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Dead Space 3: Coop-tastic

GarryJones | May 28, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3 POST - PC

Pros: 1: Co-op! Co-op and more Co-op! For the first time ever play with a friend as great evil permeates the wreckage around you. The mechanics for "drop-in, drop-out" is flawless. After playing co-op for 6 hours in a single session, we had no issues with connectivity or drop-outs. 2: Bespoke Weapons! - Many games give you a choice of 10 guns and say "Choose one!". Dead Space offers immense customisation allowing you to create your own gun to the exact detail you desire. Want a shotgun mounted shotgun? No problem! 3:Non-linear enemies. Each foe you encounter has a unique attribute to them. Some shoot acid, some whack you in the face and some shoot projectile missiles! 4: Graphics: The game looks like a 2013 release with high fidelity graphics which help to expose ever increment of detail on the Necromorphs' body. Cons: Perhaps less scary?: The game certainly isn't as scary as the previous Dead Space titles, however I feel this isn't the game but the co-op mechanics. Playing with a friend eliminates the fear however not the "jump-horror" of sudden enemies. I feel this however diversify's the product from a niche market to a more mass market which will improve sales? (If you want more scare, play in single player) Turn the difficulty up: Throughout the game I have encountered an over generous amount of ammo and med-kits on the "Hard Difficulty". Furthermore, by crafting your own guns you can simply create a OP weapon which eliminates any foe. This leaves me feeling like "should I make my weapon less powerful for a greater challenge?" More of the same: There's little deviation from the little previous Dead Space games and if you found the predecessors repetitive then there will be no change here. The game is as linear as before with few new aspects to the game. In conclusion, the game is very similar to Dead Space 1 & 2 with a lot of small improvements. The crafting system and co-op help improve my personal experience with the game and the "optional side missions" is certainly the icing on the cake. Overall I would say this is the best Dead Space game yet and would recommend this game if this is your kind of genre.


Good game. However is it a hitman game?

GarryJones | May 25, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

The Pros: 1: Shiny high definition graphics. The game has never looked better and this helps to promote a rich immersive experience. 2: Verity of zones and areas to explore. Without giving spoilers it's fantastic that instead of underground hide-outs, there is a huge mixture indoor, outdoor, narrow and wide open areas to discover. 3: Sounds/voice acting is pretty superb (and it should be for a triple A release). 4: PC Version feels robust and customisable. I've found no issues with sickness due to FOV, wide options of settings for resolutions/graphics are available to tailor to your specific system. 5: The actual game play mechanics feel solid.Guns are feel powerful and each one feels unique. Customisation is available to disguise yourself as the "enemy". 6: AI seems moderately intelligent. Reactions occur to sounds such as gun-shots, your clothes and occurred events such as dumping a body in a visible location. Issues I experience with the game: No Coop / Multi-player: Whilst there has never been this in any previous hit man game, I feel there is a somewhat limited lifespan after completing the game. I would love an additional co-op campaign or some kind of multi player element. Stupid points based system: Although there are multiple options on how to approach each level, the game wants you to choose a specific path in order to "score" the highest points. The game punishes you for murdering enemies through the means of shooting (in most cases). Thus leaving me to be forced to strangle and "knock-out" enemies rather than play the way I want to. Disguises are.. well not disguises: Many enemies can see straight through your disguises when they are near you. So this leaves me constantly playing a mini-game of "although I have a disguise, crouch and look away from the enemy". This gets tedious and makes me feel like "why even have a disguise?". The actual size of the game is 23GB! Whilst this is obviously required for higher resolution textures this used over half of my monthly bandwidth allowance in a single day. This is not an issue for all players however, just a personal dislike of the game. In conclusion I would most likely recommend this game if you're an avid stealth / strategic events puzzle enthusiast looking for another game to get your hands on. I do stress however the previous games are probably better if you can bare the outdated fuzzy graphics.


Great Improvement Over Sequel

GarryJones | May 15, 2013 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

After playing both of the Witcher games I am pleased to say that: The graphics are superb! Extremely bright and vibrant colours really help to immerse myself within the game world. The game-play and narrative is fantastic. Throughout the game you feel like you understand and can relate to the scenarios which enriches the game play experience. The overall build for the PC version is solid and robust. It seems to work on all my systems (high and low end) which makes it a great flexible game as I can play it on the tube on my laptop! I would recommend this game if you enjoyed the first one.