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Atmospheric Survival Adventure

GMGReviewer | Aug. 26, 2011 | Review of Penumbra Black Plague - PC

Penumbra Black Plague is a sequel to Penumbra Requiem. It continues the story that most players didn't bother to pay attention to because the story is told through letters scattered throughout the game. The game itself is very immersive. The atmospheric immersiveness is the best thing about Penumbra Black Plague. The eerie sound effects and the spookiness of the environments make you feel like you're really in the game. Beside the bad story telling, the mechanic of the gameplay isn't all that fun nor scary. The gameplay itself isn't scary, but more puzzle solving, yes, puzzle solving! You enter a level and figure out how to exit it by exploring and solving the objects in the level. There is an enemy that will chase you and kill you if you get spotted, so it's also a stealth game. Penumbra Black Plague is an great game if you like engrossing adventure horror puzzle games. It doesn't get repetitive as you would think and it has variety.


Identity Stealth At Its Best!

GMGReviewer | Aug. 26, 2011 | Review of Hitman Blood Money - PC

There's no any other stealth game like Hitman, especially Hitman Blood Money which is the best in its series. Let me get this out first, the game is a very challenging even on normal. Don't expect to breeze through it in one playthrough. Unlike other stealth game, Hitman Blood Money isn't your average hide in the dark and stealth kill an enemy. It stands out from the rest by having you steal uniforms to change your identity. You have a few tasks for each stage to do (the main task is to assassinate a certain person), but you don't just go straight to assassinating that person, you need to disable/enable items that are in the way to complete that objective. For example, causing a distraction will make the target get up and out of his protected area. There's many ways to eliminate a target, like poisoning their drink or shooting them. The A.I. is smart and there's all kind of freedom in the gameplay. Despite, the incredible mechanical of the game, there are some issues that will bother players. The mapping of the keys have a steep learning curve, even though you can configure it, the keys will take awhile to get used to. The other negative is the quick save is like a checkpoint system. So if you leave the mission, you have to start all over and missions aren't short. The game isn't short either. Overall, Hitman Blood Money has an amazing sense of freedom and how the players want to accomplished each objective.


Story Driven RPG Game

GMGReviewer | Aug. 25, 2011 | Review of BioShock 2 - PC

I read that you don't need to play BioShock 1 before playing BioShock 2, apparently you do. Because the game is very heavy on story telling. I was not that impressed by this game and how it was marketed as a action RPG shooter. BioShock 2 has very little action don't let the trailers fool you. What you do in BioShock 2 is go from one place to another while killing whoever that gets in your way (that's the shooting element), all while you collect items and explore the very creative underwater world of Rapture (RPG element). The exploring, collecting, upgrading, audio logs, backtracking, hacking and menu navigating is what you will do about half of the time, the other half, you shoot. The weapons in BioShock 2 are very unique, the shooting however do feel stiff. You get to upgrade these unique weapons and use them on your foes as they have different effects on them. It also has separate multiplayer mode that uses GFWL and is pretty fun. You can tell it's developed separately because you need to exit singleplayer to play it, it also has a different aspect ratio than the singleplayer game. You get to set up traps, use the Big Daddy suit (which spawn randomly) and also customize your load out. BioShock 2 is a great story driven game with lots of different mechanical gameplay. If you like atmospheric story driven game and like to collect and upgrade your weapons, this game does those elements very well. I personally didn't like it.


After 9 Years, We Get This?!

GMGReviewer | Aug. 24, 2011 | Review of Worms Reloaded - PC

Team17 is a legend in the PC gaming community. They been in the industry for such a long time and mainly do PC games (at first), but not with this port. The game as a whole is good, it runs good, plays good and looks good. But the controls! The awful 'arrow keys' port controls! Also the loading between players when you play online. Bottom line, the game is a port of Worms 2 Armageddon on XBLA and i'm disappointed in Team17. They could've made the port a good port and have it support the native keyboard and mouse like Worms Armageddon for the PC. After about a decade, this is what PC gamers get?! Although, I cite a few of negativity towards the game, Worms Reloaded is a one of a kind game that only Team17 can produce. There's no other game out there like it so if you're interested in a simple turn-based strategy game with lovable little characters and don't mind the keyboard controls, get this!


