Reviews by Furrek


Best Star Wars game.

Furrek | July 29, 2014 | Review of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (MAC)

First time I played Jedi Academy in 2003. I had bad internet then, so I just played single player campaign and it was great. So great and enjoyable, that I beat it on every possible settings. What makes this game really amazing are light saber battles. Sure, some says that battle mode in Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast was better, but I liked it more in Jedi Academy. So when I finally got better internet, I tried this game online. This game have infinite potential with online matches. Even after so many years, there are still active players that just love to fight with others. You can choose a single light saber, dual, or two light sabres. There is one thing that's also important when it come to battles - place, where you duel others. Do you have your favorite place from Star Wars movies? Don't worry, I'm sure it's available as map for Jedi Academy from community sites. Also the playerbase are nice, after many years only true fans are still playing it and they welcome any new player and teach them a thing or two about game and how to play better online. Sure, it's nothing lie it was few years ago, but still you won't have a trouble to find a players to play with together. I think Jedi Academy is the only game where i truly felt like I'm a Jedi, that's why I love this game.


Remake worth playing.

Furrek | July 29, 2014 | Review of Boulder Dash XL

Not sure if I can call this a remake, or a sequel, but I know one thing - that sure is Bolder Dash game that is worth playing. With so many levels (about 150) divided in different worlds, this game will last longer than for one night. Also, with so many modes, for example: time challenge, where you try to beat levels in specified time limit, to get silver or gold trophy. If I remember well, silver's not so hard to get, but for gold one you need to know level and every shortcut you can make to save some time. Online ranking makes this game even more replayable, if you are up for some competition. Also there is some retro for retro fans ;) This is the best, and probably only one, game that tried to revive legendary Boulder Dash. I think it went really well. Sure, it's not as good as legend itself, but still a great title that is worth every money and time spent in.


Race through heavens.

Furrek | July 29, 2014 | Review of SkyDrift Pack

So when it comes to racing games, everybody thinks about some F1, Need for Speed, Grid, or putthereanotherracinggame. All "grounded" games. How about moving to next level and make some races in the sky? This is what SkyDrift is. It's not some simulation racer or serious game. It's just a arcade racing game above ground. You will not only need to make it in first place, but also in one piece. There is tournament mode, survival and speedrace for single player. But that's not all. You can play this game also in multiplayer! This pack contains some bonuses, such as deathmatch and team deathmatch, where you don't need to be first, but just to kill everyone else. Other DLC is just a few planes, not sure if there is anything to say about it. Anyway, if you are looking for kind of other racing game, try it. I'm sure you will have some fun.


Pack of one of the best tycoon games.

Furrek | July 29, 2014 | Review of Tropico Reloaded

Tycoon, sim game, strategy or just dictator simulation... no matter how you will describe this game, the title says everything. Tropico, like tropic island. Tropico Reloaded is pack of 3 games: Tropico, expansion set for Tropico and Tropico 2. Those 3 games will manage to eat every free hours in your daily life. The options of how you can play in Tropico are many. You build and try (or not) to make your own people happy, provide them food and house, and try to make as much money as you can from tourist. There are plenty of scenarios but trust me, most fun in games like that are free play/sandbox mode, where you do whatever you want, building your own tropic empire to be to your like. Paradise Island (expansion for Tropico 1) give you even more buildings, new tourists and scenarios. As for Tropico 2, instead of selling your own products you are a pirate, plundering a innocent people and selling their goods. As for people catched... just ransom their families, or make they your own slaves! Tropico 2 is much different game from the first one, but it's also amazing. It will sure deliver thousands of hours, Tropico: Reloaded is must have for people that are looking for great tycoon games.


The best Discipless 3 you can get.

Furrek | July 29, 2014 | Review of Disciples III: GOLD

Disciples III Gold is pack of two games: Disciples III: Renaissance and Disciples III: Resurrection. They are as two in one. What's awesome in Disciples III Gold? Most of the errors and problems with both Disciples 3 games were fixed. It have many hours of good gameplay - ever played Disciples I, or Disciples II? The 3rd one is also great. Not exacly better, I guess it's the same case as Heroes of Might and Magic, where 3rd game is something that will never get a better sequel. Disciples is still the same game - playing one of factions you are fighting with others in the land of Nevendaar. In my opinion, Disciples III looks similar to Heroes of Might and Magic 5. So if you are fan of this game, or just a Disciples fan, get it and play it. You will not beat this game in one day, even one whole week will be not enough. That's a great thing, in a times when games are just few hours long.


Developers forgot how to make tycoon games.

Furrek | July 29, 2014 | Review of Airline Tycoon 2

PC gaming ten years ago was much more better if it comes to tycoon games. Now all we get are some sequels, that are trying to be better but are just worse. As fan of first Airline Tycoon game, I didn't like this one much. It doesn't feel like good, old Airline Tycoon. Maybe if it had different title, I could play it as another tycoon game, but I had a high expectations and was disappointed. I feel like whole game is just a big joke - not a real planes, very long loading time even on a great machines, DLCs that gives you a feel that they were part of game from the beggining but cut off for some, I guess money, reason and ugly 3D graphics. Kalypso might like having fun with doing 3D experiments, but that's not what makes a game playable. The only sad thing is, there are not much old tycoon games avaible to buy, so we are somehow forced to play games like that. Well, if someone is hungry for tycoon game and will play anything - noone other I can recommend this... game.


Had more fun with the first one.

Furrek | July 28, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 (MAC)

This is just my review about this game, keep that in mind.

Borderlands 2 is a game where there is more of new everything. Starting from new character classes, which I don't find any more unique than the ones from Borderlands 1. New gun system? I had more fun with weapons from Borderlands 1. Not sure what's new here, because there was already weapons with fire, electricity and other elementals, maybe just one or two things that are other, but I don't think it will make a whole gun system "new". Maybe I wasn't so lucky, or haven't played long enough (is about 50 hours long enough?) but I didn't managed to notice and millions of weapons combinations - most of them were same, or slightly better, no drastic changes. Story is just fine, only Handsome Jack was an interesting character. Well, at least to the certain moment which was... lame. I don't want to spoil anything, so I can't say that, but if you will reach a end of game you will see. So before everybody will eat me, I must tell that DLCs for this game is a different story. They are much more interesting, so far I did played 2 of them, but I have much more fun than playing Borderlands 2 main story. I'm sure that this game should be played by everyone - but some people might just not like this like first game. Just remember about one thing - just like in Borderlands 1 case, play it with friends only, or find some online friends. It's totally unplayable alone, because it's not game you want and you can play alone.


Not a typical RPG game.

Furrek | July 28, 2014 | Review of 99 Spirits

Sure, there are RPG elements, but I wouldn't call this game a pure RPG one. What's really interesting in 99 Spirits is fight system. You are dealing damage, defend yourself and when monster's HP is gone, you need to write down a name of this monster in order to get rid of him. It's not that simple, and the only way to identify a monster is by some hints that you are getting from certain skill, but that what's fun in this game. The characters and monsters are well drawn, music is amazing and voices - if you are fan of japanese voices then you can play with them turned on! 99 Spirits is a game for many hours, there is even a DLC avaible. This game might interest people who loves japanese folklore, or are simply looking for some nice and unique game. I'm glad that after many years of playing games there are still developers that have a fresh ideas and can put them in games.


