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Hard to see through the other shooters but I take MOHW over COD

Gaugler323 | Oct. 24, 2012 | Review of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition NA - PC

(+) Gameplay. Feels like Frostbite 2. (+) Map Design. Well balanced for each team and each classes play style. Like that you can almost always "take the high ground" for a tactical advantage, or get into the thick of it. (+) Recoil. Its good to be playing a game with recoil again. (+) Its not Call of Duty or BF3:Close Quarters. Those games force you to run around the place and scramble around corners. MOHW has different pacing. The way I play anyway, you need to take your time moving up, working with your fireteam buddy. (+) In-Game VOIP. After playing BF3 for the last year, I was really afraid MOHW would use the same crumby voice chat system. (-) UI. I keep unlocking things, but have no idea when or how to do so. I just play and hope I'm unlocking something I want. (-) I wish the bullets had some more bite to them. I don't like that there's a lot of recoil and unrealistic bullets. You kind of need weak bullets with no recoil, or realistic bullets with lots of recoil. I favor the latter. (That may be something I need to just adjust to, but thats how I feel at the moment.. I should step back into MOHAA/COD1/COD2 before guns became recoil free... and see how those guns were balanced) (-) No FOV Slider... I want to bump that up to about 90-100 in-game. (+ / -) Short campaign. Really short. ~4 hours, Its like a Michael Bay movie, a lot of cool things to look at. A fun time, but not very deep. Why I choose playing MOHW over COD. Most people spend most of their time in multiplayer. Map design. Maps in COD have moved into a flat maze of close quarter fights. Sniping is only a gimmick for quickscoping. Any long range shooting, or tactics.. like taking the high ground do not exist. Plus MOHW forces you to work with your fireteam buddy. No teamwork puts you at a huge dissadvantage. I like the teamwork, people working for the objectives. Not just running and gunning. Its not as polished as BF3 or COD... but its a dev team working with a new engine. Can be tough. It's got some bugs but I hope they work them out.


Picked this up to pay homage to Duke Nukem 3D

Gaugler323 | July 19, 2012 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

I wouldnt call this game great. But as a fan of Duke Nukem 3D, this game has a certain appeal to me that wasn't lost while playing. The graphics are pretty bad, and the game doesn't run smooth... but I find Duke Nukem entertaining... maybe just in a nostalgic kind of way. I recommend investing your money in Serious Sam over Duke Nukem Forever. To me, Serious Sam 3 is what Duke Nukem Forever should have beem.


Really enjoyed this game

Gaugler323 | July 19, 2012 | Review of Warhammer 40000 Space Marine - PC

Think "Gears of War" but instead of the cover-based aspect... you get some great melee combat--killing hoards of enemies. (I have the most fun with the Jetpack and Hammer.) It can get repetitive by the end, but it didn't get stale for me... I would cycle through using different weapons and always had fun killing the hoards of enemies in different ways. Loses a couple points because I would have loved a Co-Op campaign. The current Co-Op is simply a "Wave/Survival" mode. Making your way through a couple different arenas. I wish more people played it... As a fan of Gears of War and hoard killing games like "Killing Floor" I really enjoyed what they did offer for Co-Op. I didn't invest too much time in Multiplayer. You need to invest some serious time into it to rank up and be on par with the other players. (Co-Op's not a bad place to get that done) Had a blast in Co-Op and the single player mode. I reccommend this game to those who like hopping into games and just destroying enemies. Similar to if you liked games like Bulletstorm or Serious Sam 3.


Bought this for my brother...

Gaugler323 | July 11, 2012 | Review of Battlefield 3 Close Quarters NA - PC

I have premium, but I bought this for my brother. He was a COD player, who started playing Battlefield 3 but never got into it. He took a liking to these maps much more. So.. if you like Call of Duty, maybe you'll like this. As for me... I see this as DICE still trying to pull people away from COD and into BF3. Its simply not enjoyable for a long period of time. Its a very dumbed down version of BF3. Conquest Domination simply forces you to scramble around with your squad capturing flags, but the real goal is the constant kills and deaths. No thinking. Just keep running around with your squad, killing and dying. Endless flank routes mean people will be killing you, that you have no chance to see. Campers everywhere. Balanced for classes? Nope. Take shotguns and automatics. If they were going to create a "chaotic" atmosphere, they should have made maps more like COD4, and not MW3. At the very least DICE could have introduced more tactical modes like "Search and Destroy/Bomb Defusal" (No respawning)... or even Squad Rush. But no, difficult modes scares the casual gamers away... and the casual masses bring in the money. So they created this... Dumb down cluster freak. Anybody can hop in and get some kills, die, and feel like an average BF player.


I found it enjoyable

Gaugler323 | Jan. 6, 2012 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

As a LOTR fan I certainly have a bias. I enjoyed the game. I think if you liked the older PS2 Two Towers and Return of the King slash-em-up games, you will enjoy this game as well. Very straight forward levels, not a lot to roam.. just walk the path, kill the baddies, and stay alive. (I guess, I don't just have a LOTR bias, I grew up loving Ninja Turtle games on NES/SNES... so I'm not bothered by the linear gamesplay) The difference between those older LOTR games... this game trades a cinematic presentations and cut-scenes for pretty small and useless RPG elements. But the core gameplay and fights I did enjoy. Obviously, its not GOTY material, but worth putting a few hours into if the price is low enough. Its certainly no Skyrim or Witcher 2, but I don't think the game is necessarily flawed, just came up short in a lot of places.


Stay away... for now.

Gaugler323 | Sept. 14, 2011 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad - PC

The mechanics of this game are solid. If you like RO1, you will love this game, don't worry... But in its current state it is unplayable after a promising beta. Since beta, my ping tripled to well over 200.And my FPS dropped in half. More so when I'm in action. The server browser is hit or miss, I can usually use it once and then it fails. If you're really looking forward to this game, give it some time. Tripwire will take care of their mistakes, but as of right now this game is unplayable. When they do fix it.. it will be a 6/10 game at best. The gameplay only suites a small group of niche gamers. And the graphics do look very 2005.