Painkiller Classic Edition

GMGReviewer | Aug. 24, 2011 | Review of Painkiller Black Edition - PC

Since Hard Reset is coming out soon, this game has a similar gameplay look to it.. maybe because it's made by the same people! The game's a classic for you old school shooters out there. It plays like Serious Sam where you just shoot and kill loads of enemies. The basic is to clear a room and move on to another room where you do the same thing over again.. Where Painkiller Black stand out are the smooth controls and level design (lacking from other Painkiller games). The controls feels right and it has different location for environments, there's large open levels and core door levels. The enemies are varied but some times there's so much of one kind in a room. There's also huge bosses at the end of each level. Painkiller does the shooting part right! When you fire a weapon the sound and animation is great! The impact/sound it has on the enemy when they explode into pieces are great. The game overall is great fun!


Indie Quick Buck

GMGReviewer | Aug. 24, 2011 | Review of Beat Hazard - PC

Beat Hazard is a horrible port. I can't believe PC gamers support such a bad port. It has no cursor for menu selection, huge mouse smoothing and menus like a bad port should. This game isn't what you think it is, it's not powered by your music, but rather powered by the speed of your music. There's no rhythm to it at all, the spawn of enemies depends on the speed of your music. It's just a normal twin stick shooter that has hideous sound, hideous menu layout and hideous graphic texture. But the background do have your music visualization which is nice. It also has different modes and perks you can play and use. I also have to mention that the developers likes to nickel and dime their customer by charging for additional feature, not content.


Loot Hoarding Co-Op Fun!

GMGReviewer | Aug. 24, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

Since a similar game is coming out (Dead Island) i felt like reviewing this awesome game. The game has next to no story at all, but the overall feel of it is great! The shooting of the different type of weapons feels excellent, however the mouse does have a little smoothing, but you can disable it by editing a file. It has a unique art style similar to Crackdown (the game). Even though it's a FPS-RTS game, the main gameplay fits more into the FPS genre. The only RPG element to it is the character upgrades and especially the weapons. Borderlands also plays like an MMO where you meet NPC's and do missions like kill an enemy and/or collect a certain amount of item. Now that's where the problem lies, there's not enough variety in the missions and enemies. You're basically doing the same thing over and over throughout the whole game. But wait, there's a reason why this game is so praised. And that's the vastly large amount of weapons and items you can find. Now there may be about a few upgrade-items and grenades, but there's thousands of combination of weapon (stats)! And you can explore it with 3 other players online! Which is the best part of the game, so play with other players is a must! Most of your time playing this game will be for the farming of newer and better weapons and thats about it. The weapons and enemies are random which add hours of replayability to this awesome game.


Excellent Puzzle Game

GMGReviewer | July 18, 2011 | Review of Hamiltons Great Adventure - PC

I don't know about these Swedish video game developers, but man, they make great games! From DICE, Avalanche Studios, Frictional Games, Massive Ent, Coffee Stain Studios, you name it, they make excellent games/gems! Now Fatshark the developers of Lead & Gold (which is a great game) has done it again, but with the casual gamers. So pass on this if you're excepting this game to be a core game. While playing Hamilton's Great Adventure, i can't help but to be amazed by the quality of the game. It has amazing smooth solid graphics (like Lead & Gold), great music, sound and very fun yet challenging gameplay. It's a casual puzzle game with depth, it has stats, collectibles, unlockables and a story. The length is average and i have yet to try the local co-op because us PC gamers don't share lol. I don't play much casual puzzle games so i can't compare this to any other game, but for what it does, it does it very well. An excellent game at an excellent price.


