a 65 because I felt my score had to be just short of that green mark, to indicate that the experience is far from being good and satisfying from the get-go, but it is still worth having a look and trying out the game.


A solid indie!

FudgePoly | Sept. 15, 2011 | Review of Space Pirates And Zombies - PC

S.P.A.Z is an indie 2D top-down shooter, with some RPG elements. You start off with very small spaceship designs and through story progression and world exploration you can upgrade abilities and construct bigger, stronger ships. I don't like the fact that you can only get larger ships by progressing in the story (story missions sometimes reward additional spaceship hangars), but that's not a huge flaw. S.P.A.Z will keep you occupied for hours on end if you so choose, or give you a blast of fun for a short time, it can be played however you wish to play it. Exploring the vast, randomly generated universe is both rewarding (unlocks additional upgrades and experience points, and allows you to take the game at your own pace) and long enough to make the game meaty without making it tedious. If you want a fun semi-casual shooter or a good timewaster look no further!