Everybody loves worms.

Furrek | July 28, 2014 | Review of Worms

They are pink, wriggly and very, very dangerous. Since the beggining of Worms series this game had one objective - total war. No matter if you have played new Worms games, it still same fun playing - with friends, or with computer player. Sure, it's not fun to play with AI, but since this one don't have multiplayer option and finding some friend in real life that love good old Worms would be hard, it's the only way to enjoy this game. Getting this game for the purpose of seeing how much Worms developed is also good idea. I mean, it's all remained same but was polished over the years. It's a hard work to make something good even better, and I think Team 17 is the best when it comes to that. I'm also glad that game that old make it one Steam - there are many players that just love classics, and having everything in one place is comfortable. Playing original Worms after so many years is just amazing.


Best Duke Nukem ever.

Furrek | July 27, 2014 | Review of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

First thing - it's back to the roots of game! Finally another Duke Nukem that is a great platform game. Second thing - it's in 3D! Ok, it doesn't look great, but still, it's Duke Nukem. Not matter how delivered, he is the king. Back in 2002, there was a special edition of this game in my country - it was with a t-shirt with Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project logo. This t-shirt was so comfortable and badass that I was wearing it until it was totally destroyed. Even kids at school were saying that it's a cool t-shirt - that's the power of Duke Nukem! About the game: 8 chapters divided in 3 parts, many bad guys to kill, some nice ladies to rescue. Like Duke Nukem would say: "Babes, bullets, bombs. Damn - I love this job!". Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project have quite nice base of quotes and references to some movies, songs or other games. My favorite is "Life is like a box of ammo.", which quote is from a... you can quess, because it's from movie that probably everyone saw. In my opinion, it's a game worth every price - for Duke Nukem fans ofcourse. If you aren't one, well, maybe you should change something in your life!


Good, but empty.

Furrek | July 26, 2014 | Review of Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

This game was something few years ago. There were tons of servers and people to play with, but not it's just kind of empty. Maybe, if you have a friends to play with, or play in time when other fans of Red Orchestra are playing, then you might consider getting it. Sadly, most of players moved to Red Orchestra 2. But anyway, about Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 - it's a hell of hard game and even more to get good at it. It's not like other online FPS games, it's more realistic. With every new kill you will feel satisfaction, not like in games where in one respawn you kill half of enemy's team. What I love in this game are authentic weapons - when you use them, you feel the power they hold. Maps are cool and big enough to have some fun, and they are also different from all these games with few rooms where they close players and they make just meaningless slaughter. If you feel like trying out this old multiplayer game, do it. But be prepared that you might have hard time finding somebody to play with. There are some communities, so you will need to look around to find them. Tihs is only reason for my 60/100 for this game, if there wasn't problem with emptiness, then I would gladly give this game a 80-90/100.


Day when WW2 ended in games.

Furrek | July 26, 2014 | Review of Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ (MAC)

I really loved Call of Duty set up on World War 2. These games were amazing. At first I was sceptical about Modern Warfare, but turned out that there wasn't need for that. It's great game. Many players will tell that it was when Call of Duty started to fall, but I don't think so. It's great title and worth playing, have great story, cool characters and what's important - have amazing multiplayer. It's game from 2007 but still have a pretty big and active multiplayer community. Going back to story in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the only thing I can complain is time you need to beat game - when I first played it, if I'm not mistaken it was on normal difficult level, I beat the game in 4 hours. Not something you would expect from any game. If you count the time to beat game on other, harder difficult levels, then it's not bad. Still, MW1 started to be game focused on multiplayer, not a game for single player. If you don't plan to play this online, and you don't beat games few times on harder difficult levels, then I'm not sure if buying this is great deal. Maybe, if you are Call of Duty fan, or looking for something for one night. Otherwise, look around, there are plenty of longer games with more options for one player.


Great memories.

Furrek | July 25, 2014 | Review of Fallout® Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

I do remember playing it back when this game was out. This is probably ma favorite Fallout game. As kid, I didn't understand well what should do and where I need to go in Fallout 1 and 2, but this one is easier to get into. Some people call it the worst of Fallout games, well, everyone have their own opinions. Anyway about Fallout Tactics, playing in turn modes this one was great. You could, like even title says, play it tactical.

You don't need to rush anywhere, you can set your own pace and explore Fallout Tactics world, which is pretty big. What is also great, is multiplayer. I'm not sure if you are still able to play online, but I had really good time playing this game on GameSpy Arcade. There were tons of players, even clans, playing in teams and fighting each other. You could run on each other, stealthy approach enemy or just camp in some building waiting for targets. Even if you are fan of Fallout 1 or 2, or maybe of some of new Fallout games, this one is worth playing. It's one of these series that every game is at least worth checking, because you never know - maybe you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Great and kinda old game.

Furrek | July 25, 2014 | Review of Painkiller: Black Edition

I got Painkiller: Black Edition, when it wasn't Black. I mean, few years ago both games were realesed separately. It was made by developers from my country, so it was Day 1 buy for me. When first time I played Painkiller I was simply happy - it was something that I never experienced before. Game is so well made, that there isn't anything you can complain about. It sure is dark and have horror atmosphere, filled with fast and enjoyable action, making every next level more enternaining. Painkiller have this one weapon, not sure how it's called in english, but it could fasten your enemy's to walls. God, how many hours I spent just doing that. My all time favorite thing in Painkiller will be weapons - there are few to choice, but if I remember well, every weapon have two ways to use it. You can also play this on really demaning difficult level, so if you are looking for challenge, some fun game, with great weapons - Painkiller: Black Edition is for you. It comes with normal Painkiller and Battle out of Hell, which is even more hard and fun to play.


Better than first one.

Furrek | July 25, 2014 | Review of Poker Night 2

Poker Night 2 is way better than first game. Why? It's simply - it's just better. Starting from beggining, it's still fun and casual poker game. In my opinion, this one have better characters - or maybe it's because I know all of them. Anyway, the second game have a few more options and something that will make you win easier. Drinks. Lot of them. You can order drinks for your opponents and they will be more likely to make some mistakes. In Poker Night 2 you can also unblock some items, but not only for Team Fortress 2, but also for Borderlands 2! Fans of both games should be happy with this. If you liked the first Poker Night, I'm sure you will like this one too.


My favorite GTA in 3D.

Furrek | July 9, 2014 | Review of Grand Theft Auto III

Let me say that I have played every PC Grand Theft Auto games. And this, Grand Theft Auto III, is my favorite one. Why? Maybe because it was first GTA game in full 3D. I remember when I tried to run this on Pentium 2, with some old graphic card and 256mb RAM. I know that I met some, but not all, system requirments, but it still was all time stuck on loading screen. I was weird kid, because I did even prayed to God for this to run on my old PC. After some time I finally was able to play it, and it was the first game that I played on new gaming rig. First impression? "Best game ever". Really, I spent many thousand of hours playing Grand Theft Auto 3. Sadly, I never managed to 100% complete it. I always loved to starting riot on the road, or covering myself in some nice place and killing people with sniper riffle. Or just hitting them with car. Music in this one is really good. To be honest, every GTA game have great soundtracks. Flashback 95.6 and DJ Toni FTW! I can't imagine that everyone will love this game. Maybe, if you want to see how the first 3D GTA was, or you just love to playing old games. This game was out in 2002, and it was something amazing for the gaming world. But, that's Rockstar. Everytime they realease a new GTA game it become something wonderful.