Unique FPS Co-op Game

GMGReviewer | July 8, 2011 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

F.E.A.R. 1 started out as a PC title ported to the consoles, whereas F.E.A.R. 3 is the opposite. Even though the game was delayed for about a year, many had the jittering issue when the title launched, however a patch was released a couple of weeks later that solve this issue. Day 1 Studios continued what Monolith started but improved on it. It plays a lot like F.E.A.R. 2 but nothing like the original F.E.A.R. So for those who like the original where you're wondering the (repetitive) environments, killing the (repetitive) enemies and hearing/seeing paranormal activities will not like this. (However the last level in F.E.A.R. 3 is very different from the rest of the game) The gameplay is the same as previous title but it's much better than its predecessors by adding new features. It has a REAL FPS controls (no need to configure it), co-op campaign and a few fun 4 player co-op modes. It also has health regen which is the norm because, lets face it, you're going to re-do it again anyways, so why ruin the mood by replaying the section and showing the loading screen every time you die. Regen health keeps the flow of the game. The negatives about the game is it's one of the shortest games in a long time (about 4-5 hours)! The graphics are dated and there's not much variety in the maps, enemies and weapons. The single player campaign isn't worth it at all, but the co-op campaign and 4 player co-op modes are what makes the game unique. You can f--king jump kick in this game!!


Super Veggie Baby

GMGReviewer | June 28, 2011 | Review of VVVVVV - PC

Even though the auto-save function is perfect and the frustration level is less than Super Meat Boy, i find it to be another free mini flash game. It's very short (a couple of hours) and it's all about timing of the jump and the movement in between, the issue is the quality of it. But at its current price ($1.74), its a steal.


Greenland Manly Gamer Revival

GMGReviewer | June 28, 2011 | Review of Mark Leung Revenge of the Bitch - PC

Just like the title, this game is so random it's like they said f-it and just run with it and do whatever that pops up in their mind and write anything and do anything and make anything silly and stupid. Okay, so the game is one of the weirdest games i've played, yet it's also one of the most original games i've played. But the problem is the gameplay sucks! I know it's the weird (live action & in-game) style they're going for, but it just isn't very fun to play. It has an old watered-down JRPG style to it and its very slow and not that fun. Credit for the originality though!


The Criminal Lifestyle

GMGReviewer | June 28, 2011 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is one of those games that has the anti-hero character and style that most geeky gamers don't like. It's panned by some critics due to the bright language and bold personality of Kane and Lynch. Over exaggeration, but Kane and Lynch 2 is to Mass Effect as Call of Duty is to BioShock. It's not deep and complex where you have to keep up with everything and everyone, it's just easy to pick up and play and enjoy.. The gameplay is just like all the other third person shooters today with the cover mechanic, but the difference is the a.i. is too intelligent. Yes! it's possible! the a.i. cover and blind fires from all directions, but sometimes they are dumb if you catch them off guard. The graphics are really good, the sound & controls are great, the story isn't all there, but it works. There's a bunch of little issues like the camera angle in tight closed door areas can get wonky at times. And yes there's an option to make it the camera 'style' steady! The gameplay is very repetitive and very short (5 hours), there's no boss battles and the weapons feel the same. The online co-op option makes the game even more fun and the online multiplayer is basically dead.


Oh Please NO!

GMGReviewer | June 28, 2011 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

Duke fanboys please get off his 'stick'! If it wasn't for the years of anticipation and the well known name, the game would be a dud. To describe the gameplay in one word it would be 'linear' and linear in a bad way. The game can't get anymore generic then it already is. Everything about the game is what you expect in a game that is half a decade old. There's nothing about it that stands out except for the mature content it has throughout the whole game. The game is not bad, but its not good either if you compare the quality of it to others alike (FPS). So apart from the mature theme, it's just beh. Both the singleplayer and multiplayer. The good thing is the mature content will keep you playing! It's silly, but its true! You would keep playing to find out what Duke's going to make fun of next and what creative ways the developers can do with boobs. The two weapon limit isn't a big deal knowing its a balance issue and production is reasonable due to the lengthy development cycle. Can't believe they didn't even start from scratch. But for it being a full price game (at $49), its rated low.


