'Tis a nice game, but surely could be better

GTROCKSTAR | June 4, 2015 | Review of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - PC

Actually, it is the first RPG game I really like, I was never fond of RPG games, but this is a real special one. For real, I think what attracted me the most and made me become addicted, was in fact the ''gwent'' mini game, it is a fabulous one, the best mini game I've ever played - at first I thought "argh, another luck based card game" but later I realized how much you must sometimes think to win. I didn't play the first Witcher game, though I did try to play the second one, I had some terrible time trying to get to know the game, I failed with that task, I guess I just didn't understand it. But "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" is something else, for first, now it says what sign doing what, and I do not need a tutorial for that (!). The combat system is somewhat more fun to play with, and of course the graphics are beautiful. The graphics are indeed beautiful, but what a shame I can't play it on any higher than "High" settings unless I'd like to play at 30 frame rate, which I don't, I'd prefer it on "Low" but @ 60 FPS. My hardware isn't bad at all, a 780ti, i7 2600K clocked 4.0GHz, and 16 GB of RAM, so obviously my expectation was that it would run at least at a 60 frame rate on High settings. What's more, there are lot of technical problems I wonder why aren't resolved yet, I mean, have you seen that?: I had more problems like flying faces&violins, while bodies were standing in the air. It ruined the experience most of the time, but enough of that. Best of all I think was the story line (will NOT include spoilers here), Geralt's humor is fantastic though I don't like him being a bit hypocrite when it gets to brutality he doesn't like when people treat others with torture and call those people ''sick'' but the way he cuts his opponents is brutal itself. This game is a great kind of built-up for a Ciri game, it's building her character and gives us an idea of what would it be like to play with her as protagonist, she has stunning fun abilities and man she knows how to slay a monster. The gameplay is a bit faulty, I hate riding a horse, it's like ''Hey look, a stone in the way! *neigh*'', combat system is good, but I don't like fighting when there's no place to run. Back to gwent, it really made the game for me, I think it should be a companion app for smartphones. For the RPG elements - it's great, just great, before this game I didn't like crafting and stuff but now I'm totally fine with that. To summersize, 'tis a game everyone need to play, great with almost everything it does.


Fantastic game from any aspect.

GTROCKSTAR | Aug. 26, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

I am actually laughing when I look back on COD or BF.. It is just an amazing underrated game, which gives you plot from another world. if we can be sarcastic, the game is in Dubai, and I did not see gold :D