Worse than first Red Faction, but still good shooter.

Furrek | July 9, 2014 | Review of Red Faction II

Red Faction II is worse than original. Why? It just became a normal fps game. Remember what maked Red Faction 1 so great? Second game is missing this all. Another very bad thing is, that this game doesn't have multiplayer. Sure, you can play against BOTS, but that's all. Don't get mistaken by "multiplayer" on steam store or here. You can't call that multiplayer, if you can't play it online. The console version of this game had split-screen, so you could play it with friends together (in this so called "multiplayer" option), but sadly PC version doesn't have something like that. For the story, it's decent, I liked Red Faction 1 more. You can compare the sequel of Red Faction with the F.E.A.Rs sequels - it's not what original was, but if you are fan, you should play it. Well, Red Faction 2 is also nothing like new Red Faction games, so I guess only fans of the old RF will have some fun. Also, if you like some old school shooters, grab it.


Classic multiplayer game that will never die.

Furrek | July 7, 2014 | Review of Counter Strike

This game was played everywhere, by everyone. Like, if you are a gamer, and you like multiplayer games, there is no way that you have never played Counter Strike. It's suprising simply game, but everything depend on two things: First one - your own skill. This was my probably first game, and Counter Strike is probably one of not many games where skill counts not your wallet, where individual skill of every player is so important. Another thing is teamwork. It's team versus team game. You can play 6vs6, or even 12vs12, depend on server that you are playing one. Sure, you can kill everyone in enemy's team, but it will require very high skill. You can't go wrong with Counter Strike. It's just a perfect online game. If you will get bored (in which I doubt), there are few interesting mods. You don't need to trust my, or other gamers, reviews. It's a Valve game. They know how to make great games.


Fine for co-op purpose.

Furrek | July 5, 2014 | Review of Borderlands

When I first time saw Borderlands it was advertised as "Diablo as FPS game", or something like that. It was few years ago so I don't remember it well, but that was a reason for me to pick up this game. So when I did, at first I had great time. I didn't played it alone, so the fun was doubled. Finding new weapons with random stats and colors, getting new levels, skills, fighting harder and harder enemies - yup, for a time it seemed like FPS Diablo game. Well, the only thing is, this game is only fun when you are playing with friends. Playing alone this game would be so boring. It's one of these games where you just need someone to play with. After finishing this game for the first time I tried to play a bit alone and I was bored. As for the game, it's not like it's amazing, one in a kind etc. It's just a fun co-op title, that you will enjoy. You might want to check the DLCs, because they were more fun then main game.


Many great memories.

Furrek | July 5, 2014 | Review of Actua Soccer 3

I remember that I got this game with some magazine. It was many years ago, and I'm sure that it won't work on new computers. How is steam version? Well, you still can have problems with running that, but if you aren't using Windows 8 then you might get it. About game, well, it's soccer. This was my first, and my last, soccer game that I really did enjoyed. I still remember that I tried to shoot some goals with goalkeeper and I did. There was also this strange bug, where you could get a score from the side of goal. Not sure if I could find it now, maybe it got patched, but still have many great memories about this game. That's all. I can't recommend it to new players. Maybe if you are fan of 90's soccer, or you have played it long time ago. It's also a fine game for fans of old games. In other cases, just get yourself a fifa or pro evolution soccer game.


Childhood memories.

Furrek | July 5, 2014 | Review of Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection

Not exacly a great memories for a child but remember, that it's just a game. I often played this game with my friends. We liked to beat each other (in game) and see liters of blood coming out of fighters bodies. My favorite was always Sub-Zero. It's great that I can play these games once again, after many years. It's almost flawless pack, but one thing... Games for Windows Live. If you don't mind going a massive troubles with this sad service, then get this pack. You might enjoy once again this great fighting game, and sequels. New players, that missed era when Mortal Kombat was something you just must have played, will probably not enjoy old fighting games at all. But still, if you are interested what's Mortal Kombat is, there is a new one, that will probably suit nowaday players more.


Another great co-op, another sad game in series.

Furrek | July 5, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil 6

Starting from bad things, Jake Muller is a biggest mistake Capcom ever made. Why? Well, you will probably need to play this game to know this, and I'm sure that you can agree with me. Another is that once again we see same characters. Resident Evil universum have many interesting characters - why use always same? I wouldn't mind seeing Claire, Barry, Billy (from RE Zero) or Rebecca. Why it is once again Leon and Chris? The next thing that RE6 is missing any puzzles. I don't really remember any, and I did completed this game few times playing each scenario. So starting with good things, you can play 3 main scenarios and 1 mini one in RE6. That means, even if you didn't liked one, you might like another. Each scenario is different from another. Cooperation is great as always, and it is probably the only way to enjoy this game. Story is decent, but bosses are great. Well, I find them great, they remind me of some other big mutant that were in past RE series. If I'm not mistaken, this Resident Evil game is also the first one where you can shoot and run. I didn't liked it. You should play Resident Evil 6 if you have a partner to coop games. If you don't have one, maybe you are looking for good action game? But only, if you are looking for pure action, not for some nice story etc. At least, try it if you are a fan of new RE series.


Warning! This game can be addicting!

Furrek | July 4, 2014 | Review of Sid Meier's Civilization® V

I think I never was fan of Civilization series, or maybe I never had enough time to start and sit a bit more than hours or two. Not so long ago I tried 5th Civilization game. In one sitting I played this game for 8 hours. 3 out of 8 hours in tutorial - because I was in need to know everything and there was nothing I didn't knew in normal game. Rest of them was my first campaing. I did choose a small map, because of time, and completed it in first sitting. After this time I know one thing - this game is so addicting! Each turn maybe don't take so much time, and you are just playing next one, and next one, and maybe one more, when the thought comes into your mind: "Holy cow, it's really this late?". If you have a real life, you are going to school or work, don't try to play this game. Do it after, or maybe on weekends. It will really eat many hours from your life. This game can be played as long as you want, and multiplayer sessions seems like never ending story...


Casual and funny poker game.

Furrek | July 4, 2014 | Review of Poker Night at the Inventory

This game is only funny when you know the characters that you are playing poker with. I knew 3 out of 4 characters and I got most of lines, but still without knowing all characters and where are they from, this game will be just a casual, not interesting poker game. There is another reason that might get your into buying this game. In Poker Night at the Inventory you can win items that can be used in... Team Fortress 2! It's a great thing for collectors, you can not only get to see Heavy and how good (or bad) he is at cards, but also you will earn some items. If you are looking just for a poker game, and you are not interested in getting some nice items for your Team Fortress 2 characters, then you can skip this game. There are better titles for serious poker games. I'm not sure if they are on steam, but you can always look around.


Not bad, but still...

Furrek | July 4, 2014 | Review of Worms Crazy Golf

I can't say that everyone will have fun playing this game. If you aren't Worms fan then don't even think about this game. It have everything that was crazy in normal worms game, but maked in golf game. Worms Crazy Golf have quite nice set of levels and you can play also with your friends online. Well, but they need to like Worms too. People that might look for some "funny" golf game or just a golf game will be dissapointed. It's fans only warriation of Worms, with few nice features. Customization option and replayability for this game are nice. I played this game for more than 20 hours, so I can say that it was well spent money. I could played it a bit more, but finding someone to play with is really hard. Fans of Worms! Get yourself a copy, or two if you have a Worms maniac friend, and play it. Others might want to stick with original, or just look for other games.