Best PC Tennis Game So Far

GMGReviewer | June 27, 2011 | Review of Virtua Tennis 4 - PC

Now the title doesn't say much as there haven't been a decent Tennis game for PC in the past few years. Lets start off by saying, it feels like a console port (no mouse support) and it uses Games for Windows Live (GFWL). Now those aren't really a bad thing as it also runs very well. GFWL is most hated on by Steam fanboys, but the online system and software itself is very solid (if you installed all the software requirements ie. updates to Internet Explorer, NET Framework, Flash Player). I highly suggest using a game-pad as you can only use the keyboard controls. The game is very similar to previous Virtual Tennis series to the point where i can't even tell the difference (gameplay wise). The graphics are of course improved, the controls are very simple, the sound & music are basic and repetitive and the modes are actually very fun. Although i'm not a Tennis fan, the game does lack of a lot of in-depth features but it's an arcady pick up & play game which makes it accessible to newcomers. The main issue here is that it feels the same and there isn't much improvement to the series. It's outdated but for what it lacks, it makes up in the low price point.


Hard As A Mothertrucker!

GMGReviewer | June 1, 2011 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

A keyboard/mouse is not recommended at all! The game isn't fun, but it does have lovable characters and great old school 8-bit music/sound, but the problem is the gameplay isn't as satisfying as these reviewers make it out to be. If you accomplished anything that is difficult of course its satisfying (stating the obvious). So with Super Meat Boy it's the same thing, but without the happy ending of an award. Super Meat Boy test your patience, temper and also your platforming skills, and that's where it gets it props. Platforming is all about timing and controls and Super Meat Boy does it the best and that's all it does good. A video game shouldn't make the player angry, it should be enjoyable!


FPS Defense Grid

GMGReviewer | June 1, 2011 | Review of Sanctum - PC

Sanctum is a defense game in first person view and as i was playing this i can't think but to compare it to a FPS Defense Grid. It feels just like Defense Grid but with you on the ground shooting the leftover enemies. However you do create your own path for the enemies and there's an overhead view for that. The game isn't that bad but it does feel tedious as there's no enemy A.I. that can attack you. You just play to protect the core and that's basically it. The best thing about Sanctum is the fun co-op mode and the amazing art style and interface. The developers did mention free maps and weapons coming this year, as there's only 3 maps and 3 weapons at launch, which makes the game very short (around 6 hours). It has great production for an indie game!


Not New

GMGReviewer | June 1, 2011 | Review of Magicka Marshlands DLC - PC

This is another DLC gift i gotten from a friend and another bad paid product. Whats new about it?? This is just another challenge mode they added to the game. The stage and enemies are in the single player game, just slightly modified.



GMGReviewer | June 1, 2011 | Review of Magicka Wizards Survival Kit DLC - PC

This is another disgrace for a DLC that the developer/publisher are trying to nickel n' dime you like with Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2. It's basically a MMO-like strategy to try and profit as much as you can with tiny upgrades and skins, and i don't blame them works lol


Repetitive Shooter

GMGReviewer | April 8, 2011 | Review of Painkiller Redemption - PC

This repetitive shooter is a repetitive shooter. To describe how repetitive this repetitive shooter is, all you do is collect bullets, shoot and kill a boat load of enemies and move on to the next generic room and repeat, The game does have a variety of weapons where you get to use them as you progress. You get them all when you start out, but you can't use them unless you collect ammo for that certain weapon. Painkiller Redemption is fun at first where the music puts you in the mood to kill kill kill, but each section of the room just goes on for far to long. The game is still new and the devs promises many new features like co-op and such, but we'll just have to see. The mindless shooting compares to Serious Sam, but it's not even close to the level of Serius Sam's production value and fun factor. The stages, enemies, gameplay doesn't have much variety (at all!) as the weapons, but for the price, its an alright game.


