Reviews by Fusionx8


Fun 1st Person Puzzle - Must bea ble to depict color.

Fusionx8 | Feb. 3, 2013 | Review of Q U B E - PC

I see some interesting reviews on this and almost did not get it. The game is fun, its more like portal one with no interaction from anything else. you just go about your business solving puzzles. Which is a good time waster if you want something that makes you think a little. ONE WORD OF WARNING: If you are color blind, i would stay away from this game. Every thing is cube shaped (minus the ball) and color coded.. now that being said, you can make out the difference between a few of the cubes by orientation to other cubes. BUT when you get to the color coding of the ball you have to mix colors to get the right pattern.. I would not suggest this to my color blind friend.. he sees things in shades of gray..


An Amazing Alternitive Reality to your own!

Fusionx8 | Dec. 2, 2012 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

This game is currently my favorite game! Very well thought out and designed story the Graphics are amazing! I use my 3D Vision Glasses with this game and am blown away by the quality put into this game! In this game you go from Stealth to full on Hardcore Battle in point blank milliseconds. I fully support this Developer! If you enjoy FPS games and like a story/journey to go with it. THIS GAME IS A MUST HAVE! From some of the complaints I see about this game, is what actually make this a fun game to me... YOU MUST LIVE WITH YOUR Decisions as if this where real... Example, I saw someone mad they used up there 'money ammo'... well if you are fighting for your life, you will use everything you have and also stumble and mess up in the heat of battle (where this real life)... So what I see people complaining about is the points that make this game GREAT! an alternative reality to your own... Alternative reality is what I play games for, to get immersed in a story, and this game does a fantastic job of that...