Good platformer.

Furrek | July 2, 2014 | Review of Superfrog HD

It's been so many years since original. Playing this game as kid I don't remember it well. I don't have any way to compare it by myself. Still, I do remember some of level desings. Maybe they are not perfect in remake, but still old fans of SUperfrog would recognize some things. For those who don't know what Superfrog is - it's simply and cool platformer, where as Superfrog you collecting coins and other stuff to complete levels. It's not a long game, but still fun to play. Steam version of Superfrog HD have achievements, so if you are into hunting and 100% the game - you will have double fun. It's great thing to see that more old games are getting remakes, or they are at least getting support to be playable on modern machines. We can't let die classic games. Mostly they were the reason we became a gamers, right?


Great co-op game.

Furrek | July 1, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil 5

So this is, if I'm not mistaken, first Resident Evil game that can be played with two players. I haven't played this alone, so I can say how this game is for lone players, but if you have a friend or family member to play with - DO IT. It's amazing - this is kind of games that I want to play with others. Much fun, great action, even more fun on harder difficult setting. There is even MERCENARIES FOR TWO PLAYERS. I think I spent around 250 hours in both - ending the game on every possible difficult setting and trying to be the best in mercenaries. As for the story... well... it have Chris... and... oh yeah, there is a Jill... Wesker trying to destroy the world... I'm happy to see my favorite characters once again but not like that. If you are fan of old RE series then you know what I mean. I can't think of this game as part of Resident Evil series, so let's just say that it's great action game for two players - nothing more.


Endless fun with zombies.

Furrek | July 1, 2014 | Review of Left 4 Dead 2

This is good Left 4 Dead, but now with number 2. It have few improvements that first Left 4 Dead game didn't have. First, and I think the most important thing - steam workshop. There are plenty of maps, characters and other stuff for Left 4 Dead 2. Players are making all the time maps so the fun is unlimited. Second - melee weapons. Now you can cut the heads off zombies with katana, or hit them with frying pan. Third - it have content from first Left 4 Dead game. I still think that owning both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 is not bad idea, but if you don't like to spend money twice for "almost" same thing - almost, because Left 4 Dead 2 have only maps and characters from the first game, then go with that one. There are many people's playing this game online, so if you don't have a friends to play with, I'm sure you will find some.


Operation: Destroy everything.

Furrek | July 1, 2014 | Review of Red Faction

The first time I played this game I was amazed. I didn't started normal game or tutorial, but started with glass house. This was the first game I have played that allowed me to destroy environment. So I did tunnel and started the real game. They way you could fight Ultor was amazing. I mean, on begin there is a big vehicle - you can destroy it with bazooka, but this is not only way. It's standing on a rock bridge, so you can destroy what's supporting bridge and make vehicle fall into hole. Also, sometimes you can find very interesting things by not following the main route. Multiplayer was also amazing. You could dig your own tunnels and sit there using a railgun (it's a weapon that show what's behind walls and when fired it went throught everything). It's already old game, but still have active multiplayer scene. Red Faction is the only game that I did speedrun. Well, it only shows how much I liked this game to do something like that. If you are not allergic to old games, play this great title. It's worth everything, there are no games like that nowadays.


Born of a legendary zombie game.

Furrek | June 30, 2014 | Review of Left 4 Dead

I have always loved zombies - in books, movies, games. My favorite, and only acceptable kind were slow zombies. Like, you are faster, you can run from them, but still they are dangerous. Left 4 Dead was my first time with "running" zombies. At first I couldn't get into this game - it was just strange. It's strange for zombies to running instead of walking. I think the moment I have played this game online I was in love. It's one of games where teamwork, with real players, is most important and most fun. When you are trying with others to make out from this hell alive. You can still play this game with computer players, but this is not fun at all. So about Left 4 Dead, it have amazing characters. I like them all. Maps, and campaings in whole, are great to play. There are not many of them, but have awesome replayability. You can play them all the time, on different difficult settings. And the hardest one is really hard, even for whole team of experienced players. Fun fact: this game was my reason for making account on steam. Get Left 4 Dead, play it, love it. There is also Left 4 Dead 2, but people are still playing this game. If i'm not mistaken, second game have everything from the first one, so you might check Left 4 Dead 2 before buying this one.


Duke Nukem - the beggining.

Furrek | June 28, 2014 | Review of Duke Nukem

When I talked once to my friend he said that he started his adventure with Duke Nukem from the very first game. I was happy to hear that, until he told me that it was similar to Wolfenstein 3D. Whaaat? Platformer Duke Nukem games sure are old, and some people might not know that everything started from this platform game. Is it worth checking, when the most popular Duke Nukem games are 3D and this "Forever" thing? Of course. Simply, it's Duke Nukem. He was awesome from the very beggining. It's also a great platform game from old times. Sure, it looks "old", but the only thing that never get old is fun from playing. And trust me, Duke Nukem is great fun. That's the game when this epic man was born. Treasure it!


Not only for fans of metal.

Furrek | June 28, 2014 | Review of Brutal Legend

I'm not a fan of metal music. Sure, sometimes I do listen to it, but it's not like I'm a fan of it. You don't need to be on in order to enjoy this game. Sure, if you are fan of metal you will probably enjoy it more than I did. It have one of greatest soundtracks ever. 108 metal songs. Sounds nice, right? I was so suprised and happy to hear Through the Fire and Flames in this game. That was really awesome. The characters are fun and likeable, the story is enjoyable too. Like some players said before, it could be more polished, but still is a great game. If you are looking for some "music" game that isn't a rhytm game, play it. If you are fan of metal, you probably played it already - if not, do it right now. The only sad thing is that not many gamers heard about this game and some didn't even checked it. Too bad, because games like that makes my life as gamer really fun.


Quite good platformer shooter.

Furrek | June 28, 2014 | Review of Bad Bots

I can say it's not a great game. I did completed it once and hunted for all achiements but not sure if I will play it again. There is nothing that you can do once finished game. Sure, there is a challenge mode where you try to score as much points as possible in short time, but there isn't any world ranking. So if you wanna to compare stats with friends or some other players, the best you can do is upload screenshoot and pray if somebody is even checking them. About the game - it's not so long, it's a fun for one time. There are few nice weapons, and killing the robots is also fun. The only thing what I just wanted to be in this game is minimap - I had few moments where I had no idea where I was. It's not a big deal, but some players might have problem with that. If you are fan of retro-styled platformer shooters you can play it, but that's the only group of players I can recommend this game for 100%.


In short: gem.

Furrek | June 27, 2014 | Review of Psychonauts

Let me say at first one thing. I haven't played Psychonauts as kid, I haven't played it when it was out in 2005. I did heard about game, but never cared to check what it is. Well, I think I would have much more fun than nowadays, but this game is still simply gem as platformer. It's really well done, challenging and simply fun. It's one of these games with awesome experience while playing. It's not only platformer, but it's mix called puzzle platformer. And puzzles in this one are not easy. Maybe I did get old, but trust me, some of them will really make your brain hard work. The story is great, characters fun to talk to. If I'm not mistaken, it have some little tutorial at beggining, but after you are on your own. Maybe because of how games are made nowadays, I felt sometimes lost on the map.