Heavy Physics-Based Game

GMGReviewer | April 8, 2011 | Review of World of Goo - PC

World of Goo is another classic casual indie game. It's original, unique and cutesy. Apart from it's charming art-style there's nothing really special about World of Goo. What you see in the trailer is exactly what you get, pure physics! if you like to test your physic skills then you'd love this. There's variety with each chapter and different objects as well, but i would like more levels to test your speed and reflexes. Also a rewind feature would be nice because if you mess up once towards the end, you have to start all over. It's a casual game and its easy to pick up and play. They're some clever puzzles in the game, but the game itself is mostly physics-based. The sound is great, but the music will bore you to death. Score drops significantly (for price) and games that feel like mini-game turned full-game.


Worth A Review

GMGReviewer | April 7, 2011 | Review of Chrono Rage - PC

Chrono Rage is one of the only game worth reviewing if you like games like Geometry Wars. Better yet, it's better than Geometry Wars because the controls with Geometry Wars are terrible (with keyboard/mouse) and it's also outdated. The graphics aren't as flashy, it's your typical arcade time-based game with good music, there's also power-ups and multiple enemies. It would be nice if the background change though, but other similar games doesn't change either. It's the best geometry-wars-type clone i've played (beside Swarm Arena). The prices are just to high for arcade games like this.


Where is the Love?

GMGReviewer | April 6, 2011 | Review of Ninja Blade - PC

Ninja Blade may be a bad console port with the controls/settings and a simplistic hack & slash but its really fun! It's not as tight and solid as Ninja Gaiden's combat. It's really pure eye candy with crazy quick time events. It has almost every wacky cliche action scene you can expect in a Michael Bay film and more! The bosses are God of War like, the upgrades of weapons/magic/combos are there, the different gameplay portions of platform, shooter and elemental puzzles are there as well. Playing some levels do feel like you're grinding just to see the boss. The camera is a little off sometimes, game is easy, the A.I. is dumb, it's about 8 hours and it's your typical hack and slash. The only thing that makes Ninja Blade different is the ridiculous over-the-top quick time events. Although Ninja Blade is not up there with Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, its still a very enjoyable game.


Very Good Graphics

GMGReviewer | April 5, 2011 | Review of Zombie Driver - PC

The game is developed by EXOR Studios, the same devs that made the popular Half-Life 2 multiplayer vehicle combat mod, D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up. Zombie Driver is a single player indie game, the graphics and physics are really good, the sound is excellent, the handling is prefect and the interface is nice as well (doesn't look amateurish like most indie games). The problem is that the gameplay gets tedious. The city feels dead and the fun factor is just missing. It's a fun game for a little while, but the missions are what you expect: pick up passenger drive to a location, kill a certain amount of zombies etc. It's just not exciting as a single player game. The game has a lot potential though and it is one of the better indie games.


Best Top-Down Action Adventure Shooter

GMGReviewer | April 5, 2011 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

Unlike Magicka, the single player in Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light is truly enjoyable. There's also two player online and local co-op as well, but it's not drop in/out and you would need a friend if you plan on playing it online since it's hard to find a game with strangers. It's not as cutesy and colorful as Magicka and it's also not that repetitive either. The game has a nice mixture of action, platform, clever puzzles and secrets, there's a whole lot of variety in this game. There's also many different enemies/weapons/challenges. With it's top notch production value and serious detailed graphics make it the best (digital download) top-down action adventure shooter to date. The only issues i have with it are the controls, because it's a console port, the diagonal jumping (for secrets/puzzles) are difficult to maneuver; I highly suggest using a controller.


Solid As A Solid Rock

GMGReviewer | April 4, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Just like my previous review this is another extremely polished game. First of all, Square Enix Community Manager Mike Oldman stated it isn't just a console port, and he's right! Unlike other multi-platform games out there, Just Cause 2 doesn't feel like a console port [no crash error or issues since i installed it] but the problem is i find the controls to be difficult with keyboard & mouse due to the quick combination of button presses, so i strongly recommend using a controller. The game is one huge extraordinary sandbox world!! The biggest i've played so far! The story and characters are as cheesy as it gets, but the gameplay is as fun as it gets. You can accomplish your missions in any way you like. All the missions are alike where you to have to destroy, collect or kill, but they're all fun in the process. You have multiple ground/air vehicles, multiple types of weapons and a grappling hook that differentiate it from all other open-world games. If you don't care about story and just want to have fun and play around with great environmental physics in a huge world, this is the game for you. It does get boring if you plan on installing any 'cheat' mods, so i suggest you don't over do it with mods, keep it challenging. The game is well over 20 hours with all side missions done. The game is one of the most solid/polished games I've played and it sets the bar for open world sandbox game.