If you are looking for good platformer, some game where you could use some thinking, or simply for some great game from old school - get it and play it. It's a game for long time, you won't finish it in one sitting or one night.


Sequel to a great game.

Furrek | June 26, 2014 | Review of Payday 2

The best thing (at least for now) in Payday 2 is that this game is full of players. As I'm writing this review there are 36,386 steam users playing Payday 2. That's a lot of players, isn't it? You won't have problem finding games and players to play with. Another good thing is that Payday 2 is getting more and more DLCs. Some might say that it's bad thing, but it keep players in the game. Some may get bored after hundreds of hours playing, and people will be happy with new content. It's same fun as Payday 1. I mean, yeah, it's better, have more options and if it will go like that this game will have a playable multiplayer for many years. The only thing that I don't really like are DLC weapons, but well, in today's gaming world it's normal thing, so all we can do is deal with it. Anyway, if you are looking for a great multiplayer experience, grab Payday 2.


Classic gem.

Furrek | June 22, 2014 | Review of Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire

I remember my first time with JA2. Why I don't have and haven't found any ammo for my weapons? Why I don't have any money for mercenaries? Why are the enemies are attacking my sectors all the time? How do I win this game? As a kid, I had no idea how all this things work. Few years later I managed to play this game again and I was suprised. This game have so many options. You don't have unlimited ammo in your weapons - to find it is really rare, so you can order it from special website. You need to earn money by having mines (and something else that I don't remember well), but these sectors will be attacked all the time. In order to keep it, you will need to train civilians, so they could fight the enemies. The map is big, and exploring it all is so much challenge and fun. You will met not only enemies, but also a few NPCs that can be hired. I love the small details in this game - if there is a wardrobe, or a refrigerator staying in kitchen, you can open it and find sometimes something useful. The enemies also are really smart. You will need to have a great tactic to take over some sectors.

If you don't care about in which year game came out and about old, but still great looking, graphics and you are looking for some games that you can play for really long time, this is a good choice. Doesn't matter if Wildfire, or original Jagged Alliance 2, both are worth playing.


Not sure what expected, got much fun.

Furrek | June 22, 2014 | Review of Mafia II

I picked it up when there was a rewards on playfire for this game. I'm not sure what I was expected, but got so much fun. I don't remember the first Mafia game very well, but I spent almost 10 hours in this one in one sitting. The story totally sucked me in. Characters in this game are amazing. Atmosphere of 40s and 50s are something great. The almost very begin part of game is set up in winter, and when I was walking around saw a guy that slipped on ice. It's not much, but that left me with big smile on my face. Also, the music. I just love music from these times. Not sure what more there will be for me after finishing this game, but I guess I will go hunt for playboy magazines. It's a nice way to reward collectible hunters with something more than just plain numbers. This game should be played by everyone - it's a good game, worth every price and time spent in. Not sure how DLCs are, since I haven't played them yet, but if they give a bit more to the story then I will be sure to get them.


Cute Mario clone.

Furrek | June 22, 2014 | Review of Eryi's Action

This game looks like it was inspired by Super Mario. Well, this is truth but not exacly. There was a fan game made which was also inspired by Mario game. I don't remember right now what the title of this was, but you was a cat that was trying to complete stage filled with tons of traps. This is what Eryi's Action is. You will die here many times, replaying stages over and over. What is worth mentioning, that this game have a best trap ever. I won't tell what it is, because it would spoil the fun, but you would never guess where a trap can be placed in this "trapformer". Also, it's cute to watch how Eryi dies. She can be also stripped out of her cloths. Get it if you enjoy platformers, trapformers, or any kind of Mario clones. You won't regret it.


Fun mix.

Furrek | June 22, 2014 | Review of The Basement Collection

For low price you are getting a really great and fun to play games. There are 9 games in total, but Meat Boy is probably the most popular. Even as prototype game it's great fun. There is just one thing that destroys this perfection. Optimization. Even on great machines, these games can be slow and laggy. Not everyone is like that, but sadly the best one (in my opinion) Meat Boy have this problem. There won't be realesed any patches for this, not sure why but well. You might be the lucky one and have everything working fine. For a collection there are plenty of things to unlock - if you are interested in Edmund McMillen works, this collection is for you. If you are looking for some nice indie games - you should also check it. Each game is different from another so you won't get bored. Also, like I said, it have original Meat Boy! For this game alone the full price, which is low, The Basement Collection is worth getting.


Forever Early Access Title.

Furrek | June 22, 2014 | Review of Gravi

The last time I did played Gravi was in february 2014, but I do remember this game was avaible much earlier on steam. So, few months passed and this game is still as early access game. Even the latest update was in early 2014. I remember this game advertised on few websites and forums, it looked like the guy(s) who made this game really care about this work.

Anyway, about the game. It's challenging and annoying in same time. Controls are probably made to be used only in controller, not keyboard. This game is also a bit bugged. And the most annoying probably are random achievements showing when playing. Like, you haven't reached some lvl and achievement for this level just showed up. Since there is no info about any update I guess there wasn't any. It's a shame, since I'm waiting for this game to have everything fixed and then wanna have fun. I know this is how early access works, but waiting half year for some mirror fixes? C'mon...

If you are looking for challenging, but still decent in terms of gameplay, platformer, and you don't have a problem with a few bugs that can make it harder to enjoy your game, you should get it.


Nothing special in this genre.

Furrek | June 21, 2014 | Review of Cities in Motion 2

I remember when any kind of simulation and tycoon games used to were very good. Sadly this era ended, and now we have only pack of decent games. Cities in Motion 2 is one of these decent games. What it is? It's a game where you manage a transport network. What's fun about it? The most is map editor - you can build your own city in this game. You can also play with your friends. What's not fun about this game? Multiplayer option is terrible. You will spent more time having troubles with sync than playing. Gameplay could be a bit more interesing. I mean, building your own transport network is fun and all, but this game could be much more expanded, having more options and things to do while you are earning your money. If you are really looking for good simulation/tycoon games, try something older. Buying this game is kind of waste of money. There are also tons of not so cheap DLCs, that gives you almost nothing.


It will end bad.

Furrek | June 20, 2014 | Review of Guardians of Middle Earth

Releasing a DOTA/League of Legends clone that need to be paid in order to play, and also with more characters in DLC form, is madness. Even if this is Lord of the Rings MOBA game, it's not worth any price. There is my future vision for this game: free to play + characters in DLC or less and less popularity with shut down. Sadly, Guardiand of Middle Earth can't offer anything new and fresh to MOBA fans. Sure, there are people who love Lord of the Rings (even I do) and some will enjoy this game, but if you have played already LoL or DOTA 2 you won't find much fun in this game. After few matches you will get bored and see that either you are playing with team with only half alive players (the rest will be bots) or you will be seeing same players over and over. Well, maybe this is because I'm new, but it doesn't change the fact that this game is much less popular than 2 biggest players in this genre. I can recommend this game only for really big Lord of the Rings fans or maybe for people who haven't played any MOBA games yet.


Fresh breath in Resident Evil series.