Yes! It's Like That Other Game!

GMGReviewer | April 4, 2011 | Review of Mafia II - PC

The game isn't almost perfect but it is extremely polished. You would think a game like this is somewhat like GTA, well you're right! The gameplay itself is exactly like GTA but the elements in Mafia 2 is more chill, focused and solid. The driving is more realistic, if you go over the speed limit or hit a pedestrian in front of a police, they will chase you down and kill you. The shooting and controls is exactly like what you see in most third person games, the duck and cover mechanic. The main thing about Mafia II and what make it stand out from the others is the story! The cut-scenes and voices are great, the story itself is like most mafia movies where you start out as an immigrant and you move your way to the top. Enough of that, now on to the pros and cons, which i compare it to GTA a lot because it's similar. Pros: Story will keep you engaged. Great character development. Excellent music that puts you right into the games time-line. Great checkpoint throughout the game. Solid melee, stealth, shooting and driving system, they're simple and not as complex. Average gameplay length which is about 10 hours. Cons: Bland world, you could pick locks, flush toilets, talk to people etc. but its not as alive as GTA. Repetitive missions, but the story will keep you coming back for more to see whats next. Bad enemy A.I. similar to GTA. Cars are important in the game, you need to drive without denting your ride. The wanted level stays on you unless you change clothes or car. No side mission/low replay value. For those who aren't comparing this to GTA haven't played either or don't know the difference between gameplay elements and genres. Mafia 2 doesn't have a lot of variety as GTA but its solid and enjoyable if you like story based games. The score would be higher, but the current price drops it down.


Fun Overrated Game

GMGReviewer | April 4, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

First of all I'm not going to describe the game and what it is because that's not what i do. I do actually review the game for those thinking about the purchase. After writing about an underrated game, i had to write about this game. For the price itself, it's very well worth it, but ONLY if you have friends willing to play with you for an entire stage. The game itself have some things holding it back, like the ability to drop in/out of a game. What that means is that once you start a game with a few friends they must stay because they wont be able to join mid-game; also the save point is ridiculous! Another thing is that you must remember some key (magic) combination in order to advance. Also it's repetitive and there's not much puzzle elements in the game as they would like you to think in the beginning. The controls are weird at first, but you'll get use it. Overall the corky dialogue and endless magic combination is an excellent idea but the gameplay feature itself is lacking in a must have co-op game. Also the game isn't meant for single player because of the difficulty, it's very hard!


Underrated Stealth Shooter

GMGReviewer | April 4, 2011 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior - PC

This has to be the most underrated games that came out last year! The gameplay itself is what you expect from snipe sequences in other major FPS games, but it's very well executed in Sniper Ghost Warrior. You would think it gets repetitive but it mixes it up a bit and it's nicely paced actually. Pro: Graphics are comparable to Crysis! Easy to pick-up and play. Sniping feels very satisfying with wind, gravity and velocity. Multiple ways to complete some levels (stealth or shooting). Slow motion head shots never gets old! Multiplayer if fun if you can get a game going. Cons: Short game. Took me about 6 hours on normal and died a few times. Weak story. Mediocre cut-scenes, voice, dialogue and sound. The assault rifle shooting in this game sucks, it's below average. Not a lot of depth. No upgrades and barely any weapons to choose from. The A.I. is decent but since thick bushes block your view but not theirs, they will shoot right through it. Multiplayer is pretty much dead. I say if you like sniping in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, you would love this! Forget what the critics say, they like games with a lot of depth and a great story. Sniper Ghost Warrior is the best sniping game to date.