Furrek | June 20, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil: Revelations

In my opinion, this is how the perfect example how next gen Resident Evil game should look like. It's mix of old Resident Evil and new one. I mean, this game have a really good and scary atmosphere. It also does look good. You almost can't tell that it is game from handheld system. The single player is challenging for playing first time and then on higher difficult level, also there is a Raid Mode. In short, you need to move from point A to B and kill every monster on your way. It's not like Mercenaries, but something similar. The way you can customize your weapons in Raid Mode is well done. You can add a scope to your weapon, you can make it to do more damage or make bigger ammo clip. Also, there are some crazy modifications like shooting whole ammo clip in one shoot. Raid mode also have a few difficult levels so it can be played over and over. If you are fan of old/new Resident Evil, or both, you need to play it. This is truly good way to please fans of both types of Resident Evil games.


Killing is fun!

Furrek | June 18, 2014 | Review of POSTAL

But of course just in game ;) So my story with Postal game started long time ago. To be honest I haven't played it much back then but I fixed it few days ago. What's so cool about Postal? It's brutal, you can call it blood fest. You are killing innocent people. You can execute them. Blow them up with your grenades, fire them up with your molotov coctails. Not only them, there is also police, and some other people with guns that will try to stop you. I love the graphics in this one - it perfectly fits this kind of game which makes really awesome climate. It's just mindless fun. Back when game was out it was controversial. Now? I don't think anybody would make a big deal of it. If you are looking for simply and bloody fun, get it.


For the fans only?

Furrek | June 18, 2014 | Review of The Thirty Nine Steps

I'm not the fan of the book and to be honest, I never heard of it. Same goes about John Buchan. Maybe it's because there is only one book translated to language in my country. So anyway, I just give it a try and played the game. For sure I can say that art is nice - perfect fitting for this kind of story. And about story... it's decent. Maybe I did expect a bit more from a interactive novel / visual novel. There is no way to interact with story, you also have only one ending. I know, it's adaptation of something really old, but games like that nowadays are much more complex. They are longer and offer you much more. Sadly, most time playing, or rather reading this game, I was just bored. I do enjoy this kind of games, but looks like this one didn't fitted in my type.


Heaven for casual gamers.

Furrek | June 14, 2014 | Review of Mumbo Jumbo Collection

This pack is probably the best thing that can happen to casual gamers. Not only there are tons of games, every each are different of other. There is a very good sequel to match-3 game called 7 Wonders, Luxor known by every casual gamer, great Midnight Mysteries hidden object game series and cute Glowfish. But that's not all games. Price for this set if kind of high but you need to remember, you buy 23 games, so if you divide the price for each game it have a good price for each game. Also, be careful! These games are really addictive, so it will probably eat many hours from your life. But still, almost every game from this pack is worth every price and every time spent on. Have fun!


Best NDS game now on PC!

Furrek | June 14, 2014 | Review of Scribblenauts Unlimited

I remember when Scribblenauts was out on Nintendo DS. This was something awesome. There was a level where you needed to take cat down from the tree. What could you do? Whatever you want! Using a notepad you could write "axe" to get axe and chop down the tree. You could also spawn a firefighter, so he could take down cat. You could also bring yourself a helicopter and just grab the kitty by yourself. And there are more ways to bring cat down on ground. Now there are much more levels and Scribblenauts Unlimited have much more complex levels. That means you have more objectives to do on single level and there really are unlimited ways to do so. The only thing that can't stop you from doing that is your own imagination. This game also can be played by your children, if you have one. It have cute cartoon design but trust me, no matter if you are adult or looking for game for younger gamer, everyone will have fun playing Scribblenauts Unlimited.


Still great without Dante as main character.

Furrek | June 14, 2014 | Review of Devil May Cry 4

Before I played this game I've heard that it sucks, because Dante is not the main character in this one. This was my first Devil May Cry and I loved it. Sure, I did played after other Devil May Cry games, but I still think that this is the one that I had most fun. People may not enjoy the story, but it's just a nice addon to the awesome gameplay. As Nero you have plenty of awesome moves that you can use on your enemies. Those are also very effective. Not only game is beatiful but also very satisfactory when making combos with higher notes. It took 50 hours from my life to complete this game on every difficult level, so it sure is long playing time for action game like Devil May Cry. Also, you don't need a controller for this one, you can play it with your keyboard.


Worms in 3D are good, but 2D are much better.

Furrek | June 13, 2014 | Review of Worms Ultimate Mayhem

The most thing I like in this one is how they tried to move 2D Worms on next stage. That was a time when 3D games were better and better, so I guess Team 17 tried to make their own game in 3D world. How did it go? In my opinion, not bad. Sure, Worms in 2D are god-like, and it's hard to beat something so great. Sadly, Worms in 3D didn't managed to do that, just look at new Worms games - all of them are 2D. So about Worms Ultimate Mayhem, it's a nice experience. You have much more freedom, exploring worms arenas are fun in 3D, using your favorite weapons from past games are also so much fun. Destroying the map, making your own maps or castles, are nice to spent time in. Playing with friends is also enjoyable, if you are playing for pure fun. I can't imagine playing this in serious matches, but that's my opinion. If you are curious how Worms would work in 3D, there is your answer. It's not a bad game, and it sure is kind of different from other Worms games.


Great as game, fail in RE series.

Furrek | June 12, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil 4

I'm a huge Resident Evil fan and I'm sad when I look at this game as part of Resident Evil. It became more like action game than a horror one. This game is not scary at all. There is one moment (I won't tell you which one) that is kinda scary, but that's all. Also, where the heck are zombies? It's truly bad how this became a standard, but that's all for annoying fan talks.

As a gamer I did enjoyed this game. Fighting your enemies in Resident Evil 4 is so much fun. There are few difficult levels so if you are looking for a challenge, you will find it here. Mercenaries - the best thing that happened to RE series. In short - you have some time to kill the waves of enemies, trying to get as much points as you can, beating the scores of players in whole world. I spent in this mode twice as much time as you need to clear the games on every difficult level and trust me, it's not really a short game.

If you are fan of RE series, just try to play it as different game. If you are just looking for good game - congrats, you have found it! It's now in HD, so if you did played it before you must know, that everything that was annoying, got repaired.


Puzzle platformer.

Furrek | June 10, 2014 | Review of Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory

So it's not just a platform game. It's more like a puzzle game with platform elements. You are playing as cute sugar cube and you're trying to beat all of 90 levels, placed in different themed worlds. As sugar cube you have the power to flip tiles, and it will come handy in almost every level but also make your playing much harder. Sadly, it's still easy and short game. I managed to beat this game and get two endings in 2 hours. In my opinion, it's still worth to play this game. There are also achievements that will make you to play as best as you can - there are achievements for not dying in each world, which is quite difficult to do. If you like platform games, and maybe puzzle platformers, than you must try this game.


Simply fun.

Furrek | June 8, 2014 | Review of Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

I don't remember when was the last time I played simply racing game - where you just pick one of the cars, pick the map and just race, trying to be first or trying to make your enemies fail. It's that kind of game. Every vehicle have it's own special attacks that you can use on others. There are few maps that are different themed. There is a nice, snow one, that greatly fits on christmas! There is also multiplayer mode, so there is 6 times more fun - you can play up to 6 players in total. The only thing I think this game is missing is local coop (split screen). It could be a nice things, old racing simply for fun games had this options. Graphics and music from this one aren't anything special but well, those aren't the most fun things in game like that. If you are looking for something simply, even to play few minutes a day, this game is for you.


Game only for one time.

Furrek | June 8, 2014 | Review of X-Blades

You can call it poor man's Devil May Cry. Still, it's not bad hack and slash game, with beautiful Ayumi. You are traveling from place to place and kill all enemies in those places. If I remember, there was a count how many monsters are left, also they are showed on minimap. Sadly, when you learn about game mechanics this game will not be hard to beat. Even on harder difficult levels, it's still too easy.

For the story, I didn't enjoyed it and I just played this game as h&s with good looking girl. Don't let yourself be fooled, the alternate ending is just a simply one scene at the end. Not worth effort playing the whole game again. Like my title for this review said, it's a game only for one time. Once you beat it, there will be nothing to do - there are not many things to do except following "story". Decide for yourself, if you are looking for decent game to play once and leave it, or maybe something other. You can check it only if you are a hard fan of DMC-like games.


Another nice mix of Tower Defense and other genres!

Furrek | June 8, 2014 | Review of Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves

At begin I need to say if you have played Sanctum 2, Orc Must Die or Dungeon Defenders, and if you enjoyed at least one of those games, you must play Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves. Those games are really similar, just have different settings. So about Sang-Froid, mostly your enemies will be, you can guess it, werewolves.

I don't want to spoil anything for new players, so let's leave it this way. And you are trying to protect your house and few more building from those creatures. To do that, you can simply fight them head to head, or place traps. There are plenty of ways to kill your enemies or just fool them. For example, you can place a bait food for them, but there is also a special skill for poisoning food. So while they will be eating bait, not only they will stop trying to attack your buildings, but also it will kill them.

There are much more creative ways to kill your enemies, it depend only on your imagination. Sadly, game is not so long, but there are two difficult levels. If you are fan of those TD mixes games, get it. If not, well, check the trailer on website. I never heard before about this game and this trailer (especially music!) made me buy this game. I don't regret it.


U mad?

Furrek | June 7, 2014 | Review of Super Meat Boy

Did you ever played a game where you needed to restart/play it again because it was hard? Did you ever tried to achieve 100% in game and know how long, and sometimes hard, it is? Forget it. In Super Meat Boy you will try to beat again and again normal levels, and when you will set yourself a goal of beating it in 100%... good luck. This game makes everyone anger, but somehow it's also fun. There are tons of levels, even more fan made, and this game will make anger your best friend. The numbers of my deaths in this game was far more than 5000. And I still didn't completed it. Do you love platform games? Try it. Do you want a challenge? Try it. It's one of most hardest games that was out to this day. I don't count old games, but srsly, nowaday games are almost too easy to play. If you are bored with that, Super Meat Boy is for you.


Word from a new player.

Furrek | June 6, 2014 | Review of Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

So I just recently started playing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. There are plenty of characters with multiple styles of play. It's just hard to decide which one to play or master, after few hours I managed to play at least once with all them. There is a special training mode so you can learn how to do combos, but still, most fun thing is of course playing matches online with other players. In 50 matches I managed to win 2 of them, so it's not much but still, every one of them was fun and I learned a bit. To be honest, like every new player (unless you spent hours in training mode) will be "trashed" by regular players, but that's normal thing in fighting games. I do prefer 2D fighting games but SSF4 Arcade Edition showed me that 3D fighting games are not bad. There are also many thing you can unlock while playing - new colors of costumes, titles etc. Also, Games From Windows Life was deleted from this title, that means it's now a full steamworks title - you don't need to log-in to play online, there are also achievements.


Must play for every RPG games fan.

Furrek | May 25, 2014 | Review of Gothic Complete Collection

I still remember the day that Gothic 1 was out. Before I bought it, I tried demo version and oh my god... it was my first time playing 3D open world RPG game. It was amazing experience. I rushed to shop and bought full version. I have spent so many times, beating this game on every possible setting. This is how my love for this series started. Gothic 2 is much bigger and better, but still doesn't have atmosphere that the first game had. Sadly, 3rd game and expansion are worse, but still playable. If you was never fan of Morrowind game then you will probably love Gothic. If you love open world games you will probably love Gothic. If you enjoy good RPG games you will probably love Gothic. It's nothing like today's RPG games, but that doesn't mean old games are worse. If anything, they are much better. Every Gothic games have so much to find, secret places, interesing story, great characters and big, open world that will make you visit every possible place. It's truly gem that is worth every price.


Pretty good Bust-a-Move clone.

Furrek | May 25, 2014 | Review of Worms Blast

So in my opinion it's the best spin-off from main Worms series. It's similar game to Bust-a-Move but much more expanded. Bust-a-Move (know also as Puzzle Bobble) was really simple game - you just had to remove all bubbles at top, while having few moves or rushing to destroy it before it will reach you. Worms Blast is same. It's also in my opinion a bit harder. Every weapon in this game have it's own trajectory, every time you miss the water level is rising and making it hard to avoid falling pieces. You also have health bar, when it will drop to 0 you will just "die". It's not only make game harder but also much more fun. You can "store" better weapons and use it when in trouble with blocks. There are also few playable characters - you don't need to play as a worm, but also as sheep or old explosive woman. It have plenty of missions and stuff like local multiplayer, so you can fight against your friends/family on shared screen.

I can recommend this game to Worms and puzzle games fans. It's not like any other Worms game, but it's worth your time.


Worst Worms spin-off.

Furrek | May 21, 2014 | Review of Worms Pinball

It's not your typical Worms game. Instead of another multiplayer fun we have here pinball. Yup, that's right, pinball game. It's really old game, and maybe somebody remember that there were sometimes really weird things coming out under popular games or licenses. This is the one of those weird things. If you are diehard fan of Worms, that may be a cool game for you. I can't recommend this for pinball fans. It have only one table. One table, even Worms themed, is not worth paying this much. Also It's old game and sadly it's not working well with modern PCs. It have really small resolution, can't be played in window mode. Some people may have problems playing it on Windows 8. There are better Worms games, and better pinballs games. It's really not worth your money.


Best local multiplayer game ever.

Furrek | May 21, 2014 | Review of Worms Armageddon

This game is the best Worms game ever. The only one that can compare is Worms World Party, but sadly it's not avaible anywhere.

I remember when I was a kid I played it everyday. Spent many days after school with friends playing this game. Before we started playing, we were making a special rules. Like, we can only use granades, or sheeps. This was so fun. We were also making our maps, some was totally unplayable, some required skill at throwing granades or planning to be sneaky. And when it was getting dark outside and friends were going home, I was always jumping online. There was always someone to play with and have fun. I really miss those times.

Anyway, it's many years later and guess what? Worms Armageddon still have active multiplayer community. Team 17 is also taking care of this old gem - imagine a patch after so many years! Usually Devs stop caring about their games after 1-2 years. It only shows how great guys at Team 17 are.

So, wanna know something about the game? It's just best game ever - best Worms game, best local and online multiplayer. It's one of those games that are must play for every gamer. It's worth every price.


Great way to start adventure with rogue-like games.

Furrek | May 21, 2014 | Review of The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac was my first rogue-like game that I ever played. If I ever played something earlier, I didn't probably knew about this genre. So what's with that rogue-like game? Every time you start new game, you are getting something new. I mean, you won't play on the same map, you won't get same items, the enemies will change. Every new game is really new and how you will do in later rooms and floors depend only on your luck and SKILL. If you are lucky, you will get items that will help you win the game without any problems. But mostly you won't get that luck and there where SKILL come. Every enemy need a way to be killed, same with boss fights. It's not very complicated, but you will spend really much time trying to figure things out, what items give and take from you, how to play to win the game. The game have multiple ending, characters, tons of items and unlimited hours of fun. For this price you won't find a game that is more addicting and giving so much fun. This is easily one of the best indie games.


Sanctum's little brother.

Furrek | May 19, 2014 | Review of Super Sanctum TD

Ever played Sanctum or Sanctum 2? It's the same, but just a normal Tower Defense game. Instead of having active player there are spells - from bonus money, to bombs and skills that will stop the time. What really, in my opinion, makes this game good is difficult level. Some levels are really hard to beat, and it's hard to find a best combination of towers to kill the waves of monster easy. Graphics are also nice looking, kind of retro but polished. Like in any other TD games, there are few modes (hard, unlimited) which make this game playable for much more time after beating it. You also can earn piece of medals for beating game on hard mode, or not letting any monsters hit your core. Not sure if I can recommend it for everyone, but if you are Tower Defense games fan you must play it.


Amazing FPS + Tower Defense combination.

Furrek | May 19, 2014 | Review of Sanctum 2

Before I tried this game I thought making a FPS and TD mix game is stupid. How wrong I was... For beginning, it's really a great TD game. I enjoy this genre so much that I probably played every Tower Defense game. First time playing Sanctum 2 feels like just a good TD game. And then, you are also part of this game. Not just as a mouse cursor who place towers on map. You are a character that also fight with next waves of monsters. This makes this game really fresh. Just adding you, a player, as active character to defense the core. It's so simple, but makes this game awesome. Simply the best, right? There are plenty of maps, unlimited waves mode, few characters to choose to play as and SECRETS. Also multiplayer mode to play with friends. In my opinion it's one of the best TD games I ever played and trust me, I played plenty of them.


The only 2D MOBA game that is worth playing.

Furrek | May 19, 2014 | Review of Awesomenauts

There are two big MOBA games, that everyone played, or at least heard about them. It's DOTA 2 and League od Legends. In my opinion, those two games are best in this genre. But this game is best MOBA in 2D. To be honest never heard of any other, but well... nevermind. It's really enjoyable title. There is no such a thing like "pressure". Almost every player play this game to simply have fun. Sure, there is a ranking with best players etc. but it's not so stressful like in LoL or DOTA. I find this game to be a nice break from big MOBA games. It's really nice platformer 2D MOBA game.


One of the best games that was out in 2012

Furrek | May 19, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year

Let me say first that I'm not even a Batman fan and you too don't need to be one to enjoy this game. Sure, I think fans of Batman will have even more fun, but this game is still great fun for no fans of this superhero.

I did spent almost 18 hours in this game following main story and some side quests. In every minute I had good time exploring city, fighting bad characters, finding some collectibles and unlocking new fight moves, new information about characters in this game and new things that are unlocking after you beat the game. After that time I did managed just to complete game, once. And there is much more for me, like beating game on harder difficult level, finding everything in this game that I can, beating challenges. In my opinion, it will take more than 50-60 hours to do everything. Now tell me how many singleplayer games offer you this much for this price?

It is an amazing game and worth every price. It sure is one of greatest games that was out in 2012. It have great fighting system, great graphics, great music and story that sure is enjoying. This is exactly what I expect from AAA games. My final score is 95/100, you can't miss it.


Simple and "empty" game.

Furrek | May 18, 2014 | Review of Gun Monkeys

Sadly, I can recommend this game only for people with friends - online, or real, no matter. The reason is simple - this game is kinda empty. You will probably have hard time finding a new player or someone to play and have fun together longer than few matches. I played it on the same day when it was out on steam - it wasn't so bad experience, but that was when everybody was starting. Another big mistake is that you can't play with bots. That's why you will need friends if you want to enjoy, or even play, this game. As for the game - it's just simple deathmatch game. Nothing less, and nothing more.


Fun RPG game.

Furrek | May 15, 2014 | Review of Avencast: Rise of the Mage

This is my review for this game on Steam:

  • It's FUN to use magic. You combine a keyboard with mouse to spell cast. And if you don't want to have fun, you can add spells to action bar.
  • It's FUN to explore - there is plenty of stuff to be find!
  • It's does feel like you are playing RPG game +/- Camera - some people find it annoying and buggy, but i haven't got any issues with it. If you will manage to learn how to set it, you won't need any mods. +/- Graphics - it's game from 2007, and it does look great for it's time. No need to compare it to other games, every game have own unique style.
  • Metascore - if you want to know if game is worth your time, then read user reviews, not critic ones. They are much more useful. It's always better to read about a game from other gamers than an incompetent magazine reviewer, isn't it? 68/100 isn't a bad score, but nowadays only the highest, like 80-85+ are counting as good game while other not. Sad but true.

I'd recommend for sure this game to RPG fans, other people may check demo version (if avaible) or hunt for it on sales.


Shmup only for fans.

Furrek | May 15, 2014 | Review of eXceed - Gun Bullet Children

This is my review for this game on Steam platform:

Ever played Touhou? Or some kind of shmup games? This one is called "bullet hell" and is hard to play, even on easy settings. The 2nd and 3rd eXceed game of course would be a better choice, but since the complete pack is cheaper and include the 1st eXceed game, why not pay less and get also this one?

In my opinion, this one is not bad - except you need to do extra work to make it play in window mode (check the forums), and if you want to know what the girls are talking about you need to install translation (which also can be found on forums). If you pay no attention to this two things, this can be enjoyable without doing anything.

If you are into this genre then you can't miss this one.


A quite nice "sim" game.

Furrek | May 15, 2014 | Review of Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

There were very popular online flash games called "sim" game. Ever played one? Most of these games main objective was to get girl naked, but well, this one sadly isn't about it... Anyway, in this kind of games you were able to do few things daily, had some money/points etc. to spent, and did it over and over and over. You know what? Cherry Tree High Comedy Club kinda remind me of "sim" games. Sadly, it's not for everyone. You will probably need to be fan of this genre, or be into japanese animation. If you are into one of these things, you will not regret getting this game.


Great multiplayer survival game!

Furrek | May 15, 2014 | Review of Killing Floor

This is a review that I made for this game on Steam:

One of the greatest multiplayer survival game I have played. The things I like in this game: - maps! There are plenty of different maps in game, even more fan-made. Never played fan-made ones because I still have much fun on officials. Every map have pros and cons, what I really love to do is finding the best place to defend yourself. This way, in 2 player team, we managed to beat all maps on the suicidal difficulty, which is really hard to do in small squad. - perks! The best thing in multiplayer games is making your character the way it fits you game style. Do you love to play as medic? No problem! There is perk that will allow you to buy medic guns cheaper and you will be able to heal other players. You love handguns? Or maybe you want to slice some head using katana? There you go! There are 6 perks in total, so i'm sure every player will find the one for self. - atmosphere in game! It sure is dark, sometimes scary, music fits great. You will find yourself many times troubled seeing how many monsters there are left and how low are you on health or ammo, running away or fighting to the last drop of blood.

I was always more fan of survival horrors that are not focused on fast paced action. If you are also one, you should really check Killing Floor out - the game is not expensive, you don't need to pay attention to the DLCs: all of them are just additional characters or some weapons but trust me, you don't really need them to enjoy game to the fullest.